Chapter 10: Super Powered Battle

Shao Khan and Sonic had transformed into their super forms ready for the final battle.

"There is no way that you can still be able to defeat me" said Shao Khan.

"Ha, I'm not planning to really find a way to defeat you, but I know a good strategy when I see one" said Sonic.

"Arrogant fool" laughed Shao Khan.

Shao Khan rammed himself against Sonic knocking him over, Raiden had arrived just in time to witness the fight between the two.

"No, I'm too late!" cried Raiden.

As for the Earth warriors, Mobians alike they were still fighting off Shao Khan's loyalists with the exception of Quan Chi, Shang Tsang and Reiko who had already turned the tables on the Emperor. Sonic ended up dashing right toward the Emperor and knocked him right down, but the Emperor was able to get up and smack the powered up hedgehog with his hammer.

"Ha, you shall never win over me!" laughed Shao Khan.

"There is but one strategy I think we'll be able to win here" whispered Quan Chi to Sonic.

"Why are you helping me pal?" asked Sonic.

"Believe me, I know what I'm talking about" replied Quan Chi.

Sonic then began to dash around the Emperor and his supporters whom were trying their best to maintain their balance. Quan Chi then utters some magical words to which he then fires a green skull toward the Emperor and his supporters. The green skull ended up being really a tool by Quan Chi into creating a portal, Sonic's fast speeding around the Emperor caused to also help create the portal with his powers from the Master Chaos Emerald, as the portal opened up, the Emperor and his supporters soon found themselves being sucked right through.

"No!" cried Shao Khan as he could feel he was losing his powers altogether.

The Emperor and his supporters ended up being sucked right through the portal itself, as neither one of them could try to hold on with all their might. As each one flew right into the portal, the portal ended up closing once Shao Khan himself flew right into it to which the Earth warriors and Mobians alike were shocked to see this happen.

"I must say, I am most impressed" said Enerjak to Quan Chi.

"Well, it seems our job here is done" said Raiden, "come on, we'll head back to Earth Realm."

As the Mobians rejoiced knowing that Shao Khan was sent away, the Emperor himself found himself in the Netherrealm, the home of Quan Chi, Noob Sabiot and more importantly Shinnok. Shinnok glared down at Shao Khan and his followers who found themselves in his domain.

"You are such fools to have tried that" said Shinnok, "I on the other hand am already in contact with Black Doom, he is willing to cooperate with us for any future invasions."

Shinnok along with Quan Chi, Shang Tsang and Reiko were indeed preparing for a return of Black Doom which would fit with Shadow's agenda as he was consolidating power with Enerjak into making a deal. As for the Mobians and the Earth warriors alike, they would have zero knowledge of anything like this would ever happen again at least for now.