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Jackson walked past the bathroom, he was heading to bed and it was just past midnight. He heard faint sounds of retching coming from inside, he stopped and walked back, doing a double take. He slightly opened the door and peeked inside, "April" He said concerned as he opened the door up wider .

April looked up, her face pale and eyes wide. Jackson shut the door and walked over to April. "What's wrong April?" he asked worried as he crouched down in front of her

"I feel so sick" She complained as she leant against the bathtub

"Have you been throwing up?" Jackson asked concerned as he began to check her pulse against his. He looked over, April nodded her head just before she cupped her hand to her mouth again. She instantly got onto her knees and threw up into the toilet. Jackson gently rubbed her back. "I'm going to get you something to drink and take, okay?" he asked worried as he began to get up

April barely nodded and sat over the toilet, fearing she would throw up again. Jackson walked quietly down to the kitchen. Lexie walked through the door, slightly intoxicated giggling loudly. Jackson looked over and sighed, he kept his back to her, trying to not get into conversation with her.

He turned carrying medicine and a glass of water, "Who's sick?" Lexie asked, slightly swaying as she noticed the bottle of medication in Jacksons hand

"April" Jackson said before he took off back up the stairs. He walked back into the bathroom and knelt down beside her.

"What are you doing here with me?" April asked nervously

"You're my best friend and your sick, why wouldn't I be here with you?" Jackson asked as he got out

"Because it's midnight and we have the boards in a few days" April told him

"That doesn't matter April, not when you're this sick"Jackson told her. April just nodded and sunk back down. April was drained, truth told, she had been throwing up for a few hours, but she wasn't going to be telling Jackson this.

"You look so tired April, why don't we take you to bed and I'll bring a bucket in, if you feel like your going to be sick?" He asked her

April nodded and began to get up, "Hey, just wait here. I'll go get your room ready for you, okay?" Jackon asked, gently lowering her back to the ground.

Jackson, went and retrieved a bucket from the laundry, stopping briefly to get a cool pack from the freezer in the bathroom, he picked up a bottle of water and brought it to her room. He quietly walked back to the bathroom and bent down in front of April.

"Come on, let's get you to bed" Jackson said as he gently picked up an weak April. "Geez, your burning up April" Jackson commented as he wrapped his arm around her back feeling the heat re-bound of her back

April weakly crawled into her bed and delved under the sheets, Jackson tucked her in and put the cold back on her head. Jackson gently got back on the bed and sat beside her, she turned on her side, hoping to will the nausea away. Jackson gently rubbed her back and tried to soothe her off to sleep.

After a few minutes, April rolled over facing Jackson. "Hey, try and get some sleep April. Just close your eyes" Jackson soothed as April tried to fall asleep.

April rolled back over again restlessly, Jackson sighed and pulled her gently into him. Aprils head fell perfectly on Jackson's chest, she fell asleep a few minutes later.

The morning time came and April was still snuggled into Jackson's chest, Meredith opened the door

going to wake April up for work. Jackson woke up hearing the door un-click, Meredith smiled. "I'll leave you two alone then" She whispered. "But you might want to wake up soon or you'll be late for work"

Jackson smiled and nodded, he gently moved April of his chest, and pulled back a stray hair behind her ear. She moaned and slowly opened her eyes "Go back to sleep, you're not going to work like this" he told her

"But...But I have too" April said slowly sitting up

"I don't think so, look how sick you are. You can barely sit up" Jackson said rubbing her back soothingly

April started to get up, Jackson quickly got up and walked around to her side. "There's a major peds surgery today, I have to go" She said as she began to get up, she hardly stood before stumbling into Jackson's body.

"Shit" Jackson cursed just before he caught her. He gently sat her back down on the bed. "Now do you believe me when I say you can't work like this?"

April barely nodded and Jackson covered her up with the sheets again. "Thanks for staying with me" April said quietly

"No problem, are you going to be okay here?" Jackson asked worried

"Yeah" April said softly

"I think that Meredith has the day off so she's staying around the house with Zola" Jackson told her, April nodded and rolled onto her side, shutting her eyes briefly

Jackson smiled down at her and gently kissed her forehead, "I'll see you later"

He got out of her room, briefly stopping at his to change into fresh clothes. He continued to walk down the stairs, all eyes appearing on him as he turned the corner. "Good morning" Meredith Smiled

"Morning" Jackson said trying to cover up a yawn that escaped his mouth

"Rough night?" Derek laughed

"Did Kepner finally loose her V-Card?" Alex laughed, taking a mouthful of food

Jackson shot a glare to all of them, "She was up all night vomiting, so if you class that as sex then there's something wrong" he said pulling out a ball of cereal. The room went quiet, Meredith began to spoke up cutting the thick tension that filled the air

"Is she okay?" Meredith asked

Jackson shrugged, "I don't know, she's asleep. Are you staying home today?"

Meredith nodded, "Sure am and yes I'll check in with her"

Jackson smiled, "Thanks"

So just a cute little piece I cam up with in my sleep, if you want another chapter, let me know. Any idea's are great, keep in mind it was my first greys story for a while after giving up on my other one.