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Chapter 1 – Surprise

Naruto scowled at Kakashi and asked, "Why doesn't Sakura-chan or you help me with tending to Haku-san?"

Kakashi sighed and replied, "Because, Zabuza said that YOU, not me, not Sakura or even Sasuke, were responsible to for Haku-san, Haku is boy, and I'm quite sure that Sakura isn't ready to see a boy naked. Now go tend to Haku's wounds and clean him up. He will be a good addition to Konoha. You can use some of your extra clothes for Haku-san to wear until we can get his stuff from their hideout or lair."

Naruto grumbled, but also saw the glare from Sakura. She had told him earlier that she was really pissed that he had saved the life of the person who had hurt 'her Sasuke-kun'. He also knew that Sasuke might not be so friendly towards Haku, but now that he was responsible for Haku, he would do what needed to be done. After all a Hokage has to take care of the village and he was going to be Hokage and someone who they consider their first friend.

He awkwardly carried Haku into the bathroom, making sure not to step on his long dark hair or jostle him too much while carrying him. Naruto then took off all his clothes and then proceeded to open Haku's battle kimono. He looked at the scar that was now present in the middle of Haku's chest, but continued to remove the robe gently, while he tried not to hurt Haku any more than possible, since Haku was still unconscious. He laid Haku down on the floor and then noticed the lithe body yet again, but something was off and he couldn't place it. He did notice that Haku's chest muscles were a little off, but didn't worry about that. He chuckled when he found out that Haku also wore boxers. He guessed that Haku's size was actually about the same as his. He then gently pulled the boxers down and noticed Haku's chest move, as if it were made of jello instead of muscle. 'Strange..,' he thought to himself, but quickly forgot about it. He then threw the clothes off to the side.

He sighed at having to do this. Then a feeling struck him and he looked down at Haku's pubic area and found nothing other than a tuft of dark brown or black hair. He swallowed hard at this, but then a deep moan caught his attention. He then realized that, he was actually a she. The blood that covering her chest had thrown his perception that Haku might have been male off. He now realized that her breasts were small, but also that they would fit well with her physique and her story. At least he guessed they did. He blushed brightly when he saw her brown eyes flutter open. "I'm sorry… I didn't know…" he said apologetically.

Her face turned away, as if in shame. "So, now you know," she said quietly, as he noticed shame written all over her face, as he turned to face her. He closed his eyes and waited for her to hit him.

When the blow never came he spoke, hoping she would continue the path of non-violence. "Well since I thought you were a boy… I'm sorry… I was told to clean you up and help with your recovery… since, I'm responsible for you now," he said the last part in a whisper.

She reached up and touched her chest and found not a hole, but a firm skin and sternum beneath it. She was sure that Kakashi had put his hand through her chest. She turned to the nude blonde who had turned his head again, but failed to cover himself. "So he's dead then and we failed?" she asked meekly.

Naruto turned to her with a hurt look in his eyes and said, "Yea, Zabuza's dead and I'm sorry about that, but he died trying to protect you from Gato, after the jerk betrayed both of you." He swallowed hard, but continued to keep eye contact and said, "He told me that I was responsible for you now. I'm not sure what that means, but I promise that I'll do my best."

Haku smiled sadly and said, "I am your servant, tool, or slave which ever you prefer. I'm only but a tool, and a broken one at that."

"Slave…" he asked quietly in confusion.

Haku nodded and looked back up at the ceiling and replied, "Very well, slave it is then. I will endeavor to serve you to the best of my abilities, master." She then changed the subject and said, "Now since you've seen me naked, it would be prudent for you to help me get cleaned up and then get me to bed, so I can rest and recover."

"I'm sorry about seeing you," he said remorsefully.

"It doesn't matter, Naruto-kun. What is done is done. Do you like what you see?" she asked without any real emotion.

Naruto looked at her again. His eyes traveling down and then back up again her figure. He took a deep breath and replied, "I really don't know how to judge what would be nice or not," he admitted.

