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Kagome woke up in a dark lit room; she could see a single Candle burning in the corner, Kagome looked towards the window it was pitch black outside 'new moon?' Kagome thought to her herself before attempting to sit up, Kagome was surprised she felt no pain, but then remembered she was now part demon so she could heal herself faster than normal 'sweet' Kagome laughed to herself.

"My lady you are awake" Mi Whispered

"W-Where" Kagome breathed as Mi lit another Candle

"Akio-sama is wonderful" Mi smiled "A healthy pup"

"Good, where is Sesshomaru?" Kagome didn't feel him in the room

"He is with Akio, Sesshomaru-sama didn't want the pups cries to wake you"

"How long was I asleep?"

"A little over a day" Mi answered

"I see" Kagome stood up and wobbled a little bit "Ouch" Kagome could feel her skin rip open again

"Kagome-sama" Mi jumped up and grabbed Kagome's shoulders "How can I help?"

"I'm fine" Kagome panted

"My lady you are not, I can smell the blood" Mi panicked mostly due to Sesshomaru wrath

"I know" Kagome could fell the rush of blood run down her legs, Kagome walked over to the west wall for support

"Shall I call for help?"

"No, I can heal myself" Kagome took a deep breath "Stand back" Kagome hissed as she balled her hands in a fist, Mi watched as pink light shined in her hands before she placed her palms against her lower stomach "See" Kagomes breathing came easier, Mi couldn't smell fresh blood coming from Kagomes body anymore. Kagome continued to heal her body until she was 100% healed "Akio did some damage" Kagome chuckled

"Are you okay?" Mi asked nervously

"Yes, But I still have blood all over my legs, I would like to bath" Kagome looked down, Thanks to her new eyes she could see in the dark, Kagome looked at the floor "Lets clean this up before Sesshomaru finds out" Kagome could see a good sized puddle of blood on the floor, with streaks from where her long Kimono dragged the ground spreading the blood. Kagome picked up the bottom of her Kimono not wanting to drag anymore blood around

"Yes My lady" Mi Walked with Kagome to the nearest bathing room, it was small which was good, it meant Sesshomaru never used it so he wouldn't smell the blood

"Mi please go to my bathing room and grab the lavender soap"

"Yes" Mi bowed and partially ran to her bathing room not making a sound, Mi was back before Kagome Had fully submerged in the water "Here you go My lady, I also Sent for Cho, and Kai to clean up the mess in the Birthing room"

