~I am grateful for your kindness, that's why I want to become stronger. I will feel nostalgic. I welcome this pain.~


As he glances up one last time before leaving, she realizes that forgetting him again is all she can do to clean up the mess of emotions he caused inside her.

Her hope, a fragile thing, had been shattered once more. But she'll pick up the shards carefully, making sure not to cut herself in the process, and put them back together again, only this time stronger than before. She'll protect her heart with an armor made out of the toughest metal there is and keep the key to her heart hidden in a safe place until it's the right time to unlock it for someone else.

She'll make sure that next time, she's ready. Next time she'll be stronger, she'll welcome the heartbreak, she'll welcome the pain.

After all, only a Fullmetal heart could withstand this much sorrow.

A/N - New collection. Will do my best to write a drabble - perhaps more - for each opening and ending of both FMA series because I simply love FMA and its music too damn much. The end of my rambling.