"I see it in your eyes. You've been hurt badly before. You were isolated like I was, weren't you?" she asked, as she raised a hand to meet his, while he helped her to the chair. She saw him nod, but he said nothing. She then continued, "Then Zabuza-sama was right…"

He looked at her in confusion, until she continued, "You're a jinchuuriki aren't you?" She noticed the discomfort in his demeanor. She smiled warmly and said, "Zabuza had told me about those who possess malevolent chakra, since he knew Yagura, who he said had the three-tails sealed within him. He warned me that you might be one and you would be the right age to be the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi that attacked the village of Konoha. That was one of the only explanations we could come up with on how you were able to create so many Shadow clones, also having Sharingan Kakashi as your sensei, to help make sure that the beast is controlled. The Sharingan is rumored to be able to control the tailed beasts. Me being a bloodline holder from Kiri and you being a jinchuuriki, I can somewhat understand that your life was similar to my own in several ways. I wondered about the malevolent chakra that you used against me in our fight, finally beating me with when all else failed and then it finally hit me that you might be a jinchuuriki. Because of what Zabuza said, I will serve you well, Naruto-sama."

Naruto looked at her and she opened her arms and fell forward into him. He became ridged at her touch. She began to rub her hand on his back and he was slowly starting to shake. "Haku-chan…" he said at only a whisper. He slumped to his knees and into her arms. He knew that he was mostly holding her up, but he also wasn't used to such close contact. He also had pent up emotions, since she had figured out his secret, so easily. He then asked, "What do you want from me?"

"Only to serve you, Naruto-sama, and maybe we can find some happiness, together," Haku whispered into his ear.

"Do you mean it?" he asked in a hopeful tone.

"With all my being, Naruto-sama," she replied warmly. She then said, "We should get me cleaned up and then I can direct you to my hideout to get my belongings from there."

He nodded and helped her back onto the chair. He did his best to push down the blush while he helped her wash her body. He got an eyeful while they finished cleansing her body of her own blood. He did notice the blush she wore when he cleaned her legs. He also helped dry her off and helped her into a spare pair of his boxers and one of his shirts. He then dressed into a new jumpsuit himself and helped her out of the bathroom and onto a futon for some rest in a room that Tsunami had set aside for the two of them.


Kakashi wasn't sure they were doing the right thing, but he did promise that Naruto would take care of Haku. Since the boy had a Bloodline Trait dealing with Ice, it would benefit Konoha to have the boy in Konoha. Also the boy was a solid chuunin or even low level jounin. He just wasn't sure how Naruto would adjust to having the boy in his life. Both were outcasts and that should help them bond. The big problem was his other two students. Sasuke would not like that Haku had beaten him and in turn that Naruto had beaten Haku. Sakura knew that Haku had hurt Sasuke, but she wouldn't be too much of a problem for Haku, even in his weakened state. He was brought out of his musing when Naruto came down in clean clothes and waved him over. Kakashi walked over to Naruto, while wondering what his most outrageous student had for him this time. "What do you need Naruto?" Kakashi asked.

"We might have a problem…" Naruto whispered to his teacher rather nervously.

"What could that be?" Kakashi asked.

"Haku's a girl," Naruto replied in a whisper, bringing a cold shiver down Kakashi's spine.

"Let's go speak to Haku-san then," he said in an even tone.

Both walked up the stairs and into the room where Haku was laying down on a futon in Naruto's room, wearing one of Naruto's shirts. He then noticed that Haku was female, not just feminine looking, but female. He closed the door behind the both of them and asked, "So Haku-san, do you have something to tell me?"

Haku grimaced, while sitting up and nodded her head towards the 'Copy ninja'. "I have two things to tell you. First is that I am a girl, but would rather your other students not know this fact if possible. Second, am I correct in that Zabuza-sama said that Naruto-kun is responsible for my care?" she asked and saw Kakashi nod his response, so she continued, "Given the answer that you and Naruto-kun have both given me, I'm now his slave and servant. He may do with me as he wishes. I will also see to it that he becomes stronger along with your training or die by his hands if that is his wish."

Naruto fell over backwards when she mentioned being his slave and him possibly wanting to kill Haku. Kakashi sighed, but replied, "I have no problem with you helping him with his training, but in Konoha we don't have slaves. We will also have to talk to the Hokage and see what he decides to do with you. More than likely you won't be able to be a shinobi, but I'm sure that you will be welcomed."

