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Elvina was roughly shaken awake. "Hmmm..." She stirred and opened her eyes, her vision cleared up a little bit and she could make out the Station Inspector infront of her. "Miss Boulanger!" He hissed forcefully. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. "Huh? What's going on?"

"Miss Boulanger! Do you realize that it is 4 AM? My phone has been ringing off the hook in my office! Your mother is worried sick and I've been looking everywhere for you! Why aren't you at home?"

Elvina's eyes grew big and she bolted out of her chair: "Oh putain!"

"Hey! Watch your language." The Station Inspector called running after her out of the cafe.

Elvina slowed down. "I'm sorry! But I was supposed to be home hours ago! I hadn't realized that I fallen asleep!" She suddenly stopped in her tracks. "4 AM? Why didn't the cafe close and kick me out?" She asked him once he caught up to her.

"The owner of the shop practically lives there! They're always open 24/7." Hed explained.

(Haha, and don't you dare review to tell me that's un-realistic ;) we actually have a cafe over here like that, the owner has a house in the back of the shop and it's always open! )

Elvina rubbed her head and let out a groan. "My mother is going to kill me! I didn't mean to fall asleep!"

"Here, I'll give you a ride back home." She followed the Station Inspector into the street where his vehicle was parked.

After telling him the directions, the Station Inspector drove her back to her house.

"Thank you for the ride back." Elvina said un-buckling her seat belt.

"You are very welcome, now, would you like me to walk you to your door and explain to your mother you're alright?" He offered. Elvina shook her head. "I fear it might make matters worse. But thank you." She closed the door behind her and began walking up her driveway.

Sure enough, the porch lights were on, lighting her path, along with the kitchen lights, which were shinning through the window.

She numbly opened up the door, her mother quickly hurried over to her.

"Elvina Maeve Boulanger! Do you have any idea what time it is? Where the hell have you been?" She shouted.

"Mum! It was an honest mistake - I swear! On my way back from the toy shop, I went into a little cafe and fell asleep! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! You can't blame me for that!" Elvina tried explaining herself the best she could. There was no way she was about to tell her mother the reason was because she was stalking a theif!

"You should have come straight home, Elvina!" Her mother pressed. "I was so sick with worry! I had the Station Inspector look in every corner of the train station!" She rubbed her temples and let out a sigh. "What am I going to do with you? Why were you at the cafe, anyways?"

"I...I was thinking." Elvina said quietly. Her mother was confused. "You were thinking? Of what?"

"I was thinking of you. I'm getting really worried, mum. Your leg is hurting alot and you never take your medications. Why are you doing this to yourself? To me?"

Her mother let out a sigh: "Well, you shouldn't be worrying about things like that, not now. Don't worry about me, Elvina, please."

"Then do something so I won't worry." Elvina said firmly. Silence came between them and her mother just stood there, staring at her. After a couple minutes her mother just said: "It's late, you should get some rest. I'll let you have a day off the Boulanger tomorrow, maybe you're just over-working yourself." And without another word, she dissapeared into the living room.


Hugo entered the toy shop the next day, feeling a little bit tired. He had to work the clocks again right after he got back from his work at the toy shop yesterday night. He had run into Isabelle and she asked him eagerly if he'd seen Elvina. He shook his head. "Not since yesterday, really. Why do you ask?"

She sighed. "I think I've made her a little upset yesterday, and late at night we've recieved a call from the Station Inspector asking us if we knew where she was! Apparantly she hadn't returned home that night!" Fear was in her voice.

This got Hugo confused. "Really? Well...that's...quite odd. What did you say that could have gotton her mad?" He asked her.

"We were talking about you, and I was giving her heck for being so mean to you, again. But she's very touchy at the topic with you." Tears had begun stinging her eyes. "Oh, I do hope she shows up!" She placed both hands over her mouth, feeling a little stick.

