Chapter 7 -

Haku sighed and said, "I have no interest in the Uchiha boy, other than in medical terms. He is suffering from some sort of chakra poisoning as best as I can determine."

Sakura looked at Haku and asked frantically, "Can't you do anything about that?"

Haku sighed and replied, "Regrettably not. I lack the amount of chakra and the skill to help expunge the foreign chakra from his system. We will just have to wait him out and hope that he makes it through it."

Sakura face began to run with tears and she said frantically, "You've got to save him."

Haku replied, "While I'm flattered with your belief that I have such skill, I don't. Now we need to prepare for our guests."

Sakura scowled at Naruto and said, "What about the baka?"

Haku demeanor became dark and said, "You will treat him kindly or face my wrath. He like the Uchiha is suffering from a chakra malady that Orochimaru inflicted upon him."

Naruto grimaced and said quietly while his eyes are still closed, "They are coming…"

Gannai looked at the boy in surprise, but then nodded and said, "Our guests are advancing."

From outside of the cave a voice said, "Bring the Uchiha out and we will leave you in peace."

Sakura looked worriedly at Sasuke and then at Haku and asked, "You're not going to give him up are you?"

Haku shook her head and replied, "No, it would destroy Naruto-kun's chances of becoming a chuunin. Gennai-san, Inaho-san. We need to protect our fellow genin."

Inaho nodded as did Gennai. Sakura sighed heavily and said, "Thank you."

Haku gently set Naruto down and then stood. She exited the cave and confronted the three. She scowled and asked, "What do you want?"

A man wearing bandages around his head only showing his right eye replied, "We want the Uchiha."

Senbon appeared in her hands and she asked, "And if we don't?"

The man shrugged and replied, "We kill you."

"I would like to see that, since we have already dispatched three teams to find the proper scroll. We can just add yours to our collection," Haku said in a nonchalant tone.

The joy was just exuding from the mummified man. He then looked around and said, "Your traps are simplistic and easy to avoid. The disturbed earth…" He then jumped up only for a log to swing at him and he pulled his sleeve back to reveal a metal encasement of his arm with holes in it. The log appeared to hit the man, but then shattered. He then landed in front of Haku and said, "Somewhat impressive, but not effective enough."

He then swung at Haku who didn't move. He was stunned for a moment until Haku shattered and then fell apart into blocks of ice. His arm suddenly went numb and fell to his side. Haku then whispered into his ear, "You are still not at my level, but using sound is a nice touch."

His eyes went wide and he turned to find nothing there. "Fight me bitch!" he exclaimed.

From around the forest Haku replied, "You call me a female dog in heat?" He turned to a tree and threw a kunai at the area by the tree. "I'm impressed that you could figure out where I was, but still not fast enough. Leave now or your team will not finish this event."

The temperature began to fall and the breath of the three sound shinobi could be seen. The girl then said, "How is it getting so cold?"

Suddenly a dark chakra began to explode from the cave. The third turned to cave and said, "What the hell, might as well just eliminate him quickly." He raised his hands just as Sakura began to exit the cave. He smiled evilly and exclaimed, "Decapitating shock wave!"

A gust of wind caught Sakura and sent her flying into the cave. Suddenly Sasuke appeared with Sakura in his arms. He looked down at her and asked, "Did they do this to you?"

The third sound shinobi smirked as Sasuke handed Sakura to Inaho and replied, "Yeah, what about it?" He lifted his arms and fired a second wind attack at the face of the cave. He began to laugh as the dust cleared and Sasuke wasn't there. "Look I killed him," he exclaimed happily.

Suddenly his arms were pulled behind him and he felt a foot in his back. Sasuke was there holding the man's arms and sporting black fire like marks on the right side of his body. He smiled eerily and asked, "You seem to like these arms of yours." He twisted and pulled on the arms causing the Sound shinobi to scream in pain. He then pulled out a kunai and walked behind the man. He lowered the kunai to the man's throat, only for Sakura to wrap him in an embrace.

"Please stop, Sasuke-kun," Sakura pleaded with him.

Sasuke dropped his kunai and slumped into Sakura's arms. The man slowly rose only for a senbon to land in front of him. Haku looked down with eyes that bore through the man and said, "You will take your teammates and leave before you anger me and I destroy you utterly."

He looked at both his teammates, the female was sporting a dead arm on the other side than the mummy and his arms were now useless. He nodded and replied, "This isn't over, but we will leave for now." He and his teammates jumped out of the area.

Suddenly Lee jumped down and looked at both Haku and Sakura with hearts in his eyes. "Both of you are beauties without compare," he exclaimed.

Haku giggled and said, "While I can only speak for myself, I'm not on the market. I'm sorry Lee-san."

He then looked longingly at Sakura who shook her head as she put Sasuke gently down and laid his head on her lap. "I'm sorry Lee-san, I'm waiting for someone," she said apologetically.

Lee nodded and said, "If you can no longer wait for them then I will be there for you." He then jumped up into the trees.