"I would like to return the favor that Naruto-kun gave me. He gave me my life back, so I swear to serve him in any way I can until death," she explained.

"Rest Haku-san and we will see what we can do to make sure that you can help Naruto here," Kakashi said happily, as he patted Naruto on the shoulder.

Haku again grimaced, as she nodded to the elder shinobi. "Thank you Hatake-san. I promise to serve you well Naruto-sama," she said with a smile on her face.

"I will leave you two, so that both of you can discuss things, Naruto, Haku-san," Kakashi said, just before he left and closed the door behind himself.

Naruto looked at Haku in confusion. "What is he talking about?" he asked.

Haku sighed and replied, "He means that since I have promised to serve you, we need to discuss the extent of my service to you."

Naruto tilted his head and said, "Huh?"

Haku giggled into her hand and then said, "Naruto-kun, I owe you my life and my existence is now in your hands. Since this is the fact, you now own me mind, body and soul. I will do anything to make your life better. It is my promise to you."

"You don't need to go so far," he replied, but was quickly cut off.

"Yes I do, I found a gentle and kindred soul in you. You are the second person who I have pledged my life to and this time I will not fail. Zabuza-sama was the man I admired and cared deeply for. In the short time that I have gotten to know you I have figured out a couple of things. I know that you would never mistreat me, no matter what. I would give you my body and have your children to prove that I was worthy of your service," she said pleadingly.

"I don't really understand, but I would want to be your friend before we got to all that mushy stuff," he explained. She giggled and he scowled, not understanding that he had reinforced her feelings in the matter. He couldn't stand his confusion anymore, so he asked, "What are you laughing at?"

"You're so cute, Naruto-kun," Haku said with a giggle. She then cleared her throat and said, "I will help augment your training, Naruto-sama."

Naruto's face became bright at that comment and he asked, "Do you mean it Haku-chan?"

Haku nodded, but then she scowled and said, "Naruto-sama, you can only call me chan when we are alone, otherwise san or no honorific will be necessary. I don't want people to know that I'm female just yet. Maybe a little later, but not as of yet, it isn't safe. I want to make your life better and by doing that which would might make my own better. Do you agree to this, master?"

Naruto appeared to think for a moment and then said with a smile, "Sure, I'll do anything to make my first real friend happy." Haku smiled at this answer and held his hand while she explained where the hideout was, how to use storage scrolls and what he would need to take.


Naruto had found the hideout after sending out several shadow clones. He entered the hut and found the rooms in the exact order that Haku had described. He took out the scrolls that Haku had prepared for him and began to store everything he could find. After an hour and several embarrassing moments, such as storing away her intimates' drawer and a couple books of human anatomy with pictures.

He came back to Tazuna's home a few hours later. He went up to the room with dinner for both Haku and himself. She was sleeping peacefully, but stirred at the smell of food. She opened her eyes and let him help her in to a sitting position. "I would like your help getting me ready for the trip to Konoha," she said.

"Does that mean," he asked tentatively and swallowed hard. She nodded, as she ate her food. "So you want me to help you put your panties on?"

She swallowed her food and then took a drink of tea. She then replied, "Yes Naruto-kun. I want you to familiarize yourself with my body, so that you can become a better shinobi. Again, I thank you for saving my life. Now we eat and then we prepare for bed. I should be able to dress myself in the morning. Now let's talk about your abilities and ninja techniques."

Naruto forgot all about having to help dress Haku, when the subject of techniques came up. The next few minutes were used to eat and discuss the techniques he knew. She scowled at him limited aptitude for techniques. She went into what she knew and how far he had come in his learning of shinobi ways. She found that he was fairly attentive until a subject would not be to his liking. Such subjects would cause him and his mind to wander. While not wanting to step on Kakashi's toes, she wanted to make sure her new master could take care of himself and thereby making her servitude worthy.

They finished dinner and he took the plates downstairs. He actually saw the scowl coming from his crush and asked, "Why are you so angry Sakura-chan?"

"Don't call me that. You kept the person who hurt Sasuke-kun alive and now you're going to take him back to Konoha. I don't like it," she explained angrily.

