Disclaimer: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic belongs to Hasbro and was created by Lauren Faust. I own nothing.

Notes: This fic was kind of loosely inspired by a PMV on YouTube which I stumbled upon and adored ( /watch?v=-JrLRawqcbA). Go watch it, it's most definitely worth the time. In any case, this is my first FIM fic, and it's probably going to be an epic because Celestia knows it's impossible for me to dream up short, simple storylines. *facepalm*

Most of the characters within are going to be established FIM ones, but a few will be FIM-icised versions of earlier generation MLP characters. There is also one possible OC that may or may not show up much, much later, but I haven't decided on that yet. :P

So, please enjoy and I love comments and constructive criticism, especially since it's my first FIM project. :)


Prologue: The End and The Beginning

By Senashenta

It was the third day of Autumn when the world ended.

It wasn't through war or hatred; Equestria would never fall to that. It wasn't an asteroid, volcano, earthquake or flood, though the tragedy was born from something akin to a natural disaster, albeit one that no one besides Princess Celestia could have ever predicted. From something—someone—close to her heart, whom she had taken in, taught, trained—all in the hope that the day she secretly feared—this day—would never come.

It's common knowledge that unicorns have magical abilities, and also that many of them attend Magic School at a young age. Each unicorn knows a handful of spells or techniques, simple things normally, which aide them in day-to-day life, and typically coincide with their special talent in some way. It's a much lesser known fact as to why their magic is limited.

Magic, even pure, white magic, is inherently destructive. It's energy is akin to fire, or electricity. Too much of either is deadly. So when a unicorn uses his or her spells, the magic flares against the bonds of their mind, testing the boundaries of their consciousness.

Normally this mental prodding is harmless, but once in a while, it manages to escape.

It's very much like a light bulb, really. Flick it on and off enough and the circuit inside it breaks. Run too much power through it and it bursts.

And so, when a unicorn is born whose special talent is magic, who had no clear separation between the magic energy and the rest of her mind, the chances of a powerful magical storm—a dangerous explosion of energy, tapped from the earth itself and funneled through the pony in question—are great. And this is what happened. The cause of Canterlot's destruction and Equestria's fall into ruin.

An explosion, sudden and unexpected.

A flash, blinding, like a star going supernova; then a dust cloud that blotted out the sun, leaving the land in endless darkness.

When the light cleared, making way to the shadows, the capital was gone, nothing more than crumbling rubble. Princess Celestia had disappeared, banished somewhere far beyond the grasp of those who still remained.

And standing in the middle of it all, surrounded by her friends—turned to stone, eternal expressions of shock and despair, but not betrayal; never betrayal—stood a pale purple unicorn, eyes shining white, glowing brightly, mane and tail lashing in the wind and laughing as her mind lost to the force of the magic within her.