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Let's do this!

"Yo, Rito! Wanna sneak away for lunch today?"

"Ah, sorry, Saruyama, not today, I'm on duty," Rito responded apologetically. It was pretty hard. He was absolutely starving thanks to Lala accidentally dropping what seemed like a miniature nuke into their breakfast.

He sighed and thought to himself, 'Man, that's going to take a lot of scrubbing…"

Without missing a beat, Saruyama continued, "Ohhh, that's right… tell you what, I'm gonna go, but I'll bring you some taiyaki, okay?"

Rito brightened, "Sweet, haven't had that in a while. Thanks."

"No problem." Saruyama took off.

With a smile, Rito walked to the lunch area and took a seat next to Lala with Risa and Mio across from him. At the head of the table, far to Rito's left, Kotegawa sat. Pulling out his chopsticks with his left hand, Rito opened up his bento with his right, marveling at Mikan's cooking for what must have been the gajillionth time in his life. He popped a morsel into his mouth and turned his attention to the girls.

Lala said energetically, "Can you believe it? It's almost summer break! I can't wait to go swimming, and to theme parks, and on roller coasters, and-and-and-"

"Whoa, whoa, Lala! Take it easy!" Risa laughed, "It's still two weeks away."

Mio remarked, "Yeah, yeah, but it's something to look forward to! Hmmm, I hope we don't get any homework to do over the summer. School needs to just back off for a bit."

"I know!" Lala exclaimed. "School gets annoying at this time of year."

Kotegawa decided to speak up, "Hold on a second. School is something to be thankful for! Your education is one of, if not the most important part of your childhood." She stuffed some rice into her mouth.

Mio said, "Oh, come on. Everybody needs a break every now and then. Summer is the time to build memories! Fun, excitement, pleasure, thrills…" Here, Mio leaned closer to Kotegawa, nudging her with her elbow, "roooomance."

Kotegawa nearly choked on her food.

Risa chortled teasingly at her, "Right, right! And if you're goooood, you can get all those in one night!"

With a rosy-hued face, Kotegawa exclaimed in a flustered tone, "Eh? Are you joki- No! That's… that's indecent!"

Rito smiled in amusement, finished up his lunch, and stood.

Lala turned to him, "Rito? Where are you going?"

"Ah, duty. Today's my turn. See you guys later!"

They all waved at him as he turned to leave.

Aya gently pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose. With a subtle huff of effort, she slid the stack of papers into her hands. Wobbling slightly, she made her way out of the class room.

'Mmmm, if only I could be eating lunch with Saki-sama and Rin…' she thought. 'I wonder if Saki-sama brought her favorite dumplings today… those are so good.'

Glancing at the papers in her hand, she saw the recent report cards for P.E. She frowned a bit as her eyes ran over her own score.

'Ah, I need to do better! Maybe Rin can help me. She's good at P.E…'

Her train of thought was sharply interrupted by the grumbling voice she heard ahead of her. With a gasp, she recognized Ijime Oroka, a notorious classmate with a habit of starting and participating in fist fights and bullying.

If her hands were free, she would have clasped her hands over her mouth and run in the opposite direction.

Her gasp didn't go unnoticed, and Ijime turned his head to look at her.

He sneered at her, "Well, look who it is. Little Fujisaki-chaaan."

Aya shivered. She began walking again, hoping desperately to pass him without any confrontations.

"Hold up a second," Ijime said in a mock-hurt voice, stepping in front of her. "What's the hurry? You wouldn't be trying to avoid me, are you?"

Shutting her eyes, Aya avoided his gaze, and she didn't answer for fear of the consequences.

"Well? Were you?" The bully leaned closer to her face to the point where Aya could smell his pungent breath. On instinct, she turned her head away and backed up a step.

'Saki-sama… Rin… where are you?' She thought in distress.

There was a pause before Ijime spoke again, "Hmph, always so weak. So timid. Fujisaki, without Tenjouin, you're nothing. Right?" He grabbed her bangs and tilted her head up to look at him. Tears began forming at the corners of Aya's eyes from the hurt, both physical and psychological.



Ijime looked up, startled. Rito stood several yards down the hall, looking very displeased. In one quick motion, Rito set his own stack of papers down. Ijime grinned cruelly and released Aya's hair sharply, at which she yelped in pain, and struck his hand against the papers in the girl's hands. The sheets scattered in every direction, and Aya sunk to her knees.

Rito felt his fingernails dig into his palms. He rushed forward and pushed Ijime away, stepping between the bully and Aya.

With a grunt of disapproval, Ijime said, "Now, you stay out of this, lowerclassman!" He punched Rito's jaw. The blow knocked Rito back a few feet and hurt far more than he had expected.

In satisfaction, Ijime smiled but faltered when he heard someone else coming. He decided to quit while he was ahead, and took off down the hall.

