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Summary: This history takes place after the last chapter of mockingjay and before of the epilogue. k+ to be safe, I don't know if this chapter later will be a series of OneShots, this is a Katniss's POV

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Ashes & Wine.

Is there a chance,

a fragment of light

at the end of the tunnel,

a reason to fight

is there a chance

you may change your mind

or are we ashes and wine?

Standing in front of my window I realize all of this war was over, finally all was over and is so awfull to thinking of the past, I wish my little duck was … here, right next to me so in that way we can see the sunset arrive over the mountains of our district, but the reality is different, I was force to saw my little sister in a bowl of flames, flames in her little face, the flames of the rebels, taking her away from me, away from all pure of this world, She's only thirteen!

Then I walk over the door, prepare to face it , to face Prim was not here, then I open the door, I saw her! She still there, I mean … How? Prim! Oh Prim! I ran to huge her tiny body, that blondie hair, she's alive! She's Alive! Prim began to cry, I and was too, because she's here with me, holding my hand, All I want is say her how much I need her, how much she's missing in home, but shes suddenly comes to fading

She try to say some words, but I can't understand what she is trying to say, her baby blue eyes meet mine, and her expression turns in horror, No! Prim, please don't go, please please stay with me, with us, mom needs you too, her beauty eyes comes to fade away, the fear is taking over me while her screams sounds in the whole room, I need to reach her but is too late.

Then I wake up.

And one voice take me back, Peeta's voice.

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