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Ok, I was told by a lot of people that the fellowship would have gone by Mirkwood if they hadn't split...I know that's not right anymore, but I'm changing it so it is for this story, I mean it's already AU.

It seemed an eternity that they fell. Aragorn hit the ground with a sickening thud, Legolas landing next to him in a half roll.

Legolas twisted back to his feet and Aragorn was barely able to avoid the long bladed knife thrown at his head. "Legolas!"

If Legolas heard his cry he gave no indication, indeed he seemed completely oblivious to everything.

The knife he still held was clenched so tightly that his knuckles had gone white and Aragorn could see fine tremors running through his body. Aragorn pushed himself to his feet and started to take a step forward. Legolas' eyes widened and he stumbled back.

"Legolas?" Aragorn repeated.

"Ara...Aragorn?" Legolas asked, his voice shaky. His face twisted then and he griped his head, "No!"

"Legolas!" Aragorn cried, reaching forward and gripping him by the shoulders.

Legolas cried out and pushed him away, "No don't...I...I can't control it!"

"Yes you can Legolas, I know you can, don't let the ring control you like this!" Aragorn replied taking another step towards the cringing elf, hands held out in a non-threatening gesture.

Legolas relaxed suddenly looking up at Aragorn with an evil smile, "Fool, do you think such a puny thing such as that ring could result in me?" he chuckles, "You know nothing, and you will die for it!"

Aragorn stared at Legolas in confusion, what was he speaking of? He was torn out of his thoughts as Legolas practically threw himself at Aragorn, knocking him to the ground, silver knife coming in at his throat. The elf's fair features were twisted in anger and Aragorn could hardly recognize him. Oh Legolas, my friend, what's happened to you...

Legolas was possessed of greater strength then he had thought, and Aragorn struggled to keep the knifepoint from entering his skin. His arm shook with the strain and Legolas' crimson eyes flashed victoriously as the knife edged in, scraping against the man's throat.

"Legolas, No!" a voice suddenly cried out.

Legolas looked towards the voice, letting up his attack, in his surprise. Seeing his chance Aragorn threw Legolas to the side and started to roll to his feet. Legolas recovered faster however, lunging at the crouched and vulnerable human.

A short figure intercepted him halfway and the two slammed hard against the ground.

The Shadow growled in frustration and twisted so that his new attacker was on the ground below him. He paused in slight surprise to find the Halfling, Frodo, then grinned, wasn't this just perfect.

The ring was now in his grasp and his hand snaked out to grab the chain.

"No! Legolas!" He heard Aragorn shout but he ignored him.

Just as his hand clasped the chain about the Hobbit's neck Aragorn grabbed him by the other arm and jerked him back. The chain slipped and his fingers caught on the ring itself.

With a will of it's own the Ring slipped onto the Elf's finger.


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