"Thank you" Kagome took the bottle from Mi and scrubbed her body clean from all the dry old blood from the birth, and the new blood from getting up to soon and reopening her wounds... Kagome was a little worried Sesshomaru would be upset if he smelled the blood, but it was early and he should be asleep with Akio

~~~~Speak of the devil~~~~~

Sesshomaru was laying in his futon with Akio a sleeping on Kagomes pillow, Sesshomaru had no slept a wink since Kagome gave birth, He was worried about Kagome, and he couldn't take his eyes off his new born son. Sesshomaru could not believe he and Kagome created something so wonderful, He thanked Kami every moment for the gift.

Sesshomaru was finally about to fall asleep when he heard the soft footsteps Kagomes servant Mi, pass his chambers in a hurry 'What is the meaning of this?' Sesshomaru wondered as he stood and walked over to the door, He could hear Mi grabbing bottles from Kagome's private bathing room 'She must be awake' Sesshomaru heart jumped, He listened as Mi rushed off. Sesshomaru looked back at his son before sliding his door open, He stepped out and froze 'Blood? Kagomes blood?' Sesshomaru spun around seeing Jaken walking by "YOU!"

"Y-Yes My lord?" Jaken was shaking

Sesshomaru grabbed the toad "Stay here and guard my pup. If he so much as sneezes I will rip you limb from limb chop you up for dinner, then bring you back to do it all over again to you understand me" Sesshomaru growled

"Y-YES" Jaken was nearly in tears as Sesshomaru tossed him in to his chambers, Sesshomaru closed the door softly and made a mad dash to Kagome's birthing room, Sesshomaru opened the door and felt his stomach turn, on the floor a puddle of blood then tracts of blood all around the room as if someone was killed then dragged out by their feet, Sesshomaru looked down to see a trail of blood drops leaning down the hall, Sesshomaru followed them, his heart racing. Sesshomaru slammed the door open, Seeing Mi standing in the corner holding a towel, He could see the bath full of murky blood water but no Kagome

"You" Sesshomaru grabbed Mi "Where is my mate"

"Under the water" Mi answered fear coating her voice

"WHY IS SH-" Sesshomaru was beginning to yell as he hear gasps and splashing water "Kagome?" Sesshomarer whispered as he turned and let Mi go

"Good morning, or night which ever" Kagome giggled

"What the hell" Sesshomaru barked

"What?" Kagome hissed back not liking being yelled at

"Why is the birthing room full of blood, it looks like someone died in there!" Sesshomaru voice cracked

"Mi I thought you said they were cleaning it"

"I did my lady, they should have" Mi bowed in shame

"Would you care to explain?" Sesshomaru hissed walking over to the edge of the water, kneeling down to be eye level with Kagome

"Don't me mad" Kagome hissed "I woke up and felt fine, so I decided to stand well when I did I must have reopened my wounds" Kagome could hear Sesshomaru's low growls "But I healed my wounds and stopped the bleeding" Kagome leaned up and kiss Sesshomarus forehead "I'm sorry I worried you" Kagome rested her arms in the side of the bath with her chin resting on her arms "how is Akio?" Kagome asked noticing Sesshomaru did not have him in his arms, Though Kagome was not worried Sesshomaru would never leave their pup unattended

"Asleep" Sesshomaru sighed "I'm glad you are okay" Sesshomaru smiled, Sesshomaru stayed with Kagome as she finished bathing, he helped her out of the tub and wrapped her in a towel, with a soft kiss he picked her up bridal style and walked to his chambers never looking away from Kagome

"I don't want to wake Akio" Kagome whispered as Sesshomaru opened the door, He nodded Jaken to leave

"It's okay love, He has been asleep as long as you have" Sesshomaru smirked "Pups will have the same sleeping pattern as their mother for the first few months" Sesshomaru set Kagome down

"Then why isn't he awake now" Kagome walked over and laid down new to her new born, Kagome pulled the covers up and scooted close to Akio, Kagome breathed in his scent, Akio had a mix of sandalwood and what Kagome guessed was Honeysuckle, with a hint of some type of spice, but that scent was so low Kagome could be sure.

"Here" Sesshomaru laid a green Kimono over Kagomes legs but she didn't move, Sesshoamru laid behind Kagome and wrapped his arms around her bare chest

"I guess you have missed me" Kagome whispered as she felt Sesshomaru member pressing against her butt

