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"'Morning Lavi." I smile hearing the soft murmur the familiar voice beside me as I pull him close.

"'Morning Allen." Even with my eyes closed I know there's a fond smile on his face as he nuzzles into the crook of my neck. I listen to his soft breathing, reflecting on all that has happened. It has been six months since the battle with Road and we've had yet to be bothered with dealings of the gang of Noah. I suppose they all scattered after the deaths of their leader and their oldest member, but I still wonder if Tyki is still going to come looking for me. Maybe he's given up on revenge since he no longer has a gang to serve?

I smile down at Allen, shaking away those thoughts, he's always looks so beautiful in the early morning light. I press a kiss into his hair and I can't help but think how lucky I am. Since I was little I've been trained to live on my own, stay aloof and unattached from other people. Yet the more time I spent living with the street kids and with Allen the less fake my smiles became. Sometimes I wonder if Gramps would be disappointed if he could see what's become of his apprentice now. I guess it doesn't matter now that I'm with Allen. I will never regret becoming attached and falling in love with him. For a guy who has learned to be alone his whole life, I would say I'm pretty lucky to be able spend the rest of my life with Allen.

"Mmm...Lavi..." He moans tiredly into my neck, pulling me out of my thoughts.

I bite my lip and shift slightly, "what is it, love?"

"We should get up soon...we have to open shop…"

I groan, knowing he's right. "Awwww, but I'm so comfortable."

He laughs, readjusting so he's laying on my chest, staring up at me. "I know I am too, but we made a promise. Since we don't have an enemy advocate to fight we said we'd do something to help those in need around here."

"Yeah. Yeah. I know, but we don't get a day off?"

"Nope. Why have the powers to help and it's a full time job. Everyone gets


"I know. Okay let's get going then, but first, don't I get a good morning kiss?" I grin down at him, trying to be endearing. He shakes his head with a smile and leans up to kiss me. I kiss back immediately rolling us over so I'm on top, straddling his hips. His hands wind around my neck and then tangle themselves into my hair as I nibble on his lower lip silently asking for entrance. I feel him grin against my lips, parting them to allow my tongue entrance. I rub my tongue over his, slowly, exploring every crevice of his mouth. He moans as my tongue brushes over a particularly sensitive spot and then he quickly captures my tongue in a mock battle for dominance. A loud moan rips its way out of my throat as he pushes my tongue back into my mouth and starts to explore my mouth, pulling me closer to him. I groan as the need for becomes too great and I have to break the kiss for air. Allen stares up at me with glazed eyes and I can tell he's just as dazed by the kiss as I am. "You're so beautiful Allen." I sigh, brushing a stray strand of white hair out his face before leaning in for another kiss. My lips hit the mattress and I hear muffled laughter from the other room. "Allen~! What was with that?"

"You said a good morning kiss, meaning one, that was definitely going to be two kisses."

I shake my head running into the kitchen, throwing my arms around his waist from behind, catching him slightly off balance. "You little tease! Teleporting into the other room just as I was about to kiss you? That's a dirty trick."

He laughs and turns around in my arms, pulling me down by my collar for a chaste kiss before walking away. I grin and slap his ass as I walk by throwing a smirk over my shoulder, "don't be so crass Lavi." He rolls his eyes at me.

I laugh, "Look at you and your fancy words."

Allen shakes his head and looks me over, "go get dressed."

"I'm going to take a shower, wanna come with me? You could wash my back and I could wash yours…" I blink my eyes innocently at him trying to be endearing again.

"Not now Lavi, I've got to get things ready to open for the morning."

"Awww~ you're no fun Al-babe! Pleaseeeeee~!"

"I was planning on taking a shower tonight after we're done today and I don't mind if you join me then."

I run back into the kitchen, fully dressed. "Really?"

He shakes his head fondly this time, "yes really. Now help me get ready." I nod and start preparing food our way; my angel powers get stronger every day I use them, allowing me to use them more and for longer periods of time. After the fall of the gang of Noah Allen and I started living together, we thought it was best. Since I'm no longer a street kid now that I've become a nephilim, there is no way I could keep our secret living with them. Yet, living with Allen I couldn't shake the feeling that I was abandoning them so Allen and I decided to open a soup kitchen of sorts. It took our combined power, but we were able to turn the side windows of our house into drive through window-types to allow a way to get food to our customers. Once we had made a good amount of food we opened up our windows to welcome our customers. The word of our unlimited soup kitchen spread through out New York and we always had a line of customers by the time we opened. I smile at Alex who is the first in line at my window, "Hey how are you today?"

"Not bad, you're still coming by to visit me tomorrow, right?"

I smile as I hand him some food. "Yes of course."

He smiles back and then smirks at me, "you know if you ever get tired of living with this do-gooder stuff, your comfy house, and your boyfriend, you can always come live with us again."

"And why would he get sick of me he loves me!" Allen asks, giving me a kiss on the cheek as he walks by.

"Gross. I've totally lost my appetite now." Alex scoffs.

I smile at Allen, "That I do, Allen." I turn back to Alex with a playful smirk, "leave this to come live on the street? Are you crazy?" I laugh, "I miss you all and I wish I could do more for you."

"Lavi, you do enough. As long as you keep visiting and you're happy we're fine." He smiles and waves as he disappears into the crowd. The sun is setting into the dark horizon and the street is lit up with headlights by the time the crowd clears.

"Well that was a successful day. I'm exhausted." Allen yawns as we close up the windows.

"Yeah it's not much, but I'm glad we are able to help in some way." I watch him walk out the kitchen, shamelessly admiring him from behind. "Where are you going?"

He looks back at me with a smirk, "I'm going to shower. You better hurry if you still want to join me or I might start without you." I grin and pull off my shirt as I run after him capturing his lips with mine as he closes that bathroom door. I really am lucky.

*~*~*~ The End ~*~*~*

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