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Isabelle had just got off the phone with her friend Elvina. "Mama Jeahnne! I invited Elvina to come over...just for a little visit. Is that alright?" Isabelle called down the stair case. Jeahnne had stopped her knitting and looked at her from the stair case.

"Yes, Isabelle, I suppose it's alright if she visited for a little while. But I would prefer you asking next time?" She raised her eyebrows at Isabelle. Isabelled nodded with a gulp. "Oui, Mama."

Jeahnne smiled at her. "Good girl." And continued with her work.


Elvina had just gotton off the phone with Isabelle. "Mama?" She hurried out of the sitting room and ran into the gardens. "Um...Isabelle had invited me to visit her for a little while. May go?"

Her mother was sitting on the porch, watching the snow flakes fall to the ground, before vturning to face her daughter. "Alright, but, please be home by six."

Elvina nodded with excitement. "I will! Thank you, mama, I'll just ride my bike over."

"Alright, but wear a jacket."

"I will!" Elvina looked back at her country manor before jumping onto her bike and pedalling to Isabelle's house.


Isabelle happily welcomed her friend at the door, leading her inside out of the harsh cold weather. "Hello, Elvina!" Jeahnne came over and kissed both her cheeks as a greeting. "How was your trip here?"

"Fine, thank you...altough a little bit cold."

Jeahnne let out a sigh. "Yes, the weather is simply horrible out there! Now, come on you two, I made a nice pot of hot chocolate, we'll sit you by the fire..." Jeanne kindly lead them over to the sitting room. Elvina smiled at her. "Merci, Jeahnne." And the two girls sat on the floor infront of the fire with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

"So, how's your Papa Georges?" Elvina asked sipping her hot beverage. Isabelle sipped hers. "He's doing great!"

"But he still won't let you go to the movies with me?" Elvina said in more of a hushed voice, hoping Jeahnne wouldn't hear her from the kitchen. Isabelle shook her head. "No, El. You know how he is..."

Elvina sighed and nodded. "Yes." Then she decided to change the subject. "How's the toy shop?"

Isabelle sighed. "lately he's been having some troubles with...a theif."

"A theif? Like a real criminal?" Elvina's eyes grew wide and Isabelle started laughing. "No, no! Just...a boy...from what Papa georges has told me, anyways. He hasn't stole anything major...just...little toys and parts." Isabelle explained.

Elvina sipped her drink. "That's odd...what's his name? Have you seen him?"

Isabelle shook her head. "I haven't seen him around, yet. But Papa Georges says he sees him around the station, and mostly around his toy shop. He just suddenly's odd."

Elvina thought about it. "It sounds kinda interesting...I mean, why on earth would someone want to just steal silly little random trinkets?"

Isabelle shrugged. "That's what I wanna know, too. I hope he doesn't give Papa Georges too much of a hard time." Then she looked over to her friend and winked. "But, I'll be sure to keep you updated."

Before Elvina could respond, the front door burst open, letting in freezing air from the outside. Then entered Georges.

Isabelle stood up and embraced him tightly. "Bonjour, Papa Georges. How was your day?" He smiled down at her. "Evening, Isabelle! Why, hello, Elvina! yes, my day was much better, thank you." Jeahnne had taken his hat and coat and hung them on a nearby hanger.

Georges took out his pipe, lit it up and sat down in his chair by the fire. Elvina looked up at the clock. "It's almost six, Isabelle...and I promised mama that I'd get back to her by then." She said standing up.

Georges looked at her. "Is somebody coming to pick you up, dear?"

Elvina shook her head. "No, sir. I rode my bike here, so I tend on riding it back..."

"I don't know..." He said opening the curtains to a nearby window. "It's getting pretty stormy out there...I think it would be best if you stayed over for the night. What do you think Jeahnne?"

Jeahnne looked over at the weather, then at the girls' eager faces. "Yes, I think that would be a fine idea," She stated. "But you'd best call your mother, and let her know." She said. Isabelle and Elvina smiled at eachother. "And don't worry, can borrow a night dress of mine..." And they quickly headed into her room.

Once they were out of ear shot, Georges let out a sigh. Jeahnne sat next to him and rubbed his shoulder.

"I have a bit of a head ache tonight, Jeahhne. I'm thinking perhaps I should take some pills to ease it down." He said.

"Is work stressing you out? Did that...theif come by again?" Jeahnne asked him with worry.

He let out another sigh. "No, not today, but I fear he might soon enough."

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