"Space Channel CSI"


"HEADS UP! WE'VE GOT A CASE!" Nick shouted, running into the CSI lab. Of course, everybody looked up.

"What's up, Nick?" Catherine asked. Nick paused for breath and then cleared his throat before shouting VERY LOUDLY.

"PURGE DIED UP IN OUTER SPACE!" he screamed. Instead of getting a shocked reaction, everybody looked at him in pure


"Uh…who's Purge?" Greg asked, raising his hand. Nick stomped his foot. How could Greg not know about him?

"You seriously don't KNOW? He's that guy who forced the galaxy to dance!" Nick exclaimed.

"Wait, isn't Purge from the year 2499?" Sara questioned. Nick clapped his hands and pointed at the dark-haired woman.

"And Bingo was his name-o!" he told her. Sara sighed and put her half-filled beaker on the lab table.

"That happens 487 years into the future. How on Earth could that have happened NOW?" she asked.

"It doesn't matter! We have to travel into the future and interrogate everybody he knows!" Nick replied.

"YAY! WE GET TO GO TIME-TRAVELING!" Greg exclaimed, tossing his hands into the air.

"TO THE CSI TIME-MOBILE!" Nick shouted in response. With that, all of the CSIs ran out of the lab. Unfortunately, they ran over a

very confused Ray Langston.

End of the prologue! WOW, these CSIs are very…ditzy. ANYWAY! Chapter 2 is up next, so be prepared for more weirdness! As Ulala would say…