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The sun was barely up but Kuroko Tetsuya was already awake and ready for school. When his mother found him awake and well-dressed for school; his mother looked at him strangely.

'Normally, he wouldn't be up at this time.' His mother thought as she looked at her son's hair –neatly combed and dried. 'And normally his hair would be a mess.' Her eyes moved to the uniform he was wearing. His uniform was clean. 'Odd.' She thought again as she watched her son grab two rice balls and a carton of milk.

"Tetsu-kun did something happen?" She asked aloud.

Tetsuya, who had been oblivious on his mother's watching, stopped on chewing his rice ball. He cocked his head a little to his right as if his mother asked a complicated question. After a few seconds of silence he said no and without waiting a response from his mother he walked out of the kitchen.

"I see." His unconvinced mother said as she frowned on her son's lack of response and respect. She heard Tetsuya's light footsteps at the living room. Her frown deepened when she heard her son turn the TV on and changing their usual news channel to a sports channel. 'Alright, something is definitely going on.' She thought as she walked out of the kitchen to the living room. She found her son sitting comfortably on the couch; hands playing with the TV remote. "I thought you hate basketball?" she said, crossing her arms above her breast.

Tetsuya glanced at her and then back to the TV which was playing a local basketball tournament.

It was a taboo within the Kuroko household to never mention the word, play, or even hint the said sport. Especially, when her youngest son is around. His family members knew that the basketball had an important meaning to Tetsuya. Every time Tetsuya heard-or was at least reminded of basketball- he instantly frown and walk away.

Ever since that 'incident', that had always been Tetsuya's attitude towards basketball.

No one knew how and why Tetsuya hates basketball. There was even a time when Tetsuya's life only revolved around basketball. Tetsuya would play nonstop on his family's basketball court. He would sacrifice his meals just to play basketball. He would choose basketball over family time.

That was basketball for him.

Or so that was the people around Tetsuya thought. One day when Tetsuya was practicing with his father and cousins basketball. Tetsuya dropped the ball and said: "I don't want to play anymore." After hearing that his father and cousins were baffled they thought they heard wrong since Tetsuya say: I plus don't plus want plus to play anymore was a wrong equation. Their misunderstanding –or rather understanding- was confirmed when Tetsuya walked leisurely towards the house and drank a cold vanilla shake. His father approached and asked him why he said it but Tetsuya only responded with a shrug and nonchalantly said: "I've been playing it all my life."

His family and friends pestered him for a real answer and Tetsuya would always say what he had said to his father. But his family and friends weren't satisfied with his answer and still pestered him until one day Tetsuya's patience reached its limit.

He glared at one of his friends, Akashi, and walked away. He didn't talk to anyone for awhile. It was only after a few weeks that Tetsuya started talking to other people; however, during that time Tetsuya's family and some of Tetsuya's friends noticed something odd about Tetsuya. Tetsuya could disappear and appear without the notice of others. The first times were odd since Tetsuya's presence had never gone unnoticed.

Tetsuya once had an air around him.

A welcoming atmosphere.

A warm atmosphere.

A bright and cheery atmosphere.

Most of all a charismatic and light atmosphere.

However, after the event with Akashi the atmosphere around him changed.

The once light and charismatic atmosphere turned dull.

The once warm atmosphere turned cold.

The once bright and cheery atmosphere dimmed.

And the once welcoming atmosphere evaporated.

People around Tetsuya wanted the old Tetsuya back and so they did everything they can to encourage Tetsuya to play again. From inviting him to play again up to volunteering Tetsuya to participate for the basketball grade school tournament. But every time the game starts Tetsuya would either be absent or sit on one side of the court. This pissed a lot of people they couldn't accept the ridiculousness of Tetsuya's action.

Some children started to bully Tetsuya but were quickly stopped by Akashi and Kai, Tetsuya's older brother.

Still, up to now nobody knows why Kuroko Tetsuya stopped playing.

'But I think that is about to change.' Tetsuya's mother thought.

"I never said that I hate basketball." Tetsuya said as he shut the TV off. "I only said that 'I've been playing it all my life.'."

There was silence for awhile.

"Did you quit basketball since you think nobody is stronger than you?" She asked as she noticed her son stiffen. It might have been a harsh question but she was tired with this waiting game. She was tired of waiting a proper answer from him.

"I'm not that arrogant." Her son said as got up from his seat. Her body stiffened. She wasn't prepared for a drama this early in the morning. " Though that may be one of my reasons." He said.

His mother frowned and then sighed. "I don't want another drama this early in the morning. Let's not talk about this for now." She said as she placed her hand on her hips. "Can you at least tell me if something did really happen? It's unusual to see you wake up so early in the morning."

Tetsuya blinked and then smiled mysteriously. "Nothing happened, really."

His mother didn't look satisfied with his answer but let him go. For now. "Uh-uh. Anyway, go to school or else you'll be late."

Tetsuya nodded and then grabbed his bag. "I'm leaving." He said as he stood outside the house. He heard his mother yell her from the kitchen a: 'be careful and comeback early!'

And with that he left his house with a small smile etched on his face.

"Nothing happened. Well at least not yet."


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