But Hugo was deep in thought. He was remembering how hurt she looked when he said he didn't trust her. And if Isabelle had somehow gotton her angry by just talking about him...

Hugo felt awful. It's his fault why she's angry! He has caused so much trouble in her life, he couldn't blame her for being angry at him.

Hugo could feel his own eyes stinging with tears. He didn't necessarily like causing trouble for people, of course he never does it purposely.

Georges himself even let out a sigh. "Apparantly the Station Inspector has been looking everywhere last night for her."

Tears streamed down Isabelle's face. Just at that moment, the shop door opened and there entered Elvina!

Isabelle let out a shreik and ran over to her friend, flinging her arms around her tignhtly. "Oh Elvina! You're ok!" She exclaimed. Elvina was glued to her spot, eyes wide at the strange greeting: "Umm...yes, I am, why?"

Isabelle quickly pulled away. "Well, we thought you had run away!"

Elvina blinked: "Pardon?"

"Late at night we had recieved a call from the Station Inspector, informing us you didn't return home that night." Georges explained.

Elvina sighed. "Oh, right, that. No, no...I didn't run away, I merely just fell asleep at a table in the cafe. The Station Inspector found me earlier this morning. That's all, I didn't run away." She explained.

Isabelle sighed with relief and hugged Elvina. "Thank goodness!"

Georges patted her on the back and handed her a broom. "Good to have you back! In the back there's a broken vase that needs cleaning up."

"Yes, sir." She said dragging the broom along. Georges turned around back to Isabelle.

"By the way, mama Jeanne wants some lilies in our kitchen, will you be a dear and run uptown to get some?" Georges said handing her some money.

"Alright!" She hopped off her stool and headed out.

Hugo followed Elvina to the back, where they were out of ear shot. "I'm...I'm glad to see that you're ok." He said.

Elvina stopped her sweeping and shyly looked over to him. "O-oh. Thank you, Hugo." She quickly turned back around and began sweeping again.

Hugo let out a sigh: "I...I was afraid that you ran away because of me."

This got Elvina's attention and she quickly turned to him. "You...what?"

Hugo gulped, but repeated himself: "I was afraid that you had ran away because of me. I know I've been such a bother to you, Elvina." He said.

Elvina's eyes grew and her mouth dropped: "No! No, you're not a bother!"

Hugo raised his eyebrows, this was an interesting turn of events. "Elvina, don't lie, all week you've been complaining how much of a bother I was! And don't you dare deny it." He said.

Elvina looked at the floor and set down her broom.

"Hugo - no - I - i- I'm sorry!" She blurted out. This startled Hugo.

"The reason why I went over to that cafe last night was because I was upset. Isabelle helped me realize what a selfish, mean, heartless little monster I am! I never did take the time to put myself in your shoes, Hugo...and for the first time last night, I did. I kept looking down on you because you're an orphan and couldn't fend for yourself. I titled you as a theif. Well, now I realize that I'm pretty much just as much as an orphan as you are." Elvina looked away from him, trying to hide her teary eyes. "You already know about my mother's condition. She's not taking any of her medicine and she's getting sicker by the day." She let out a hiccup and Hugo quickly realized that she was crying.

Hugo was frozen in his place, feeling rather awkward. He never was in a situation like this before.

"I'm so sorry," She whispered to him. "I've been awful towards you."

He found himself stuttering. "N-no...well..I-I...I forgive you, Elvina. Oh, please don't cry."

He handed her a hanky, a hanky, he realized that was the one Isabelle had lent him a couple days ago when Georges 'burnt' his notebook.

Elvina greatfully took it and wiped her eyes. Hugo let out a sigh: "I also want to apologize. I can't take all the blame. I was no help in the situation at all. I should never have tried stealing from you."

Elvina looked at him, a little suprised that he was apologizing. "I forgive you, forgive me?"

He nodded. "I forgive you."
She sniffled and took out her hand. "Friends?"

He smiled and took it, shaking it happily. "Friends."