"Leave now!" Kagome raised her bow and loaded an arrow "I'm Serious" She aimed for his heart

"Your weak Miko powers will not work on this Sesshomaru" his voice was cold as ice, it sent shivers down her spine

"Kagome Stop" Inuyasha yelled from the spot sesshomaru had knocked him to.

"I am not afraid of you" Her voice was wrapped in confidence

"Oh really?" Sesshomaru smirked at the brave but stupid girl.

"Yes" Kagome was still aiming for this heart; she was sure and proud "Only weak people would be afraid of you"

"Hm" was all he said, in the blink of an eye he was in front of her, his right hand wrapped around her throat. He leaned in and was surprised; the Miko was not lying when she said she was not afraid. He growled to see if that would make her fear him but the smell of fear did not come from her, although he could smell it in the air from her traveling companions, but the only scent from her was anger. "You are not afraid little one?" his voice was cold but his eyes said confusion as he squeezed harder his claws dug into the skin on her neck drawing blood.

"Not of you" She spat through her teeth. She was telling the truth. Sesshomaru let go in disgust and turned on the balls of his feet to walk away

"Oi, where are you going coward?"inuyasha yelled as he attempted to rise from the ground

Sesshomaru said nothing as he disappeared into the tree line, the group stared in disbelieve, sesshomaru never left like that.

"Kagome what just happened" Sango asked while jumping of the firecat

"I don't know" Kagome could feel the warm blood running down her neck "Sango could you bring me my bag"

"What for?" Sango asked in confusion

"He cut my neck. And I want to clean it"

"HE WHAT" Inuyasha yelled and ran over to kagome to see her neck; he ignored the aching pain in his body He made it over to kagome and moved her hair, he growled when he saw five deep puncher wounds on the back of her soft smooth neck .

"That bad?" Kagome giggled trying to lighten Inuyasha mood

"Next time he his dead" Inuyasha clenched his fist, he jerked the first-aid box from sangos hands

"Damn Inuyasha" Sango snapped

"I can do it" he growled

"Inuyasha" kagome turned to face him "SIT" he fell to the ground and growled " I asked sango first"

"Kagome don t kill him, he is already hurt from sesshomaru" Miroku calmly reminder her

"Oops, sorry inuyahsa" She bent down and kiss his head when he sat up

"Yeah right wench" He sat with blushed cheeks

"Sango would you please before my blood stains my shirt" Kagome smiled and turned to lift her hair

"Okay" Sango stood behind kagome, she took a alcohol pad and cleaned the wounds kagome winced as the alcohol entered her small but deep wounds, once it was cleaned sango put antibiotic cream and wrapped kagomes neck in gauze wrap. "It s that to tight, I don t want to choke you"

"Its fine" Kagome smiled. "Shall we be going?"

"I think it would be best if we made camp here for the night" Miroku suggested

"Why" Inuyasha protested

"Because kagome needs to rest" Shippo yelled

"I'm fine guys, I don t even feel it anymore" Kagome picked up her backpack We can go a little farther"

"Are you sure Kagome-sama" Kagome hated when Miroku called her that

"Yes, we still have some daylight left, unless you need to rest inuyasha?" Kagome turned to the still blushing Hanyou

"Keh" Was all he said, kagome turned back around to continue their journey.

After another hour of walking, kagomes neck started burning she tried to ignore it but it came to the point that it felt like someone was holding a fire to it, kagome stopped and ripped the gauze wrap off.

"Kagome what are you doing?" Sango asked

"I-It burns" Kagome gasped as she finally got the gauze off and fell to her knees

"KAGOME" Inuyasha jumped over the group to be next to her "What s wrong"

Kagome gasped in pain "M-My neck" she gripped the grass "It BURNS LIKE HELL" She screamed in pain

Inuyasha pulled her hair over to see the wound "Holy hell" he gasped, kagome still screaming, tears forming in her eyes, the group closed in to see what was going on... Kagome wounds were no longer five small puncher wounds; it was one large open wound expanding

"What s going on" Shippo cried, his kagome was in pain

"Smells like Sesshomarus poison" Inuyash covered his nose

"Well can we stop it from spreading" Sango asked with tears in her eyes from listing to kagome screams

"No, it will soon stop" Miroku closed his eyes "And she will black out from the pain soon as well"

"Not soon enough" inuyash growled.

"HELP ME" Kagome screamed "I can n-" was all se got out before she fell over

"KAGOME" inuyasha yelled as he caught her

"Do not worry, she has just passed out, and for the better, she can't feel like pain now" Miroku explained "Let s make camp here" Everyone agreed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~KAGOMES DREAM!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kagome was laying under a cherry blossom tree, it was in full bloom, she scanned the area, the field stretched as far as she could see touching the blue clouds less sky , full of tall grass and beautiful flowers.