"It's been three months" Sesshomaru half whined half moaned, Which was true as soon as Kagome started to show Sesshomaru feared for the pup, Kagome and Sesshomaru were rough when it came to sex, most couples liked it slow and passionate, Kagome and Sesshomaru like it fast and hard, something that leaves you begging for more... Granted Kagome didn't let him suffer to much, at night before Sesshomaru fell asleep he would always have his little vixen crawl under the covers and give him excellent oral. Due to the fact Kagome was a Miko She could change her appearance, so Sesshomaru never feared her sharp fangs hear his man hood.

"I know, Give it a few more days to make sure my body can handle you" Kagome softly laughed turning on her side to face Sesshomaru "Now I don't want to get you all worked up but I need your lips now" Kagome smashed her lips on to Sesshomaru which he gladly returned the favor, They were in a heated kiss for a few minutes before Sesshomaru found his way on top of Kagome, with her legs wrapped around his hip, the only thing keeping them from paradise was Sesshoamru's thin pants, Kagome was already naked from the bath and all Sesshomaru had on was his pants, Kagome could fell the ache of needing Sesshomaru body pressed tightly against hers, to fell his member thrusting into her "Oh hell I can't stand it" Kagome moaned

"Come" Sesshomaru pulled Kagome up and out of the room "Han watch the pup" Sesshomaru called out running down the hall way with Kagome in his arms, neither Kagome or Sesshomaru cared that she was butt naked for all to see

"Yes" Han bowed and walked back to Sesshoamru's chambers

"In here" Sesshomaru pushed Kagome in to a dark room

"Where are we?" Kagome didn't really care but felt she needed to ask

"In a guest room, far away from Akio so he won t hear us" Sesshomaru pushed Kagome put against a wall, Kagome wasted no time pulling up and wrapping her legs around Sesshomaru's hips


Sesshomaru gripped Kagomes ass cheeks to the point of piercing her skin, not that Kagome minded, Her hands where elsewhere, tracing his muscles, moving her hand down to his waste to untie his pants but when her hand touched nothing but skin Sesshomaru chuckled "They were not needed"

'aka I tore them off as soon as the door shut' Kagome laughed to herself, Kagome could feel Sesshomaru's Member right outside her core waiting to plunge in, Kagome knew Sesshomaru wanted to be gentle but Kagome had other plans... Kagome grabbed his member with her right hand and rubbed it around her core letting his get covered in her juices, something Sesshoamru always did to tease Kagome, But Kagome knew it was just as must of a tease for him as it was for her "There" Kagome pushed him in with her legs

"Impatient aren't we" Sesshomaru chuckled as he began slowly pumping it

"Hey, I have waited longer than you have" Kagome moaned

"Explain" Sesshomaru breathed as he kissed her neck

"I at least gave you oral to help ease your pain" Kagome licked up his ear " As for me I was left for the cold" Kagome laughed as Sesshomaru growled sending Vibrations into her body

"I see" Sesshomaru smirked then pulled out

"What!" Kagome whined but Sesshomaru just laughed as he twisted with Kagome so that her back was on the floor and he was over top of her, he pushed her legs over his shoulders, one of Kagomes favorite positions "How shall I replay you" Sesshomaru chuckled then began slamming in to Kagomes wet hot core, it didn't take long for Kagome to orgasm

"OHHHHHH YESSSS" Kagome cried into the air grabbing Sesshomaru forearms, Sesshomaru winced as Kagomes Claws pierced his skin but didn't let up, no he increased his pace

"Fuck! Still tight" Sesshomaru grunted, Kagome blushed even after having a kid she was still tight enough for Sesshomaru

"Mhhmmmm" Kagome pulled her legs down and flipped Sesshomaru around, oh how she loved her new strength, Now she was straddling Sessomaru and slamming down on him, Hearing the hisses and growls of approval, Kagome giggled as Sesshomaru sat up with Kagome still on his lap, He shuddered as Kagome lightly clawed down his back biting down on his shoulder but not enough to bring blood

With a loud growl Sesshomaru flipped Kagome so she was on her hands and Knees, as he pumped into her at a inhuman speed, they way Kagomes liked it... Kagome was moaning and Sesshomaru growled, not caring who heard in that moment.

"SESSHOMARU-SAMA!" Kagome screamed as another orgasm hit, Sesshomaru met his end as well

"Kagome" Sesshomaru grunted as his seed filled her womb "Damn" Sesshomaru chuckled as he pulled out


"mmm what" Kagome asked as she rolled over to lay on her back

"Most people would be careful after child birth" Sesshomaru huffed as he lay next to Kagome

"If you haven't noticed we aren't like most people" Kagome laughed

"That's for sure" Sesshomaru laughed with her

