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Chapter 4

The next morning everyone met at Mina's at 10:30 just as it was decided, for once Serena wasn't late, we was very curious about Serenity's past life with Beryl, and what Beryl was like before she turned evil.

"Serenity was happy the way things were, well almost even she never told anyone Beryl knew that something was wrong."

"Serenity what is the matter? And don't tell me 'nothing' because I know you better than that, so don't pretend-" Beryl began, but didn't finish, because Serenity started to speak.

"Ok, ok, I'll tell, I hate that father is always away and never here, why must he fight in this war? There has never really been a war before and now there is one? And don't tell me there has been one before because I can read, I've read books! There has never been a war written in history! How did this war begin in the first place?" Serenity couldn't stop; once she started she couldn't stop. "And most importantly why does mother treat you differently? She acts like she loves you but I can tell it's not real!" with this final statement she finished and she was all out of breathe.

"Umm… that's a lot of questions. Well I better start answering them shouldn't I? Well it isn't that easy to explain but I'll try. Father is fighting in this war to help out our friends and allies. I'm not gonna tell you there has been wars before because you won't believe me but there have been ones before and they aren't allowed in the history books because we don't want the everyone to panic about them. Sorry but I don't know how this war began but I believe it has been going on for a while now. And mother does not treat me differently! She treats me like she treats you. Ok she does treat me differently but that's only because you are younger and need more love and attention than me. That's all." Beryl had begun calmly but got upset when she answered the question about why the 'Queen' disliked her.

"Ok, I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I hurt you with this." Serenity said bowing her head feeling guilty for making her sister raise her voice, something Beryl never did.

Beryl took a deep breath and spoke, "its ok, please don't be sorry. Everyone gets curious and it's only natural you would be worried about father." Beryl pulled her sister into a big hug, she did this so her little sister wouldn't see the tear that escaped her eye.

"Serenity never knew the truth to why the Queen hated Beryl so much until Serenity's 10th birthday. Beryl was soon turning 16 when something tragic happened, something that turned her life up-side down. Serenity's 10th birthday was going beautifully; she was having the best time.Her father had come home just for her birthday party. This made her very happy. She made 4 new friends at the party, which put her in an even greater mood. Both Serenity and Beryl did. I'll tell you girls who they are, I know you will have questions about them but I'll tell you their story later, after this one. Her four new friends were named, Luna, Nehelenia-"

"Why was Nehelenia friends with you, Artemis and Queen Serenity?" All the Inner Scouts yelled.

"I said I would explain after this story, anyway, Her four new friends were named, Luna, Nehelenia who were both twins, Artemis, a boy both of the twins had a crush on, and a young boy name Sin. During this night the young 6 friends were inseparable.

The party ended a little after 11. Both Beryl and Serenity had just finished getting ready for bed, Beryl was just about to start telling Serenity a story called "Sleeping Beauty" when a CRASH came from outside. Both girls jumped out of bed and ran out of their room to the palace gate where the crash had come from. There they found their father being attack by some darkness. It took on a form of a mid-twenty year old woman, but she only had the figure of one for it had no face."

"Beryl, take Serenity back inside now!" yelled King Shin.

"No father I wish to stay with you!" yelled Serenity back at her father.

"Your daughter loves you Shin. Maybe she should be taken away from you as well." This voice was dark but gentle. It was the voice of a woman but it came from all directions. As this was said the dark figure raised a hand and aimed a dark energy ball at young Serenity. She was frozen in shock and didn't know how to react as she has never been attacked before. The figure released the energy. It shot across the space so quickly that King Shin didn't have time to open his eyes after blinking to see if it hit his precious daughter.

As the smoke cleared it was revealed that Beryl even though she was a too far away to have gotten to Serenity in time, was standing in front of her, hand in front of her as if to catch the attack. Beryl was able to create a shield around herself and Serenity. It was strong to keep both from harm without even fazing Beryl.

"I won't let you harm my little sister!" Beryl screamed, she didn't realise but she sent a glowing light purple attack toward the figure. The figure was so surprised that she didn't have time to move. It hit her straight in the gut. She fell to the ground, but she recovered very quickly. The figure disappeared, and then reappeared behind Serenity.

"I'll have my revenge Shin." Spoke the voice again. Just as the figure was about to disappear again, Beryl threw herself onto Serenity knocking her out of the way. Unfortunately, the consequence of her action was that she took Serenity's place as the dark figure's prisoner and possibly the revenge the voice spoke of.

"Serenity felt so sorry for Beryl. Just as the king was about to mount a recuse mission the 'Queen' stepped in, saying that they wouldn't be able to save Beryl if they are too tired from that battle to even walk in a straight line.

The King knew she was right. He also knew that Rina never liked Beryl and was possibly using this as an excuse to have Beryl out of their lives forever.

Shin still couldn't believe that Beryl was actually able to summon the powers she got from her real mother. The people from Elfriederwin were master of magic, or energy. He knew that Beryl might have the ability to master energy but he thought it was something she would have had to be taught to control. Even though he was glad that this occurred because Serenity was saved, it meant a higher price would have to be paid for the dark figure to be happy. He could only image what they were doing to his poor Beryl.

Whatever Shin thought they were going to do to Beryl was a simple pitch on the arm, compared to what they really did to her. Everyone was doing their best to track the location of Beryl and the dark figure. Unfortunately no one could even figure out how to even track either of them.

Shin and Serenity were getting very worried. Shin didn't only have to worry about finding Beryl but also keeping Serenity calm, which was pretty hard cause the only person who knew how to calm Serenity was Beryl. But that wasn't the worst problem."

"You want me to call off the search?" Shin questioned.

"Once you find her, you will have all our soldiers go out to get her back and you'll go with them, also why do we even need her back? I mean, she isn't going to rule the kingdom, Serenity is." Rina said.

"Actually Beryl was gonna take the throne, she is older, and my daughter making her the rightful heir to the Moon Kingdom throne, she has the Crescent Moon symbol on her forehead. By the way they are my soldiers, not ours! You aren't the rightful queen! You aren't even my wife! You don't get to choose who takes the throne!" yelled Shin.

"Why don't you just shut up? You are going to wake Serenity." Rina responded.

Elsewhere, was a young princess running away from her kingdom, her home.

"No! It's not possible! She isn't my mother! If she isn't my mother than where is she? What happened to her? This makes no sense! I've got to find-"

"Serenity? What's wrong? Where are you going?" Luna called. But no reply came as Serenity just kept running.

"No one knew where she was going, or what she had planned. King Shin had everyone looking for her. No one knew where she had gone, I told the King how I saw Serenity run off crying, but all that was known what she was no longer on the moon. No one understood how she got off the moon until…"

"My King, one of our one man ships is missing. There are no soldiers unaccounted for. Therefore we believe Princess Serenity got off the planet by ship." The soldier told.

"Where could she have gone?" Rina asked.