Not the Only Evil Genius

Chapter 1: Shao Khan's New Focus

Shao Khan had grown weary over trying to takeover Earth Realm countless of times of failures, but he has overheard rumors of another realm of Mobius holding the possible key that could help him get the edge he needed to takeover Earth Realm for good. The power of the Master Chaos Emerald was the key that the Emperor of Outworld needed to achieve in acquiring its massive power so that no warrior would dare oppose his reign.

"Trusted adviser" said Shao Khan as Shang Tsang who approached the Emperor who was sitting on his throne, "you may stand up."

"Yes my Emperor" said Shang Tsang after he bowed down before Shao Khan, "we have received reports from our scouts that they have managed to find what seems to be the Master Chaos Emerald you have been searching for."

"Ha, not even the mightiest of warriors like Liu Kang can even now defeat me, and neither shall Raiden as well" laughed Shao Khan, "but who are the players of this realm?"

"There are already adversaries out to acquire the Master Chaos Emerald, an Echidna of the realm known as Enerjak and his Dark Brotherhood, Mammoth Mongol and also the notorious Eggman" continued Shang Tsang.

"I shall make examples of them first by unleashing my forces upon them when they least expect it" marked Shao Khan in a defiant mood.

Indeed Enerjak, Mammoth Mongol along with Eggman were all facing off in a final battle to fight for the Chaos Emerald, Knuckles and the other Freedom Fighters were already pinned down and all seemed pretty loss for them. Not even Sonic could even get close to smack any of the foes down as they were busy concentrating on the emerald itself. Suddenly a ball of fire out of nowhere appeared from the sky, it was in reality a portal opening up thanks to the efforts of Quan Chi and Shang Tsang, as the fireball headed downward toward where the trio of foes were fighting to get their hands on the Chaos Emerald, Shao Khan himself appeared before the trio.

"You shall never retrieve this because it is mine!" roared Shao Khan.

Enerjak was the first one to make the mistake in charging against Shao Khan, with one smack from the Emperor's hammer, Enerjak fell flat to the ground shocking members of the Dark Legion. Mammoth Mongol then was the next one to make the attempt against Shao Khan, as the mammoth charged at the Emperor at full speed, all it took was one strong punch from the Emperor, and a green fireball targeting the mammoth. Next came Eggman who began to send in his robots to do his dirty work, Shao Khan made quick work against the robots.

"You think you can just barge in from wherever you came to take what's rightfully mine?" roared Eggman.

Suddenly a skull fireball from Quan Chi came right toward Eggman knocking Eggman down.

"I am sure he can" said Quan Chi as he appeared along with Shang Tsang.

"Quickly, we have to stop them from getting the emerald, there is only one way of doing so and we have to sadly destroy it" said Knuckles.

As the villains fought with the new foe on the field, Knuckles ordered Rouge to target the chaos emerald in attempts to destroy it.

"She's gone mad!" cried Mammoth Mongol who noticed Rogue was trying to aim her blaster with the other Freedom Fighters targeting the chaos emerald.

"You fools, they're trying to destroy it!" cried Enerjak.

Shao Khan then immediately raised his staff and suddenly a shield ended up engulfing around himself and the chaos emerald.

"This will be mine!" laughed Shao Khan.

The Emperor then ordered his elite forces to scatter the Mobians away from his sight.

"Eradicate them" ordered Shao Khan to his generals whom ended up obeying his command.

His generals ranging from Sheeva to Quan Chi, Shang Tsang, Motaro, Kitaro and Goro all ended up chasing out the Mobians from the vicinity. Both Kitaro and Goro were taking on Mammoth Mongol while Shang Tsang with the help of his other helpers like Reptile made quick work in scattering the Dark Legion leaders away from the chaos emerald. Shang Tsang and Quan Chi ended up targeting Enerjak and Eggman as they engaged them. The battle was so intense that the Freedom Fighters managed to scatter about being able to flee the scene. It was then that Raiden who was observing this as he felt Shao Khan could try to take another realm had chosen to take this one instead of Earth.

"This is most disturbing" said Fujin who showed up with Raiden as the two observed the Freedom Fighters fleeing from the battlefield.

"Shao Khan has violated this realm's sovereignty like he has done with ours" said Raiden.

"These beings, they know nothing on how to fight a foe like Shao Khan" said Fujin who had sympathy for the Mobians.

"I know, that is why I have devised up a plan, I know that Shao Khan is attempting to tap into the power of the mighty Master Chaos Emerald that this realm has great value in strength" continued Raiden.

"And your plan?" asked Fujin.

"Bring the Earth warriors here to train the Mobians as best as they can to ward off Shao Khan" said Raiden, "whatever powers the Master Emerald has, Shao Khan will end up using it to conquer Earth Realm with it."

As the two Earth gods prepared their plan, they had hoped that the Freedom Fighters themselves hadn't lost hope yet at least.