Kakashi sighed and said, "Now, now, Sakura. He did as his heart told him. Can you fault him for that?"

"Yes I can, and he is the cause of Sasuke-kun's pain," Sakura replied in an angrily huff, while pointing at Haku, who had just entered the room.

Haku put a hand on Kakashi's shoulder and said, "I see that you do not accept my being here, so I subject myself to Naruto-sama's discipline. He may do with me as he pleases, since I am his servant."

"You'll just get out of being disciplined by him, since he is too weak to handle you," Sakura said in a harsh retort.

Haku's face became dark and she glared that the pink haired girl. She then said angrily, "If it weren't for Naruto-sama then you would be quite dead along with your precious Uchiha. While he was able to activate his eyes, he was not able to best me, while on the other hand Naruto-sama was able to."

"That's because Sasuke-kun wore you down," Sakura replied smugly.

"No, there would be no way that I could have beaten Naruto-sama. His grief and anger at his loss were too much, as is his power. He wanted to protect both you and the Uchiha boy," Haku explained, but then grabbed Naruto's hand and led him up to the room, leaving a stunned Sakura.

She turned to Kakashi and asked, "Is that true?"

Kakashi looked at Sakura and said, "Naruto was able to beat Haku-san and kept him alive even after receiving an attack to the central chest that destroyed his left lung and more than likely destroyed his aorta. So don't sell Naruto short, he is strong, but not in the same way that Sasuke is. If someone with the same skills were to try to kill either you or Sasuke, he would be able to beat them, not easily, but he would still be able to beat them. He doesn't know his potential just yet, but he is learning."

"But Kakashi-sensei, he wasn't able to do the chakra exercise as well as I was," Sakura said in a bragging tone.

"It is easy to divert a creek with but a few stones, but to divert a river is quite a feat," Kakashi said cryptically, while Sakura looked at him in confusion.


Naruto looked down when Haku had taken him into the room and locked the door. She lifted his head and asked, "Are you sorry that you saved me Naruto-kun?"

"No, it's just…"he replied, as he trailed off and looked away.

"Just that she didn't accept what you had done?" she asked sadly.

"Yeah, I guess that's it," he replied in a dejected tone.

"You like her don't you?" she asked with a smile on her face. He nodded a reply, but then she asked, "How has she treated you over time?"

"Alright I guess…" he said in a not-too convincing tone.

"Tell me about how your interactions with her have been up until this point, Naruto-kun?" she asked hungrily.

"Well when we first met, I helped to defend her from some bullies, I've done it a few times, but she got mad at me," he replied, but the last part was a whisper.

"So you wanted recognition for your doing a good deed for her?" Haku asked with a wry grin on her face.

"Yeah… I mean no… no, I didn't expect anything in return," he said defensively.

Haku giggled at the boy in front of her and asked, "Have you ever been kissed?"

Naruto face went sour and he said under his breath, "Yeah, was bumped into a kiss with teme."

"So you lost your fist kiss to your rival. How cute," she replied in mock happiness.

He growled and turned away from her, but when she didn't say anything he turned back only to find her face right in front of his. She gently tugged on his jacket and he fell forward onto her lips. They were soft and supple, much better than teme's. She turned her head slightly to allow for a longer and deeper kiss. Her lips began to move and he mimicked her movement and his eyes drifted closed like hers had already done. It was a mechanical reaction, but very pleasurable. When it finally finished and she pulled away he felt a strand of saliva break between their lips.

He looked at her with both wonder and confusion in his eyes. "You're wondering why I did that, aren't you?" Haku asked and Naruto nodded. She then explained, "You now have my first kiss. I had hoped that Zabuza-sama would have had it, but he isn't here, so I gave it to my new master. You have my heart along with my body. You can do anything you please with me, but also remember that you are responsible for me. I WILL be your lover, even if you have others. According to Kakashi, slavery isn't really legal in Konoha, so I will be your servant and consort. Given that was our first kiss together and there will be more. My job as consort is to instruct you in how to be a man. First lesson was kissing. We shall continue that lesson in a minute. We will also work out a training schedule for you and I, so that you can get stronger."

