Percy and I were on our way to Goode High School's orientation.

"Are you sure the paper work is all sorted out, Ms. Jackson?" I asked nervously looking back and forth from Percy's mom and the school.

"Yes, Thalia." Sally said. "It's Sally and it'll be fine."

"I hope so." I said then Percy put his hand in mine.

"Calm down your making the whole car staticy." he complained with a teasing smile even though he was almost as worried as me except for all the wrong reasons.

When Percy and I were walking up to Goode High's front doors to be greeted by Paul his hand tensed in mine then a girl with frizzy red hair turned around and her eyes got real wide. Percy pulled me around to the other side of the building.

"What was that?" I asked but we weren't alone.

"Hello, fish." two cheerleaders said looking at Percy and I like we were trash.

"Yeah, we just need in." I said.

"Who do you think you are?" the girl with blond hair asked her name was written in cursive on her cheerleading uniform but I could barely read it with my dyselxia.

"Percy." Percy said then I wanted to slap him. What if they were monsters? He would've given us away. They looked at each other and satistic smiles spread across their faces. Great, Percy's an idiot and I may have jinx it.

"We've been waiting for you." The African American one said.

"Oh boy." I groaned.

"And you. You're the daughter of Zeus? Why you aren't much at all."

"Watch it princess." I growled.

"Percy? Thalia?" Paul asked and man have a ever been glad to hear a mortal's voice.

"Right here!" Percy called and Paul came over.

"The gym is this way." Paul said and gave a kind smile to the cheerleaders. Percy and I wanting to get out of that situation both went forward and hit our outside knees on the girls' legs. It made a hollow metallic sound.

"Watch it, fish." They growled in unison and Percy and I went inside.

"Definitely monsters." I said and he nodded. Then that red headed girl was in front of us, facing us. "Do you mind explaining this one?" I asked Percy then he yanked me into a sea of teenagers. We were two in three hundred at least and we sat down on the bleachers like the rest.

Percy sat to my left and for a few minutes after he had relaxed and had at least pretended to not not be listening -because he certainly wasn't pretending to be listening- I was the one to jump. The red headed stalker was right next to me.

"Explain. Now." I growled under my breath to Percy. He look over and cringed.

"Rachel Elizabeth Dare." he said and her jaw dropped. Did they have some kind of history?

"Your Percy… somebody. I didn't catch you name last winter."

"I obviously didn't either." I muttered referring to her name.

"Thalia, this is the mortal who saved me at the Hoover Dam." Percy said.

"The one who can see through the Mist." I guessed.

"Again why do you call me mortal like your not? And what is this Mist you keep talking about?" she demanded.

"The Mist is-"

"Percy, your not seriously thinking of telling her?" I asked with wide eyes.

"I deserve to know. He owes me." Rachel said.

"It's best you don't get involved with us." I snapped and she was about to say something when one of our two cheerleader friends began to talk. It was the African American one.

"I'm, like, Kelli and this is Tammi!" she bubbled then Ms. Dare yelped and people snickered at her.

"Run." she said looking at Percy directly in the eyes.

"What do you see?" he asked her leaning over me to her.

"Go, now!" she hissed and made her way off the bleachers. Teachers and others were frowning and getting annoyed at her hasty exit.

Percy stood up and Kelli smiled gingerly at him. I got up too and pulled him along.

I saw a flash of red go into a room full of instruments.

"Hey, Red, what's going on?" I asked.

"Didn't you see them? They're awful! Please, tell me what they are? All the things I see are so monsterous and weird." she begged. I felt sorry for her but I couldn't be the one to tell her.

"Their monsters. You can see through the Mist which is a magic vail that sheilds reality from most mortals. There are some exceptions like you and my mom." Percy rushed out.

We heard voices down the hall coming towards our room. I went to stand beside a cabinet out of view from the door. Percy and Rachel crouched behind drums. Percy was kind of shielding Rachel in a heroic way but I didn't like it at all. He seemed to be explaining something else to her.