~~~~ONE YEAR LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kagome was sitting under the same Cherry tree her water broke under, This time she had Akio in her arms instead of in her womb, Akoi had sprouted up like a weed he looked more like a 24 month old and a 12. He looked just like Sesshomaru except Sesshomaru had 2 strips on his cheeks and Akio had one. Sesshomaru never the two wander to far from his sight, until today when he had to leave on some important business, Kagome was humming thinking back on the last year Shippo had his 12th birthday four months around and now reached Kagomes elbow, two years ago he barely reached her knee.. And Has shown some interest in a female fox demon that would visit with her aunt who was a servant in the palace, of course Kagome had no problem with Shippo and the other fox demon, so she told Shippo good luck and watched her son grown into a man.

"Hello Kagome" Rin called out forgetting Akio was asleep

"Shh Hello Rin" Kagome smiled "You are up early"

"Yes" Rin giggled "Shippo and Yoko Were playing this morning and woke me up"

"Well honey if your still tired you can go back to sleep" Kagome brushed Rins hair away from her face

"I can't Sesshomaru-sama says if I sleep during the day I won t sleep at night"

"He has a point"

"Why is everyone watching you?" Rin looked around the garden to see at least 5 demons staring at Kagome

"Because your father seems to think I will be attacked by a butterfly" Kagome could help but laugh

"Oh no not a butterfly" Rin laughed with Kagome

"Mommy" Kagome felt Akio stretch in her arms

"Well Hello there" Kagome kissed Akios out stretched hand

"Good morning Akio" Rin waved

"hi" Akio waved back "Daddy?" Akio looked around

"He will be back soon" Kagome smiled, Akio was fascinated by Sesshomaru... Kagome felt a little left out, Sesshomaru was always with Akio holding him, playing with him. When Akio first learned to crawl Sesshomaru was always two steps behind him making sure he was okay and didnt get in any trouble

"OK" Akio pulled up in Kagomes arms, trying to sit up "watch mommy" Akio stood next to Kagome

"Be careful" Kagome knew Akio was full demon so he learned to do thing faster than a normal human could, Kagome went through a little of a depression when Akio was 5 months because he said mommy and daddy perfectly and started to crawl... Kagome was sad because Akio was growing up so fast, but once Sesshomaru reminded her that Shippo was still a baby until he turned twelve, that simple statement brought Kagome out of her depression and back to her normal happy self.

"I will" Akio pushed of Kagome, who had her Arms stretched out just incase

"Good job" Kagome smiled "Your standing by yourself" Kagome smiled while Rin Clapped

"No not this" Akio huffed then looked at Rin "This" Akio scooted his foot forward to steady himself, then his other foot left the ground, Kagomes heart jumped and tears filled her eyes, as his foot touched the ground and the other lifted off, his arms were stretched out to Rin who was smiling and clapping

"That's amazing" Kagome clapped and bounced

Rin caught Akio "Think so?" Akio smiled flashing his fangs

Kagome crawled over and hugged Akio "I'm so proud of you" Kagome kissed Akios cheek "I can't wait till your father see's"

"When will you show him?" Rin asked

"I have an idea" Kagome laughed, "We will stay here till Sesshomaru comes home, then like usualy he will come find us, when he does I will tell him to stop a few feet away, place you on the ground and let you walk to him" Akio and Rin Smiled

"Okay" Akio clapped 'He learns to fast' Kagome thought as she let Akio down to play with Rin, after what felt like an hour Kagome could feel Sesshomaru dark aura heading this was, thanks to her demon powers, her priestess power have tripled, but that wasn't the only reason she could feel his aura so soon, he was in a bad mood. But Kagome knew the perfect thing to put him back in happy dad mode, Kagome felt his cloud descend at the front of the house "Akio come here" Kagome held her arms out and he walked over perfectly due to the practice with Rin "Your father is home, now I know you have practiced with your sister and can now walk perfectly without fail but I need you to pretend to be learning, like you did with me... Can you do that?"

"Yes mommy" Akio cuddle up in Kagomes chest hiding his smile, as Kagome listened

"Where is my mate" Sesshomaru asked in his deep voice

"In the garden" a servant obviously scared sensing Sesshomaru dark mood

"ALONE?" Sesshomaru growled

"No my lord, she is with Han, Cho, Mi, Kaia, and Nao"

"Is my son with her?" Sesshomaru asked still growling

"Of course, as well as Rin-sama" The servant was almost in tears

"Thanks" Sesshomaru walked away, Kagome made him start saying Thank you to his servants, he didn't like it but soon Kagome forced him by using her powers, like Inuyashas beads, Kagome made some that would send small shocks to his body until he thanked them. he was a fast learner after a week Kagome took them off.

Kagome listened as Sesshoamru's footsteps got closer and closer "Here we go" Kagome whispered to Akio he nodded

"Kagome?" Sesshomaru asked as he stepped in to the garden

"Here Kio" Kagome waved from around the tree

"How are yo-" Sesshomaru was cut off

"Stop" Kagome stopped Sesshomaru about 10 feet from the side of the tree

"What?" Sesshomaru hissed

"Watch" Akio peeked out from under Kagomes hair

"Okay" Sesshomaru watched as Kagome help Akio stand

"Ready" Akio lifted his hands out forward, and scooted his foot across the ground just like he did with Kagome, Sesshomaru looked back at Kagome who had her hand together like she was praying but her fingers where clamped over her mouth hiding her smile as tear filled her eyes again, Sesshomaru looked back down at his son whose foot left the ground, Sesshomaru crouched down on the balls of his feet with a huge smile on his face, Akio placed his foot down as the other came up. Sesshomaru stretched his arms out waiting for Akio, within a few seconds Akio was a few inches from Sesshomaru's fingers

