It's gonna be a Boy

I'm going to be a grandpa again. This time another Boy. I fell sorry for the kid with male influences he's going to get. His flamboyant everything can be turned into an excuse to dress up dad. His don't touch that, careful. Sports are stupid Father. His childlike causes just as much trouble as the kids Uncle. His too mature for his age Plays the pan flute Uncle. His quite frequently gets stuck in things Cousin. And me his cranky old grandad. I wish the kid luck he is going to need it.

I don't think anyone was expecting that. I'm so exited for them though. They are going to love having a little boy. And the plus side is there going to be so busy with a baby in the family there going to need help with Lily which means I get to spend time with my little girl.

I'm going to be an uncle again. There's going to be another boy in the family. A boy I can teach to be like me. And make sure that he turns out nothing like Luke.

I can't believe Mitch and Cam are looking to adopt another baby. I'm glad there going for a boy this time though a girl would balance it out. That child is going to have a weird childhood though. At least with Lilly Mitch and Cam are both equal with dealing with her. But a boy is either going to turn out loving sports Cam would understand that. Or hating sports Mitch would understand that. Its going to be a challenge but i can't wait to have another baby at the family get togethers.

Wow a baby boy. They are certainly different than baby girls. I hope Cam realizes that he can't dress the boy up as much as he dressed Lily up. I honestly don't know If the two of them will be able to handle a boy especially if he grows up to be a real American teenage boy.

Great I get to look forward to having another little kid around. I'm happy for them dot get me wrong. I hope they can adopt fast or however it works. I just though we had finally gotten away from having screaming baby's at family events.

I'm so happy for Uncle Cam
And Uncle Mitch. I hope everything goes smoothly and quickly. It will be do good to have another member of the family. Who knows will get lucky and this kid will turn out to be smart to.

As long as the boy doesn't turn out anything like Many. The will be no problems. I hope I get to teach him all my tricks.

Well that certainly went better than I expected. Everyone actually seams supportive. I hope we get a baby boy quickly. hopefully the process will be quicker and easier as we have already gone through it once. I can't wait to expand our family.

I told Mitchell that he's family would react fine. At least we are giving them warning this time instead of just waltzing out with a baby. A baby were going to have a baby on the house hopefully soon. A little boy that I can eventually teach to play football.