"I knew it!" she gasped and he looked disturbed like he wasn't ready for that type of reaction then the door knob turned.

"Percy, Thalia, come out, come out, whereever you are." Kelli said standing right in front of the drum set.

"What do they look like?" Percy asked.

"They're terrible!" Rachel discribed vaguely.

"I usually don't take girls but for you mortal, you eye sight is a little too good, I can stand to make the exception." Percy stood up and uncapped Riptide and stepped forward.

"Percy, I don't want to play that game." Tammi pouted and Percy seemed to go in a trance.

"Yes, Percy, how about you put down your sword and let Tammi give you a kiss instead." Kelli promted and Percy's sword lowered. I could smell electricity and I was sparking mad. Literally. Sparks were flying. I charged Tammi and stabbed her from behind before my boyfriend could give in to her demands.

"Snap out of it, Jackson!" I yelled and his eyes became clear and he looked at Kelli the said the same thing as I did at the same time.

"A vampire!" we yelled while I said it more as a question. The dust from Tammi sprinkled onto us and Rachel was grossed out by it.

"Why does everyone think that? No, you fool. That legend was based off of my kind!" Kelli said.

"So you don't drink blood?" My stupid Kelp Head asked cocking his head waiting for her answer.

"I'm an empousai, servants of Hecate!"

"I'd really wish all the gods would stick to one side." Percy grumbled.

"Yes I do drink blood in fact. I drink the blood of men."

"No way is my boyfriend going to let you give him a kiss or drink his blood." I growled and went forward trying to fight her then I heard voices down the hall. I stopped to figure out what to do but she already had a plan in motion. She was going to strike me or intend to. Of course Percy stepped in with Riptide as Rachel threw a drum at her.

"AHH!" she screamed as the door opened and Percy trusted his sword into her but she had already errupted into flames. Rachel stood up with monster dust falling off of her.

"Percy… what did you do?" Paul asked mortified.

"Run." Rachel advised as if it weren't obvious. The room still had a going fire but nothing they couldn't handle. Percy, Rachel, and I jumped out of the window and ran.

We stopped a block away to gather ourselves.

"What just happened?" Rachel asked but it seemed to be more to herself."

"Your camp will go up in flames." the empousai's voice came to our minds and we looked toward the school to see large red eyes in the smoke but then it was gone.

"It's official. I'm team Jacob." I said. Vampires were just to real now.

"What's wrong with camp?" Percy asked worried.

"Percy what did you do now?" Annabeth asked jogging up to us.

"We've got to get to camp now." I said.

"Wait! You are not leaving me out of the loop anymore, Percy." Rachel said.

"Who's she?" Annabeth asked pointing to Rachel the mortal was a stray dog. I didn't blame her.

"Tell you later," I mumbled with an eye roll. "We've got to find out what's going on at camp. Movie is cancelled." I said.

"Here." Rachel said then grabbed Percy's hand and scribbled something down. "Call me and explain as soon as you can." she demanded then ran towards the school. "I'll make something up and cover for you! Just get your butt out of sight!"

"You told a mortal girl about half-bloods?" Annabeth asked Percy.

"She can see through the mist. She saw the monsters before I did."

"So naturally you tell her the truth?"

"She recognized me from the Hoover Dam so-"

"You met her before?" Annabeth questioned.

"That was my reaction." I mumbled under my breath.

"Um, last winter," Percy said then looked at me. "But seriously, I barely know her."

"She's kind of cute." I said testing to see his reaction. He probably saw a dangerous glint in my eye but I couldn't hold it back.

"I-I never thought about it." he answered in a somewhat honest way. I could tell that he thought about her just from the look in his eyes but he was honest by how he looked me in the eyes. Unless he's great at manipulating like Luke was…

"You friends made slaves to the Lord of Time." the voice rang out once more.

"Let's go. Now." I commanded.