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Saruman watched calmly as the shadow flitted about the tower's dark interior, slitted glowing red eyes gazing at him intently.

~Why have you summoned me here.~ the shadow hissed.

Saruman casually lit the crystal on his staff then shrank back as the shadow enveloped the crystal. The flickered then shrank and faded to nothing. It fell back and seemed to grow and expand. The featureless shadowy creature was dragonlike in shape. It's body stretched out into a long serpentine tail with a reptilian head. Tentacles framed the head giving it a regal look, and two long arms ending in long stick thin fingers grew from it's chest. Folding against it's back were two pares of spindly leg like appendages.

The creature relaxed and gave a contented sigh, ~Too much dark here, you exist with far too little light.~

"The light is harmful to our armies, the orcs..."

~What good are your armies then, against those who can attack you when you are the weakest.~

"Yes, but our Uruk Hai..."

The creature turned away floating around the chamber pausing by a couple of Uruk Hai gaurds, ~Orcs, Uruk Hai, all worthless tools of destruction.~ it hissed.

"Through destruction we gain power."

~Power.~ It snorted. ~and when you have this power, when you have destroyed everything around you, what then, when the light has died how will you survive,~ it turned to glare at him, ~Know this, foolish one, the shadow cannot exist without the light to cast it.~

"Then join us, beast of shadows, aid us in our cause."

~Aid you? What could you possibly offer us besides pain and death.~

"Power, we could offer..."

~Ha! You must think us fools to believe that you could possibly give us anything, slave of the dark one.~ it hissed in the Istari's face.

"I serve Sauron, that is true but if you think I am powerless..."

~You slave for the dark one, giving up everything to find His ring, to give Him power. Do you really think that when he has everything he would share it with you?~

Saruman stopped, seeming to consider this," bring me the ring, and I will grant your wildest dreams."

The shadow reared and laughed, ~You could not conceive of my dreams, but enough. Send your fools, I will find this ring and perhaps when you have what you wish, me and mine will at last be free of your stupidity.~