"Don't think I'll forget this, lowerclassman!" he shouted.

Rito barely caught it, his cranium still reeling. He shook his head and watched the bully leave before turning to Aya. She still sat on her knees with her hands on her face, hiding it from view.

"Hey, Fujisaki-sempai… are you okay?" He tentatively touched her shoulder.

Aya flinched, swatting the hand away, before she saw who it was. "Yuuki-kun?"

Rito nodded sheepishly with a bit of blood forming on his split lip. Noticing a bit of movement on the edge of his vision, he looked up to see Saki and Rin rounding the corner. The two girls looked at Rito and Aya and the scattered sheets for a moment before getting the most infernal look in their eyes. Rito's own eyes widened as he realized what they must have been thinking.

"Nonononono, no! Sempai, I swear I wasn't-"

"Yuuki Rito, you monster! How could you treat Aya like that? You're going to regret being born!" they fumed.

In a flash, they produced paintball guns, tasers, pepper spray, and assorted rocks from who knows where and began to batter Rito to pieces.

"NOoooooOOoo! I'm soooorryyy!" Rito squealed in futility.

By the time they were done, Rito lay in a burnt, bruised crisp on the floor. Saki and Rin, panting from anger, approached Aya, and Rin offered a hand to help her up.

Saki asked in concern, "Aya! Are you okay? What did he do to you?"

Aya just looked at her and attempted to put together a sentence, "Um, I, he… he didn't-"

"Never mind! Let's just get away from this person! We're going to be late for class anyways."

Shyly, Aya responded, "Ah, no, I can't, I-I'm on duty."

Saki exclaimed, "Oh, that explains the papers! Here, let us help you."

"No, no, that's okay. You can go, you don't want to be any later," Aya refused.

"Eh? Are you sure?"

"Yeah, it's okay."

Saki looked at her for a moment and shrugged, "Well, if you say so. Come on, Rin."

"Of course, Saki-sama. Aya… I'd hurry before that guy recovers."

Aya nodded wordlessly.

The two left, leaving Aya to look at the boy and the papers. She kicked the boy's leg mildly. That seemed to work. Groaning, Rito scrunched up his limbs and rolled onto his stomach. After a moment of just lying there, Rito pushed up to his knees, looking around. He saw the papers first. Tilting his head, he looked up and saw Aya next.

"Ah, Fujisaki-sempai!"

Aya just watched him, oddly relaxed in the presence of someone who usually made her nervous, and stooped to one knee to pick up the pages. Rito observed for a moment before joining her silently. Aya watched him out of the corner of her eye, confused.

Following a fair bit of silence, she spoke up, "What makes you do what you do?"

Rito, struck out of his own little world, responded in a marvelous flash of incomprehensible intelligence, "Huh?"

"What makes you so… concerned? What do you have that makes you… kinder than most boys?" she asked with the slightest hint of embarrassment.

Rito ended up more embarrassed than she was. "Eh? What are you talking about? I'm just me."

Aya scooped up the last piece of paper and sighed to hide a small smile. "I'm sorry."

"Huh? Why? I'm not offended."

"No, I mean for Ijime-kun…"

"Oh. No need to apologize for that. It's not your fault." Rito placed the papers he had picked up on top of her stack and stood.

Aya pursed her lips, discontented with her attempted repayment. She knew he was right.

She looked up at him and asked earnestly, "But then what can I say? Can I… um… Can't I repay you somehow?" She hoped he wouldn't ask for much.

Rito extended his hand out to her, smiling sympathetically, "I don't need payment… buuuut… a 'thank you' would be nice." He grinned.

Aya looked at his hand and smiled in return, taking his hand and letting him pull her up.

She looked down nervously and said, "Thank you."

Rito responded, "Annnnytime… oh, shoot, I'm gonna be so late!" He rushed to where his own stack of sheets was and turned to wave politely at her, completely unaware of the drop of blood trickling from his lip. Aya saw it and tilted her head in concern but let it go. She waved back at him, watching him clumsily pick up his stack and rush away.

She didn't usually notice boys very much, but now, this one certainly got her attention. Maybe even more than just her attention.

Aya is perhaps one of the most overlooked characters, in my opinion. I definitely wouldn't mind if she got a bit more attention at least once or twice. Oh well.

Hopefully, I can post more one-shots as they come to me, but this is a start. :D

Couple notes on this one: Firstly, this story seems a bit dialogue-intensive, huh? I'm not sure I'm exceedingly happy with it, but I guess I don't mind.

Secondly, I do notice that the "duty" thing is something I use a lot when the characters are in school. The reason is because unlike American schools, where the student travels from classroom to classroom, in Japanese schools, the students remain in one room while the teachers rotate rooms. Thus, other than going to change for P.E. or going to lunch, I can't think of another reason for why the students would be walking the halls. Any suggestions?

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