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I look at Viper, who's sitting across from me. I've known Viper for a while by now, and I certainly don't plan on loosing. "You know I don't plan on paying," I say.

"I don't either," Viper replies.

"I don't plan on wasting my time debating with you again," I reply firmly as I look around the restaurant. A certain male with a helmet catches my eye. "So, I'll propose a way for us both to get out of this," I say.

Viper nods. "I'm listening."

"Just play along then. You'll see what I mean," I reply. "Hey Skull!" I call out. The helmet wearing male looks in my general direction and walks over. "Nice timing, Skull, can you do me a favor?" I ask. He looks like he doesn't want to do it. "Please?" I ask nicely.

"Fine… What is it?" he asks.

"It's really easy," I say with a smile. "You just have to sit here for me." I stand up and offer him my seat.


"I'm heading to the restroom and Viper gets lonely, so I thought that if you sat here, then Viper wouldn't be lonely, right?" I ask.

Skull seems to consider this. "Hm, I guess so…"

I smile happily. "Great! Thanks!" I start to walk towards the back and I wink a Viper, who catches along.

"Actually, I'm going to head to restroom too," Viper says as he gets up. "Watch the table for us." I walk to the back of the restaurant with Viper and we loop around to the front to avoid seeing Skull.

"Have a nice evening," I say to the maître d'. "Oh by the way, there was a man wearing a helmet back there asking for his check," I say in a helpful manner.

"I'll get to it right away. Thank you, Miss," the maître d' replies.

I nod. "Alright." When we get outside, I turn to Viper. "We should go out for dinner more often." To my delight, Viper nods.

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