Legolas stared down at the creature that had just come out of nowhere and embraced him in horror. As he looked down, he found himself staring into impossibly wide green eyes with irises that looked like a pair of flawless emeralds which were set in sclera that were white as fresh driven snow, and ringed pupils that were the black of the darkest night. These eyes were set in a lovely, round pinkish face with a button nose, a mouth that was shaped like a cupid's bow, and a smattering of freckles that was set beneath a head of wild curly red hair that was the crimson of a sunset that would have many sailors weeping with joy.

"It seems you have another admirer." Aragorn son of Arathorn said with poorly concealed amusement.

Gimli, who wasn't nearly as restrained sat there laughing until tears streamed out of his eyes. Merry and Pippen joined in on his laughter, starting a little chorus, their high-pitched laughs providing a perfect counterpoint to Gimli's deeper ones.

Samwise, who was already taken with the beauty of Legolas' new admirer, began preparing an extra plate for the lass.

Gandalf and Frodo sat by the fire, their eyes sparkling in amusement as they watched Legolas' plight.

Boromir lost himself in contemplations of possibly settling down and starting a family of his own when the quest he was on was over.

The crimson haired, emerald-eyed lass unflinchingly looked Legolas in the eye.

"Up!" she said imperiously.

Sighing, Legolas unlatched the toddler's small fists from his leggings and picked her up, carrying the small tot who couldn't have been more than two years old over to the fire where the plate that Sam had fixed for her was waiting.