A/N: Ah! I am inlove with what's happening between April and Jackson! Except for the fact that April failed her boards, what's going to happen there:(! I've had a bit of writers block on this one, so I'm hoping it's okay, so enjoy (:x

April look up, she heard those words and couldn't believe they were coming out of his mouth. She put her hand to her mouth, just before throwing up again in front of her. Jackson sprung to her aid, holding her hair back for her. She mumbled something that sounded like a thanks to Jackson.

He got off the bed and walked around to her side, "April, I'm taking you to hospital"

April shook her head, "No" She pleaded, " I don't need to go"

"I'm taking you whether you like it or not" He said sternly, but still clearly worried. He gently helped her up and held her in front of him

"I'm not going to the hospital like this" She said, smiling slightly. Jackson chuckled and sat her back down again. He walked over to her wardrobe, pulling out a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. He walked back over to her, holding up the clothes

"Is this fashionable enough to be caught outside with?" He smirked, she nodded in return and laughed lightly, turning her laugh into several coughs.

"Don't make me laugh" She said coughing lightly. She held up her hands and Jackson took of her top, exposing her pale skin. He replaced her sweaty top with a new fresh one and helped her change into her shorts. He gently pulled her back up again and walked her down the hallway and to the stairs.

He looked at her weak state and knew she couldn't possibly make it down the stairs, he grabbed onto her and picked her up bridal style, beginning to carry her down the stairs.

She looked up at him and watched as he carried her out to his car, her knight and shinning amour, her prince, her dream man, her best friend, her crush, her lover, her love. She had always had something for Jackson, but Jackson wasn't the type of guy that would go for her, well that's what she thought. He was the tall, tanned, handsome guy, the most popular guy that every girl wanted at the hospital and that guy just confessed that he loved her and how did she respond? By throwing up in front of him

April was so lost in her trail of thought, that she hadn't even realised they she was no longer in the house, but was sitting in the passenger side of Avery's car, driving down the street to the hospital. Jackson looked over, "How you feeling, April?"

He was talking to her, but April couldn't think straight, she didn't know why it was. She blammed it on what ever the hell was wrong with her and no the fact that Jackson said he thinks his falling in love with her.

"April?" She heard her name get called again, she looked over and caught contact with his eyes

"I-I'm sorry, what?" She stumbled to say

Jackson smiled, "I asked, how are you feeling?"

"Oh.." April rubbed her head, "Is it possible to say, worse then before?" she complained

Jackson sighed, he didn't want to hear that. He sighed, "Everything will be fine, once we get you checked out" he told her as he pulled into the entrance of the hospital and taking the doctors only parking for granted. He got out and helped April before he shut the passenger door and began to walk through the carpark.

"I don't want anyone knowing, please, I really don't need to go here" April said, feeling as though news would travel fast and then everyone would know she got admitted to the hospital

"It's okay, I'll call Sloan, he can make sure everything's okay and get you a private room" Jackson re-assured her

"Sloan?" April asked, her eyes widening

"Yeah" Jackson smiled

"He'll tell everyone" April shot back, feeling weaker and weaker with every step she took

"He won't, it'll be okay" Jackson tried to re-assure her, he noticed how weak she was becoming. He pulled out his phone and scrolled through till he found Mark's number he pressed call and held it up to his ear.

"Avery, what's up?" Mark answered with

"Hey uh, where about's in the hospital are you?" Jackson asked

"Just about to leave" Mark said, knowing that he wouldn't be leaving any time soon. He sighed "Why, where do you need me?"

Jackson smiled, "Thanks, meet me at the back entrance now" he said before he hung up and looked down at April, "Come on,let's get you better" he smiled and began to lead her to the back of the hospital.

Mark was waiting for Jackson, knowing that he was bringing April to the hospital. April and Jackson came round the corner, Mark smirked and Jackson shook his head at Mark. "Hey uh, you reckon you can give April a check up, she needs an I.V in, she's pretty dehydrated.

Mark nodded, "Alright then, let's get you in and better"

Jackson led April up to the ward, settling her into a nice private room. He sat there rubbing her head, "How's the drugs working?" Jackson asked her

"Great" April smiled

Jackson laughed lightly, "Why don't you get some sleep, I'll be right here"

April nodded and closed her eyes, Jackson took a seat beside her still gently stroking her head. Mark began to walk in, clearing his throat to make his appearance noticed by Jackson.

He looked up, slowly and quietly getting off the bed, he walked over to Mark and shut the door behind them. "So..." Mark grinned slyly tilting his head at the room April was lying in.

"So...What?" Jackson asked, knowing exactly where it was going

"What's going on between you to?" Mark asked

"Nothing" Jackson sighed

Mark scoffed, "Yeah, sure". Jackson shook his head, he looked up and took a deep breath

"I told her" He said

Mark's eyes widened "You told Kepner you love her?"

Jackson nodded his head, "How did she take it?" Mark asked

"She threw up just after I told her-" Jackson was saying before Sloan began laughing

"Who knew you could make a girl vomit" he chuckled

"It wasn't because of that" Jackson said defensively