He is my heaven, he is my haven.

Peeta is to me like the sand in the ocean, he saves me to fall.

And that's ok, when we return to the district I use to live alone in my house, but then the nightmares come again I wake up wrapped in my own screams of terror and sweat, when the time pass Petta hear me scream, he found me shaking in sobbings, or at last that's what he told me, that he was taking a walking in the middle of the night just to clear the thoughts of his mind, then he hears me scream and he enter in my house with the key I gave him just in case anything happen, it dosen't matter to me If he was in a flashback and he want to kill me, If I'm gonna die I prefer It was by his hands, I have any reason to live, any person to hold me, so what? What If he kills me? That dosen't make him happy after all? That dosen't make me happy too? I know it's wrong to thing like that, but that's what I think in those days of the past.

And still hurts, when I told this to Peeta he just stare to me like he never Heard such a mad conversation in his life and then he took me in his arms so strong and then he kiss my forehead and promise he never could hurt me, not anymore, not now … Not ever. That's when I relaze I'm safe with him, I'm safe in his arms, I never felt so loved in my life, the last time was when Prim look at me but in that time I was the one who must protect her, not in viceversa.

And not it's late and I'm just wake up to see he was looking at me with those blue eyes who are worry for me, I deny with the head making him clear that I'm ok, he donsen't nedd to worry, it's just another nightmare but even in my denial he embrace me and again he kiss me in the head and I let him to do it, I let him touch my hair and I let him to take me again in the bed, this time I was in his arms and I could sleep feeling unharm, because when I'm with him nothing could hurt me, he is my personal heaven and he is my haven in the middle of the storm.

I fall sleep between his arms while as he brushes my hair with his fingers.