Power is dangerous—
but love is more dangerous still.

Catherine, the young Baroness de Ros of Helmsley, has lived a lavish life since birth. Her wealth, beauty, and reputation are without equal, and she is pursued by men and women alike, seeking both companionship and favor at the court of King James I. But Catherine herself wishes nothing more than to just disappear.

Despite her love among the common people and those of the nobility, her husband—the Duke of Buckingham—ignores her, leaving his young bride to fend for herself among the flatters and fools of court. Catherine finds herself alone in a vast ocean of deceit and betrayal, where the struggle for power is king and the webs of manipulation are queen. And what's more is Catherine suspects she, herself, has been made a pawn in a dangerous ploy by the enigmatic Countess de Winter.

With the threat of war looming, and the game board set for destruction, suddenly Catherine finds an unexpected, and dangerous, friend in d'Artagnan—a musketeer of King Louis XIII of France. He is an enemy in every light of Catherine's world; yet she can't help but feel an undeniable connection to him that is just as likely to destroy everything as it is to save it . . . and now she is faced with an impossible choice. With her life in the balance, will Catherine sacrifice everything for true love? Or will worlds collide?

Catherine is only a pawn in a game of power,
yet she dared to defy them.

My heart shattered. My world shattered.
In that moment I knew that nothing would ever be as it was before.
His eyes caught mine and as I ran, struggling to reach him before it was too late,
the truth overwhelmed my body as it overwhelmed my world . . .
We would not survive this.

And, yet, I could not help but fight against it.