"Wonderful" Sesshomaru grabbed Akio up and hugged him "I am so proud"

"Thanks daddy" Akio smiled again

"When did he do this?" Sesshomaru asked walked over to Kagome

"He just showed me a little while ago" Kagome smiled

"I love you" Sesshomaru sat down and kiss Kagome

"I love you too" Kagome spoke after the kiss was broken but Sesshomaru captured Kagomes lips once again.

~~~~~THREE YEARS LATER~~~~~~~~~~~

"The baby is here, the baby is here!" Akio ran down the hallway screaming to Sesshomaru's study, Sesshomaru learned last time he didn't want to be near Kagomes Screaming and cursing so he hid in his study till it was over "DAD THE BABY IS HERE" Akio pounded on the door

"Akio! Stop that" Inuyasha yelled

"Come in Akio, as for you Inuyasha don't ever yell at my son" Sesshomaru growled

"Well its just a baby, jezz" Inuyasha huffed

"No its his first baby girl" Miroku smiled looking down at his arms, seeing his own baby, his son Eiji

"So?" Inuyasha spat "a kid is a kid"

"One day you will understand" Miroku smiled

"Not likely" Akio laughed

"What did you say" Inuyasha yelled

"Enough" Sesshomaru stood from his desk "Shall we go see" Sesshomaru walked around Inuyasha and Miroku to his son

"YES!" Akio smiled following his father to the old birthing room, Inuyasha and Miroku on his heels


"One moment we are still cleaning" Sango called out

"Hn" Sesshomaru took a step back, after a few moments Mi opened the door and let Sesshomaru in first to see his daughter "Thank you" Sessshomaru stepped in and Mi closed the door behind him. "Kagome?"

"Yes" Kagome answered looking at Sango who had and baby wrapped in her arms in a yellow blanket

"How do you feel?" Sesshomaru asked sitting next to her right arm

"Like hell but I'll be fine" Kagome laughed "Sango would you"

"Of course" Sango handed the baby to Sesshomaru

"Thank you" Sesshomaru looked down at his new child, her eyes were closed, but she had Kagomes Raven hair, of course she bared Sesshomaru's mark the purple crescent moon on her forehead, Sesshomaru wanted to see more so he growled softly to wake the child, as her eyes slid open Sesshomaru smiled She had his golden eyes, and that with Kagomes raven hair she was beautiful. She didn't have Sesshomaru's stripes but she didn't need them "She is perfect"

"I think she looks like Kagome but with your eyes and moon" Sango smiled as Mi let the others in

"Well?" Inuyasha huffed

Sesshomaru held the baby up for them to see the baby smiled a full set of teeth growling at Inuyasha and Miokru but Akio growled back making the baby smile

"Well Kagome you make cute kids" Inuyasha blushed

"Thank you" Kagome smiled

"What's my sisters name?" Akio asked

"Its your fathers choice" Kagome looked over at Sesshomaru who was growling deep at the baby showing he was Alpha "Well?"

"I think you should choose" Sesshomaru smiled

"Are you sure?" Kagome asked

"Of course" Sesshomaru rolled his eyes

"Okay well I have two in mind but you can pick which one you like" Kagome blushed "Chiharu which means a thousand blossoms or Akemi which means Dawn of Beauty"

"I think we should put it to a vote" Sesshomaru looked up

"Akemi" Sango smiled

"Akemi" Akio Clapped

"I don't know I like Chiharu" Miroku bounced Eiji in his arms

"Well Inuyasha?" Kagome asked

"Why do I need to vote" Inuyasha crossed his arms

"Please" Kagome gave him puppy dog eyes

"Fine... Akemi" Inuyasha huffed with a blush

"Okay it seems Akemi is the choice" Sesshomaru chuckled

"Wonderful" Kagome sat up; already healed herself while Sango and Mi cleaned "I love you all" Kagome leaned over and kissed Akemi on the head before Kissing Sesshomaru.

"I love you" Sesshomaru breathed as he placed his forehead against Kagomes forehead "Forever"

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