Ino suddenly jumped out of the bushes and yelled, "Get your hands off Sasuke and hand over your extra scrolls. We know that your team is the weakest, Sakura!"

Haku jumped down and said, "But Yamanaka-san, they are not alone and your team is not up to the task of even taking on Naruto-kun if he were awake."

Ino began to laugh and replied, "Naruto? That baka, I could beat him." A sudden chill ran down her spine.

"Really Ino? I would like to see that," Naruto said from the entrance of the cave. He then did several hand seals and roots came up from beneath Ino and wrapped around her ankles. "Try and fight when you can't move," Naruto said jokingly. He turned to Sakura and pulled Sasuke over his shoulder. "We need to get out of here."

Haku nodded and helped Sakura to her feet. Ino growled and said, "Naruto! You get back here and fight me!"

Naruto turned and replied, "I'm a lot stronger than you think and I let Haku-chan do the fighting of girls for me if I can."

"You sexist pig!" Ino exclaimed.

"No, he just knows that I will show less mercy to a woman. It isn't sexist to choose not to fight. Also he could lose his temper and show you just how dangerous he could be," Haku said as the group of six jumped into the trees and headed to the central tower.

Ino cut the plants from her ankles not thinking of it, but both Choji and Shikamaru were looking at the plants in awe.


Orochimaru handed a note to Kabuto and then jumped off. Kabuto opened the note and his eyes went wide. He then signaled for his teammates to follow him quickly.


Naruto looked around at the assembled genin and only saw seven other teams, one from Suna, Taki and Oto respectively and five including his own team from Konoha. Naruto tuned out everything other than any rules that might apply to them. He did take note that they would have to trim down the number of possible contestants for the third and final round of the chuunin exam. Haku noted that Shino and the loudmouth from Oto were first on the list for mini tournament.

Haku watched as Shino would bait the man into showing his wind tubes and how they worked, along with how his arms weren't as injured as they first appeared. Shino showed that he was a good shinobi, in that he snuck his insects into Zaku's tubes and blocked them while he forced the man to reveal that both his arms were functional. This caused Zaku to actually uses his 'Decapitating Wave' jutsu, but with Shino's insects blocking the tubes the attack nearly blew the man's arms off. Shino was declared the winner and Zaku was taken to the infirmary.

Next was Sasuke and Manji from Taki. Sasuke glared at Manji while the boy exclaimed, "So you're the one who's on the team with the demon lover…"

"Shut up," Sasuke said in a bored tone.

"Begin," Hayate said as he jumped away.

Sasuke having had a couple days of rest now felt better, but Kakashi had warned him not to use the curse mark. He watched the Taki shinobi and then smirked. He had dealt with them before. He just hoped that this one didn't have a reserve of water. His hopes were dashed when Manji opened a water skin and did several hand seals. Water poured out of the water skin and formed a sword in the boy's right hand.

Sasuke prepared by pulling out a kunai. He then dashed forward Manji blocked the swipe with the kunai with his water sword. "You'll have to better than that, weakling. We knew that Naruto-sama was strong and that he supported your team," Manji explained.

Sasuke gritted his teeth and the two battled for supremacy with the weapons in their hands. Sasuke then asked, "You insult Naruto one minute then praise him the next. What is with that?"

The pair jumped away from each other and then Manji answered, "He is the savior of Taki and also loves our resident demon. That is all I can say without divulging village secrets. Now come at me and show me what being an Uchiha means!"

Sasuke screamed in anger and charged at Manji. Naruto looked down and said, "He's losing control and might just lose, since Manji is controlling the match."

"Very observant Naruto-kun," Kakashi stated happily. He then continued, "Working with Haku-chan has been helpful in more ways than I had thought."

Naruto glared at his sensei and said, "Like you've been doing much to help us with our abilities."

Kakashi put a hand to his chest and exclaimed sarcastically, "You wound me Naruto-kun…"

Naruto grumbled under his breath and said, "As if I could…"

Kakashi laughed and turned back to the match. He sighed as he watched and saw Sasuke losing control of his emotions and forgetting that Water beats Fire in most cases.

Sasuke was breathing hard, as was Manji, but Manji wore the smirk and said, "I'll give you this, you're good at least, but not as good as Naruto-sama."

Sasuke growled and charged at Manji only to have his kunai pushed the side and his arm cut, thus losing the grasp he had on his kunai. Sasuke grabbed his right arm to stem the blood flow and then jumped back. He then took a deep breath and pulled out a dozen shuriken and threw them.

Manji laughed as half passed by him not even coming near him, while he blocked those that did with his water sword. He didn't notice the shuriken that passed him began to turn and arc around him. He realized too late that that the shuriken were being manipulated by wires and most of the wires wrapped around him. He was able to cut a couple, but soon found himself tied up and unable to move.

Sasuke smirked. He pulled out a new kunai and walked over to Manji and asked, "Do you give up or do I end you?"

Manji sighed and replied, "I give up!"

Hayate then said, "Winner Uchiha Sasuke."

Sasuke moved away with the medics to get his arm looked at.

Fu began to prepare for her match against Kabuto.

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