I do not own the 07 ghost. This story is something that stuck in my head that I just have to write it. I hope you like it.

What if Tiashe died thus preventing the Raggs war to happen? This is the scene in where a person in noble background faithful to Prince Tiashe blamed Princess Oaka because she is manipulated in using the Eye of Raphael. Note: read the 07 ghost manga first to understand.


Why is the royal family this rotten? Asked by the princess


"IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" she shouted to the princess

"What are you talking about? How dare you accuse the princess!" Hakuren exclaimed

"You puppet queen! it is all your fault Prince Tiashe is dead!"

"The death of the prince of Raggs is not the fault of the princess" said by Hakuren

"Do not lie! Everyone knows about it is her fault! If only the princess has not been used in order to release the power of Verloren, if only the princess not have been successfully controlled then Prince Tiashe would not be used as a sacrifice for reviving Verloren!" She told Hakuren

She turned to the princess and said "Prince Tiashe has been sacrifice because they succeeded in controlling you! Now, Prince Tiashe is dead! Because of you!"

The princess look at the girl mournfully, fully aware that the whole Kingdom... no, the whole world especially the people in the Kingdom of Raggs blamed her for the death of the Prince of Raggs. Even though the King of Raggs and other officials did not blame her, everyone else in the Kingdom, no, the whole world held her responsible for the Prince's death.

Protect everyone

"I will protect everyone" said by the princess

They all look at her

"I will protect everyone, because that is the promise I have made" Princess Oaka said and then walks away.

The girl crumbles down to the ground weeping for the Prince, and then she remembers the last words that he uttered to everyone before he died.

Do not despair, everyone. I will go to a faraway place, but do not cry. I will watch over you all, and then when it is your time to depart, I will welcome you with open arms. I will be waiting.