Naruto dumbly nodded, as Haku again kissed him deeply. They broke and changed into their night attire. Naruto noticed she was wearing pajamas like him, but in different colors of course. After they made the futons the door slammed opened, breaking the lock and an angry Sasuke entered the room.

"What is he doing here? And how did you defeat him?" Sasuke asked, but more demanded.

"Teme, Haku-san, Haku-san, Teme, now we can have a polite conversation?" Naruto asked threateningly.

"You will not order me, dobe. Now answer my questions," Sasuke replied angrily.

"You wake up and the first thing you do is barge into my room and demand answers of me? Who had to clean up the mess at the bridge? Me, not your privileged Uchiha ass," Naruto attempted to explain, but was interrupted by a growling girl.

"Naruto…" Sakura said angrily, as she entered the room and slugged Naruto in the jaw, sending him into the wall.

"Now answer me… how did that loser beat you when he couldn't even take on Sakura here?" Sasuke asked angrily.

"Simple, he likes Sakura-san, Kami knows why, but he does. If he were to try and actually fight her, she would lose quite quickly," Haku explained.

Naruto groaned and picked himself up off the floor. He wiped blood from his lip and scowled at Sasuke.

Haku glared at the pink haired girl and asked, "Can I exact some vengeance master?"

Naruto shook his head, but also saw Kakashi in the hallway looking rather angry. "No I think they will have some come upins in a minute or so," Naruto said cryptically, but realization appeared on Haku's face when she saw Kakashi slowly moving into the room.

"Right, now answer me," Sasuke said angrily.

"Yeah answer, Sasuke-kun, Naruto-baka," Sakura chimed in angrily.

Both of the genin jumped when they heard Kakashi ask, "What was the question?"

Sakura and Sasuke turned to Kakashi with a smiling glint in his eye. "I wanted to know how he beat me," Sasuke replied.

Kakashi's face turned into a scowl and he said, "So you break into a teammate's room and demand answers from an injured and captured combatant? Haku-san is under Naruto's protection, so go easy on him. Also you're scaring our hosts with your yelling, Sakura. Now we can discuss things on the way back. Good night Naruto, Haku-san. Come with me Sakura, Sasuke. We have a few things to discuss about etiquette." He shook his head and said just loud enough for everyone to hear, "I figured it would be Naruto that I would lecture about these things…"

Naruto got up and closed the door and attempted to relock the door, but it had a broken locking mechanism. He was somewhat successful. He turned to find both the futons closer to each other than they were before. He swallowed hard when he saw the warm smile on Haku's face. "We're not going too, tonight, are we?" he asked tentatively.

Haku shook her head with sorrow written over her face. "We are not going to be lovers so quickly, Naruto-kun. We are going to work our way through the process. First we sleep in the same room and become comfortable with each other's presence. I noticed in the shower that you have an aversion to close contact that you don't initiate," she explained. Getting a confused look on his face, she continued, "You froze when I hugged you in the shower. We need to get past that for anything to happen. Also we need to work on your skills, for you sleep too heavily in the field. Oh… and by the way we will be sharing the same bed when we get to Konoha."

His eyes went wide, but he moved to the uncovered futon at Haku's bidding.

She lightly kissed him and then whispered to him, "You will also help me mourn for Zabuza-sama."


Naruto woke up to find Haku struggling with getting out of her pajamas. He sighed and helped her out of them and into clean clothes, including panties and a wrap for her chest. He then dressed himself and they packed up their belongings. He also noticed the redness around her eyes, since he knew that she had cried herself to sleep in his arms the night before. They then headed down the stairs and joined the others for breakfast.

Breakfast was a quiet affair and then Haku helped Tsunami with the dishes. Sakura glared daggers at Haku, but said nothing and finally went back to fawning over Sasuke. Naruto looked at this with new eyes. He had wanted the girl's attention for a couple reasons. First he wanted to get her attention away from Sasuke, it was an ego thing he finally determined, to have something that Sasuke had. Secondly he wanted her attention, because he felt, since he helped her he deserved at least to be acknowledged by her. In a way he was the idiot teammate. This depressed him and even more so when she didn't even notice his lack of happiness around her. After the fourth dismissal from Sasuke for a date, she finally got her stuff ready.