"Inuyasha?... Sango?... Shippo?.. Miroku?" Kagome sat up, she stretched out her aura to see if anyone was around, but no one was. She stood up and began to walk to see if she could see anything, anything at all, but it was just the open field and the tree.

"Hello" Kagome yelled at the top for her lungs but no one answered... kagome was alone she began to cry, even in the sea of beauty she was sad, she closed her eyes. "Am I dead?" she whispered as the wind blew her hair around her face. Kagome opened her eyes to a new scene. The once beautiful flowers were dead and so was the grass, the open field was now shades of brown and back, she turned to see the tree bare and the sky turning grey.

"Are you scared?" a deep voice rang in her ear; she gasped as she felt his warm body behind her.

"Not of you" she whispered as she turned around to face the dark figure "Why are you here?"

"Do you not remember? You call me here" He ran a claw down the cheek

"I did not" Kagome backed away

"Why are you not scared?" He stepped with her

"I have no reason to fear you" kagome held her ground

"You should be afraid of this sesshomaru" he grabbed her arm

"Well I'm not." Kagome tugged her arm, but he didn't let go

He leaned in and brushed his nose against her neck "Now?" he whispered in to her skin

"N-No" she breathed as he ran a fang down her throat

"you should be" he chuckled and bit into her neck, but kagome did not scream in pain, instead her wrapped her hands in his hair, and pushed him closer and moaned as he wrapped his arms around her waist and licked her wound closed

He stood up straight; kagome looked in his red eyes. "MINE" he growled and pulled her chin up for a deep passionate kiss kagome was surprised at first she didn't kiss back but soon melted into his body and fought his tongue for dominance, she moaned in his mouth as he grabbed her breast with his right hand.

