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The stay at Ito's house wasn't so bad. Her two older brothers switched off on taking care of me when Ito wasn't home. We became like brothers and I learned quite a bit about them; like their overprotective side. Ito was nice enough not to tell them about me being a girl, but that seemed to come with quite a few consequences around them. According to her, I should be glad her dad hasn't been told about me. Apparently, her brothers agreed to keep it a secret so I wouldn't be 'torn apart' and it's worked so far. I was definitely getting better, but today was the performance and it seems that Ryuya and Yuuto don't think I'm well enough to go.

"You're not going."

"Why not? My fever's gone down and my headache isn't nearly as bad as it was before!"

"But you still have a fever. It would be better if you were to just stay here and rest. It's only one performance."

Only one performance? Are you serious?

"Whatever. I'm still going."

Ryuya groaned and slid a hand down his face as I began tugging on my shoes defiantly. They didn't know how much acting meant to me and missing even this one minor performance would cause my world to crash down around me.

"Is there any way to convince you to stay here?"

I glanced back at Ryuya with narrowed eyes.


Yuuto chuckled at my answer before saying, "Man, you're just as stubborn as Ito. It's a shock you two aren't dating."

He may have said it jokingly, but I blushed lightly in embarrassment; the menacing aura behind me silencing any further comment as I opened the door to head out.

"Later. I hafta go make sure Ito and Makoto finally got over their little tiff."

The two brothers said goodbye and I quickly made my way over to the school.

"I'm here! Sorry about being late, I got tied up."

A few nodded in my direction before I spotted Ito and Makoto a little further off speaking with a light haired woman. I hurriedly changed into my male civilian costume (I was sick for the major role auditions) and headed over to them.

"Yo Makoto, Ito! Woah…why so glum? You two still haven't made up yet?" I rolled my eyes and caught the woman glancing at me. "Oh dear, I've forgotten my manners. I am Kira Hirst."

I bowed lowly, with a hand over my heart holding my hat and a smile on my face which she returned.

"It's nice to meet you, Kira. I am Makoto's older sister, Akane Amano."

I shook the hand she offered and turned back to the feuding couple.

"Now look you two, hurry up and reconcile already! I can't stand the tension in this room anymore."

I threw my hands up in the air and walked out to help the backstage crew out for what little time we have before curtain time. While doing that, I passed by a man in a suit and sunglasses. Now, I'm not one for picking fights but when I see someone who isn't where they're supposed to be, in a suspicious outfit, I have to get involved. Setting down the box I was holding, I stepped up to the man.

"Excuse me sir. This area is off limits to everyone except the drama cast and you do not seem like part of the-"

I was cut off as the man covered my mouth and held my arm behind my back. I could smell the musty cologne he wore and wrinkled my nose as it activated my headache, which had remained hidden until now.

"Now listen kid. Are you familiar with Ito Muira?"

I narrowed my eyes, but nodded nonetheless.

"Good. Now I want you to bring her to me and to never mention this to anyone."

He slid his hand down slightly and I opened my mouth to bite a handful, causing him to yell out and release me.

"Like hell!"

I went to run and warn Ito, but the man grabbed a hold of me and cracked me hard against the jaw. The headache flared and the man mumbled an apology as he pinned my arm behind me and tied me up; dragging me to the roof.

Great…I would hope someone would find me soon, but I'm just a minor character. They probably won't notice-

Just then, the man pulled a kicking and screaming Ito through the door and tied her up next to me. She was so ticked, she didn't stop yelling until I spoke.

"Ito, they're ignoring you so stop shouting. Any more and my head's gonna explode."


Didn't I just say to stop yelling? Oh well, at least I'll get found now.

(Makoto's POV)

"Ito's gone?"


"Kira too, but he's playing a minor role. Ito's more important right now."

I couldn't believe what they were saying. I haven't known Kira for that long, but she's an amazing actor and she always works hard even if all she's playing is a minor role. I knew I had to go find them before the curtains rose and so I could apologize to Ito for what happened earlier, so I quickly ran from the room; only stopping when I heard someone speaking into a phone.

"Yes. It's a success." Takayo's bodyguard? What's he doing here, and why is he so beat up? "Yes, just as you said, miss Takayo. I've confined Ito Miura and another man that I had a run in with…yes…yes…"

I remembered Ito's word from our argument and realized that she had bee right the whole time. I should have believed her…and the other person this man ran into, I wonder if it's Kira… I slammed the man against the wall and pressured him for Ito and Kira's whereabouts. Running to the roof, I took out the man in front of the doors and smiled at the sight of Ito and Kira tied up.

"Wow, tied up and everything. It would have been easier if they'd just made a pass at you."

"H-Hey! Behind you!"

Already felt him coming. I swung a foot back, hitting the man across the face before picking up the key off the ground. Releasing her, I held out a hand to help her up; not wasting this precious moment to tease her.

"Are you unhurt, my princess? Please try not to get kidnapped."

"If I weren't wearing this stupid dress, I never would've been caught!"

But she looks so cute in that dress…

"On the contrary. It seems even Kira wasn't able to avoid being caught."

I glanced over at Kira and noticed something wrong. Besides the odd lack of comments, she was pale and had a large black and purple bruise in the side of her jaw.

"Ah! Kira! I totally forgot!" Ito kneeled down beside her and removed the ropes, while putting a hand on her forehead with a worried look. "She's been out of it for a while now, and her fever's gone up too."

"Here, I'll take her."

I picked her up and realized just how…feminine she really was. With the way she always dresses, it's almost as if she's trying to be as large and imposing as possible. I guessed that might have been her intention, but that thought reminded me that we never got her story behind the whole cross dressing incident.

"We are sorry for the inconvenience, but because of stage preparations, the play will be delayed. Please be patient."

We're out of time! Ito and I glanced at the door just as a man closed it and locked it, mentioning something about not being paid if he doesn't. Ito and I glanced at each other and we both kicked the door down, quickly running to the stage and handing Kira off to some of the stage hands. Hopefully, the play will make my father happy.

(Kira's POV)

I woke up with a wet cloth on my forehead, Ito and Makoto close by. They seemed to be having a moment and I stayed quiet until I couldn't help it anymore.

"Aw~ You two deserve an Emmy for that touching scene! Now, can I go home? Yuto's chicken soup sounds great right now."

It was then I realized that I had called Ito's house 'home'. They seemed to realize this too, and began snickering as I blushed out of embarrassment so I played dumb.

"What?…I-I really like his soup…"

They paused before laughing more and I thought, I haven't had a place to call 'home' in a while…I miss it.