Title: What Makes You Different, Makes You Beautiful To Me
Summary:AU. After returning to the Enterprise, from being away at Starfleet Medical for year, Beverly reconnects with her son, friends, and finds herself falling in love with a certain Android.

A/N:Takes place at the begginning of season three. The title is taken from the song:What Makes You Different, by the Backstreet Boys.
Pairing:Beverly Crusher/Data
Warnings:Complete misuse of the TNG universe, mild adult content, nothing too graphic, possibly violence
DISCLAIMER:I own nothing and never will. Sigh

Chapter One:Welcome back, Beverly

Beverly felt a little sad that no one except Wesley was there to greet her back aboard the Enterprise. She had missed this ship and it's crew so much, but especially Wesley. She slowly stepped out of the shuttle and onto the floor of her favorite ship, and was now standing in front of her son.

She had hoped that Jean-Luc would've have at least made an appearance.

"It's good to have you back mom," her son greeted her back, giving her a big hug, and took a couple of her bags to carry back to their quarters for her.

"It's good to be back," she replied, following her son out of the Shuttle Bay, and to their quarters.

As soon as she followed her son inside, and called for the lights.

"SURPRISE!" her friends all shouted at once, jumping out of their hiding place. They were all smiling warmly at her. Well, except for Worf, but he gave her a small nod to let her know that had missed her too.

She nodded back in return.

"Welcome back, Beverly," Jean-Luc greeted, guiding her to the kitchen, and the table, where her delicious looking Chocolate Cake awaited her.

Deanna handed her a knife to cut it with. "We all missed you a great deal, Beverly," she said.

"Here, here. It's really good to have you back, Beverly," Geordi joined in, patting her fondly a few times on the shoulder.

After passing pieces of the Chocolate Cake around to her friends, and saving one for herself, Data walked over, holding a wrapped present, and handed it to her.

This was sweet of him.

"What's this?" she probed, excepting the gift.

"A welcome back gift. It is a human tradition. Is it not?" Data replied, giving her a look with his yellow cat-like eyes, which pretty much said, 'I hope you like it.'

"Yes, it is. Thank you Data! This was very sweet of you," she answered, slowly unwrapping the gift, and held it up in front of her to see what it was. It was a painting of Wesley. A really nice-recent painting of Wesley. With stars in the background. She had missed him so much this past year, and she felt her eyes swell with unshed tears.

"I think it's wonderful!" Deanna exclaimed, taking the painting slowly out of her hands, and started looking for a place to hang it on the wall. She watched her walk into the living room, then turned her attention back to Data.

"Thank you Data. It' s a very nice painting. I didn't know you were into art."

"You are welcome, Beverly! May I call you Beverly?" Data probed.

Sometimes, she forgot that Data didn't have emotions. Like right now. The way he was smiling affectionately at her. So human-like. She gave him a small affectionate smile back.

"Why not. Everyone else is today," she answered, picking up her plate of cake off the table, and took a bite of the desert, not taking her eyes off of Data's. He had nice eyes. Everything about Data was nice. And since when did she start thinking this way about her Android friend? Of course, he was nice though. In a friendly way. He was her friend after all. Just friend.

Shaking her head a little at herself, she gave Data's shoulder a friendly squeeze.

"Excuse me Data," she excused herself, walking over to where Jean-Luc and Deanna were talking by the painting of Wesley, Deanna had just hanged on the wall in the living room.

"So, how was Starfleet Medical Beverly?" Jean-Luc probed, taking a bite of his own cake.

"It was fine Jean. But, I've missed you," she answered him before turning to Deanna, "All of you."
Deanna smiled, looking like she was really enjoying the chocolate cake.

"And we've missed you," he replied.

She smiled happily.

It was really so good to be home again.


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