"Sesshomaru" she breathed looking back into his eyes

"MINE" he gorwled again as he tackled her to the ground and bit her neck again.

~~~END DREAM~~~~

Kagome screamed, waking from her dream to see four curious eyes on her

"Are you still in pain?" inuyasha asked. kagome was in his lap, she looked up and shook her head "Are you sure"

"Yes I m fine now" kagome reached up to touch the wound but only felt 5 small bumps "What happened?"

"Inuyasha licked the posion and healed your skin, well most of it" Sango spoke first

"Your very luck Sesshomaru didn t inject anymore poison in to your skin it could have killed you" Miroku added

"Keh, it wasn't bad, you didn't have much poison in your system" Inuyasha blushed when kagome hugged him

"Thank you" Kagome kissed his cheek

"y-your welcome" inuyashed pushed kagome off his lap and jumped into the nearest tree, kagome just laughed. Until she felt a pinch above her left but cheek, but she shrugged it off as a twig inuyasha must have pushed her onto.

"go back to sleep" Kagome ordered her small group, they nodded and turned over back to sleep. kagome couldn't sleep the rest of the night, she was confused about her dream, and couldn't go back to sleep afraid it would take her to him.

Kagome watched the sun rise; she could never see how beautiful it was back in her time. kagome made breakfast for everyone, keeping a barrier around so they wouldn't wake from the smell or sound. Once everyone was awake and before they could ask where she was, she took down her barrier. Every one smiled as the smell exploded in their faces.

"Kagome, you made breakfast!" Shippo jumped in excitement

"Well she has been up all night, so she had plenty of time" Inuyasha yawned

"How did you know?" Kagome blinked

"I-I just knew" Inuyasha jumped down from his tree "Doesn't matter" He spat as he sat down to eat

"I'm sorry" Kagome hung her head

"Inuyasha don't make her feel bad just because she couldn't sleep" Sangp snapped

"Keh" He jumped into the trees with his food

"Its fine" Kagomes tone was cold and harsh

Once breakfast was over kagome quietly cleaned the area and put her supplies away without saying one word. Sango and Miroku figured it was best to leave her alone, but Inuyasha kept poking at her "what s wrong?" "Why are you quite?" "Are you Mad" Blah blah blah, Kagome just ignored him, kept her eyes on the ground walking behind the group, with their fearless stupid leader leading the group.

"It s like he is asking for her to sit him" Sango whispered

"He is scared because she isn't showing emotion, so if she gets angry that at least something" Miroku whispered back

"No he is just stupid" Shippo jumped on sangos shoulder to put his two cents in.

Inuyasha looked back and growled but was cut off and snapped his head back forward. Sango peeked from under shippos leg and saw kagome was crying. Sango wanted to comfort her friend but she didn't know how or what she was crying about. So she decided to stay quite. 'The next couple of days will be hell on earth' sango thought to herself looking at the ground.

The group walked into an open field, when inuyasha smelt a large demon heading their way, sango , miroku and kagome could feel the demonic aura, inuyasha stood in front of kagome and took a protective stance, kagome didn't look away from the ground as the demon came into view, He wasn't powerful but he was large, Inuyasha laughed as he drew his sword, but kagome wasn't in the mood to be "saved" by inuyasha.. Kagome stepped in front of inuyasha, while walking she readied her bow

"Want to die little one"

"You re in my way" Kagome whispered knowing the demon could hear her "Move"

"HAHAHAHA... Make me little one"

"I will not ask twice" He went to stomp her in to the ground but kagome was faster, she snapped up arched her bow and shot the demon straight in the heart purifying him into dust, Kagome smirked as she walked under the falling dust, the gang watched in amazement as kagome killed the demon in one shot, inuyasha had a 'deer in headlights' look, shippos heart stopped or so it felt that way to him.

"W-What J-Just H-Happen" Shippo asked with this tail shaking

"Kagome was so cold" Sango watched as kagome kept walking

"I've never seen her like that" Miroku added "Your in my way" kagome sounded like sesshomaru just then, her tone and her cold eyes" He started to walk after kagome

"Sesshomaru? I wonder what s wrong with her" Sango asked before she ran to catch up with her seriously emotional friend, Inuyasha was still dumb founded

"Let s go inuyasha before it gets dark" Shippo jumped and patted his shoulder to get him moving, after a few seconds he started to shuffle towards the two girls and Miroku.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lets back up a little bit and see Sesshomarus point of view :)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

He was more than confused by the young Mikos actions, no one had ever stood up or even talked back to him, and even if someone did they would be beheaded in an instant. But he could not hurt her, he even shot a small amount of poison in to her system to make her scream but she showed no pain or fear, She was a mystery he had to solve, it was eating at his soul wanting to know more about her, why she acted the way she did towards him .

"Jaken" His voice was cold as usual

"Y-Yes Sesshomaru-sma?" the little demon ran to his master s feet

"Take Rin to find food then camp for the night, I shall return soon" Sesshomaru turned to Rin "You will be good, and obey Jaken" She nodded

"Where are you goi-" Jaken was suddenly clenching his chest for air as Sesshomaru stared him down "I'm Sorry, I should not ask such things" Jaken bowed

Sesshomaru gathered his energy to run to the mikos camp, he knew a chant that would hide his scent and aura so his half-breed brother could not smell him, and the Monk and Miko could not scenes him... He found them with ease, they hand already fallen asleep he crouched next to kagome, he was thoroughly discussed at the fact she was in Inuyasha arm. He watched as she jerked in her sleep, he couldn't help it when he ran the back side of his hand down her cheek and was surprised when she calmed down and whispered his name "Sessh-omaru" She in blushed in her sleep, the more he studied her the more interesting she became to him, he wanted no needed to know more.

When she jerked up screaming with his lighten speed he jumped in to the limp on the nearest tree, they couldn't see him but we was still cautious in his actions, and he became very angry at his brothers snapping at her for having a bad dream 'How dare he yell at her, everyone had bad dreams.. Wait.. She said my name and then screamed.. So she is scared of me?" He smirked but his beast quickly responded

~she did not smell of fear~ the beats voice echoed in his head..

'Shut up' Sesshomaruy snapped at his beast

~Touchy~ his beast laughed back at him

he turned his attention back to her group, everyone was laying down drifting back to sleep except for kagome, how was sitting up with her knees pressed tightly into her chest with her chin resting on the top of her knee

'Is she scared to sleep?' he asked himself 'See she was scared'