Naruto sighed heavily, but then noticed Haku sitting by his right side and Kakashi sitting on his left side. Kakashi spoke in quiet tones, but said, "I will support this… if and only if you work harder on getting along with your teammates, deal?"

Haku nodded at this and Naruto looked down at the ground and then nodded agreement.

Kakashi then continued, "I would like to know what you plan to teach Naruto, so that I can integrate it better into the team, I know the other two have problems, but with you at his side, he will start to correct the problems he has. I haven't been able to do it, maybe you can, Haku-san. Also when you get into town I would seek out Hyuuga Hiashi as a secondary sponsor for a clan, since I'm pretty sure you'll not be able to become a full-fledged shinobi, at least for a little while. Then seek out Naruto's personal physician, she can sponsor you in the hospital, as a possible medic-nin. This will help to alleviate the extra burden of having two mouths to feed. It will also give you something to do while Naruto is on missions, or just to get some time away from him to help out your relationship."

Haku bowed in her chair and replied in a similar whisper, "You are most gracious Hatake-san. I will do as you ask, for Naruto-kun. First off I will be teaching him weapons and stealth. Afterwards we will be working on chakra control and beginning jutsu. His reserves are enormous with his… problem…" Kakashi's eye went wide, but he said nothing. He finally nodded and Haku continued, "I will lastly work on his speed after that. He can work on his strength during the whole time." She then scowled at him and asked, "Are there any merchants that will help him with proper shinobi clothing."

Naruto gritted his teeth and said quietly, "But I like orange."

Haku nodded, but replied, "Orange isn't the problem. It is your blonde hair, and the bright orange that are the problems. You show up too easily. You can wear that around town, but I want you to wear something proper when on a mission."

Naruto appeared to sulk, but then said, "But this outfit is comfortable."

Kakashi put his hand out to catch the pair's attention and said, "I know of a couple people that don't hold anything against him, so he will be able to get stuff from them. We can go to them after you're debriefed." Kakashi chuckled at Naruto's eyes going wide, but then said, "They will be asking Haku-san questions, not taking 'his' clothes off." Haku giggled and Kakashi chuckled when Naruto sighed heavily in relief.

Kakashi stood up and clapped his hands together, while he said, "Well time to go, since the bridge is done. We will escort Tazuna to the bridge and then bid him a fond farewell."

The shinobi and the family approached the bridge, but were greeted by all the villagers, wishing the group a fond farewell. A couple of Naruto's clones came running up the bridge from behind the group. One handed Tazuna a scroll and winked at him before he disappeared in a puff of smoke. The second handed Naruto a scroll and nodded to him and Haku. Haku smirked, but said nothing.

Sakura and Sasuke looked at the blonde in confusion, before Sasuke spoke up and asked, "What was that about, dobe?"

Naruto smirked and said, "Nothing…"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, but didn't continue his line of questioning. He was more interested in why the Kiri missing nin was going with them to Konoha and why was he staying so close to Naruto. The thing that disturbed Sakura, but only a little was Naruto and Haku going arm in arm, Naruto explained it as way to help Haku travel. Even after the explanation from Kakashi that Naruto had inadvertently healed Haku with a forbidden technique and that Haku felt obligated to help Naruto. Too many things didn't fit. Sakura seemed oblivious to anything around them, but him, so he just ignored her.

The trip back to Konoha was quiet, with only light conversation between Naruto and Haku about what life in Konoha was like. This was disturbing to both Sasuke and Kakashi, who knew that Naruto was hiding the truth from Haku, but Kakashi wasn't worried since apparently she understood the life of jinchuuriki was hard and knew that he was looking through 'rose-colored glasses'. When they took a break Haku would watch Naruto throw some kunai and shuriken. She would then correct him on his technique. After a couple days the walls of Konoha came into sight through the trees. Haku had also talked Naruto into attempting to stick a leaf to his forehead. This worked, but not as well as expected. The leaf would stick for a minute, but then it would shred, while parts of the leaf would disintegrate into dust, another part would seemed to gain condensation. Haku looked questioningly towards Kakashi who looked on in fascination at how the leaf had done this. He might want to get some chakra paper to figure out what chakra type Naruto was.

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