Summary: What if Kuruko Tetsu never joined the Seirin's first string? What if he decided to join as the coach's assistant and not as a player? No Yaoi. No Romance. But there maybe bromance.

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"I-I ca-ca-n't ta-take this anywore!" Shinji Kogaine puffed while doing his 58th lap around the court. He was already at his limits and he knew it. His head and lungs were about to be explode as well as his God, his legs! He couldn't feel them anymore. "Too... tired mu-"

"Quit your yapping!" Riko Aida, the team's couch, shouted, "Don't stop running!"
The entire boys' basketball team groaned at this, "And don't groan! If you guys have the energy to complain, then I'm sure you guys still have the energy! So I tell you to run! Run like the wind!"

"What a cheesy line." Taiga Kagami whispered, "Seriously? Run like the wind?" His teammates snickered.

"I heard that, Bakagami!" the team's coach hollered as she sat on the court's bench, "If I hear another word from you guys, I'll quadruple your training!"

"What's up with her?" Taiga asked discreetly, "Did somebody pull a bad prank or insulted her cooking? She's ten times worse than my former Chemistry teacher."

"Could be." Hyuuga said as he ran along the court with Kagami, "Or maybeshe's worried about our next play match."

"Eh? Next play match?" Taiga blinked, slowing down his pace, "Who are we playing against with?"

"Kaijou High." Hyuuga sighed.

"EH? NO WAY! Isn't Ryota Kise, the rookie of the Generation of Miracles, a member there?" Shinji said, accelerating his pace.

"Yeah, that's why we need to double our training."

"Hey! You guys, stop—Ta-ahh!"

Thinking that their precious coach got in trouble, Hyuuga turned his head to Riko's direction and saw the most memorable scene he had ever seen in his entire was standing on the bench, her fist extended in front of her, staring at an unconscious student (who had a fist mark on his left cheek) with big didn't know whether he should laugh at Riko's priceless face or panic for a potential homicide.

Fortunately, Kagami was the first one to voice out his thoughts, "Holy! You killed a student!" he yelled, pointing an accusing finger at their sole female member. All members of the basketball club ran towards the unconscious student.
"I-It was an accident!" She said as she jumped off the bench, "He surprised me! He came from behind! I thought he was a ghost! And then my fist moved on its own so... I knocked him out. Is he alright?"

"Don't worry, he's alive." Hyuuga said as he touched the student's neck. "I can still feel his pulse."

Riko sighed, relieved, "But we should take him to clinic. Taiga,could you carry him?"

By now, all the basketball members surrounded the student.

"Alright I'll carry him." Kagami nodded. He crouched and was about pick the 'ghost' when suddenly a grunt was heard from him. "Hey I think he's waking up."

"Mnhm…" Kagami rolled the student to his back and was surprised to see pale blue eyes.
"Hn? Where am I?" the nameless student asked as he slowly sat up, his left hand clutching the back of his head. He then blinked once then twice as his peripheral vision started to was welcomed with the sight of legs surrounding and a red head crouched down beside him.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" a girl asked, crouching down next to the red head.
"Fine, except for a slight headache."

The second year then held out two fingers in front of him. "How many fingers am I holding up?"
Again the student blinked once then twice as he stared at her fingers. "Two." He could hear sighs of relief above him.

"Thank goodness you're alive! I thought I committed homicide!" the girl said at the verge of tears. "I am sorry." She apologized, looking guilty.

"It's alright." He monotonously said as he stood up. "You didn't mean it. I should be the one who is sorry."

"Eh? Why?" the red head asked.

"I interrupted your training."

" Oh right practice!" the girl said, "Get back to work!"Everyone all resumed their practice except two people: the red head and four eyes.

"Do you need to go to the infirmary? If you need to we will accompany you there." The four eyes offered.
"Yes and thank you."

The four eyes nodded then handed a cold bottle of water. "Here, place this on your cheek. It's swollen."

"Thank you."

"My name is Hyuuga Junpei, this guy over here" –he pointed a finger at the red head- "is Kagami Taiga, and that girl just punched you just now is Riko Aida."

The student bowed his head and said: "Hello. My name is Kuroko Tetsuya."


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