~*Sniff sniff* Yup still no scent of fear in the air~ his beast chucked

sesshomaru fought back the urge to growl, as he continued to watch his mystery for the rest of the night, and well in to the next morning, he watching with anger in his eyes as inuyasha yelled at kagome for her lack of sleep causing him not to sleep, he watched as kagome began to cry, he felt a surge of pain in his gut while watching her cry, he shrugged it off as indigestion, he watched as they walked for miles in complete silence, he watched as kagome stood up to the large demon, he was impressed as she walked right up to him, and demanded he move and when he refused she killed him, he wouldn't admit it but he was slightly turned on at that fact. He walked with her the rest of the night waiting to see what she would do next.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Back to kagome and the group~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Let s make camp here for the night" Miroku scanned the area but no village was insight so they would make do on the ground, the group was used to it. Only kagome complained but since she had only said a handful of words since waking up she was in no mood to even complain.

"Who is hunrgy?" Inuyasha spat in an aggravated tone the group raised their hands well with one exception.. kagome.. She sat quietly hands wrapped around her knees chin resting on top of her knees looking at the ground.

Inuyasha sniffed the air around her but he could only smell contentment, no anger or fear. 'What has gotten in to my kagome' He thought to himself as he picked up Shippo by the tail to help him hunt for the group.

"Kagome?" Sango asked with worry in her voice while Miroku started a fire

"Yes" Kagome responded in the same cold voice, but did not look from the ground

"What s wrong, you have been quite all day, for the first time you took on a demon alone, you were so brave. Are you oka-" sango was cut off by kagome

"Just helping out on my part, you all protect me all the time. Its time I pull my weight around here" Kagomes voice was still cold and she was still looking at the ground but she smirked as she spoke which sent shrives down sangos spine. Sesshoamru caught sangos fear

"O-Oh okay" Sango scooted back from kagome.

"Here" Kagome let go of her knees and grabbed 5 instant noodles form her bag, along with the pot she used to boil the water in

"It s okay kagome, Inuyasha went to look of food, save that for later" Miroku smiled

"Fine" her tone unchanging, she put four of them back but left one out, Kagome pulled the water out and boiled it in the pot, then put it in the cup of noodles, then pushed it where inuyasha sat.

"Were back" Shippo ran into kagomes arms "I caught 2" Shippo lifted the dead rabbits

"Good" Kagome hugged the fox child like she always did. As Inuyasha walked up with 4 more and 5 fish. He stopped dead in his tracts when he smelled the familiar scent of ramen noodles.

"Kagome? I thought you were out" Inuyasha asked calmly

"Had more apparently I forgot" Kagome let the child go so he could skin and cook the rabbits.

"We wouldn't have had to hunt if you had food, or were you keeping it to yourself, but felt guiltily so you bribed me first" Inuyasha began to put the fish on sticks as he spoke.

"I do not feel guilty for anything" Kagome pulled her knees back into her chest

"Then why only give me one?" Inuyasha eyes kagome and pushed the sticks into the ground to let them cook

"To be nice, like I always am" Kagome clentch her teeth

"HA you re never nice!" Inuyasha spat back

"You know what" Kagome stood and brushed off her skirt "If I am so mean to you and everyone else, then I guess it would be better if I left" Kagome turned on the balls of her feet

"WAIT" Sango, miroku and shippo protested

"We need you to help find jewel shards remember" Inuyasha spat

"That not all inuyasha" Sango yelled

"Kagome is our friend and It s nice to keep her around" Miroku added

"Kagome don t leave me" Shippo grabbed on to her leg "Just ignore inuyasha"

Kagome leaned over and picked up the fox child and kissed him on the head "I'll be back" and set him back down picked up her bow and arrows.. And walked out of the camp.

"Told you she wouldn t leave" Inuyasha spat as he picked up the ramen to eat it, but kagome had turned and shot the ramen cup, coving inuyasha in noodles and hot water

"KAGOME" Inuyasha yelled, kagome whispered and he fell to the ground as she continued to walk. "K-kagome" He mumbled from his hole. The group just watched as she disappeared in to the trees

Kagome didn't know what was wrong with her, she had been fine last night, but all day she couldn't stop thinking about Seshomaru, his face and how she wanted to trace the marks, his hair and how she wanted to see how soft it was, his body and how she wanted to hold her body against her own.. She just couldn't shake the thoughts and every time someone spoke to her it only aggravated her, and when she was face to face with a demon she thought how sesshomaru would kill him with the flick of his wrist.

"What s wrong with me" kagome whispered in the darkness as she continued to walk away from her camp site... She walked until her legs hurt then found a large bolder to rest to until Inuyasha showed up mad to drag her back. So she would just have to sit and wait.. kagome climbed up the large bolder with easy and sat, the wind blew around her causing her hair to whip around her face, she could feel several demonic auras around her but for the first time she didn't feel scared of the strong auras.

Sesshomaru still had is aura hidden as he followed kagome into darkness, he jump the tree tops keeping up with her. He jumped down and walked behind a large tree trunk to watch as she walked in to an open field... He stood is fear for the Miko as she climbed a demons back and sat casually staring off into the distance, did she have a death wish? He was about to pull her off quickly and quietly before she woke the demon up and got herself killed but just before he moved he heard his idiotic half-breed brother running towards her as loud as he could be

"Oi Wench!" Inuyasha skidded to a stop

"Yes" kagome clenched her teeth, cursing inuyasha for tearing her away from her thoughts but slightly thanking him. She turned to look at him when he didn't finish his yelling, she saw the pure fear in his eyes as he stood at the tree line

"K-Kagome quietly get down and come here" he was whispering

"Why are you whispering?" Kagome asked not moving

"SHUT UP! Just stay quiet and climb down CAREFULLY" Inuyasha whispered so quietly she barely caught what he was saying

"Okay" kagome started to climb down and inuyasha took a step forward snapping a twig, he suddenly froze and so did kagome, she had finally realized she wasn t sitting on a rock, instead she was sitting on a very dangerous demon who was peacefully sleeping until inuyasha woke it up.. kagome could feel the shudders from the demon waking up but she couldn t move

"WHO IS THERE!" the demon roared as he started to raise but felt kagome on his back "Look like I found a snack"

He lunged up throwing kagome off his back and into the air.