A/N: completely AU. Enjoy!

And to those who are reading In Search Of A Bond (Rizzoli & Isles) i am working on it, please dont hate me for taking so long *hangs head in shame*

Bette's foot tapped against the pearly white tile, impatience written across her features. The dentist's waiting room was quite crowed and noisy.

The receptionist was fighting a three year old, together with his mother, into a chair. The boy had been running around the room for an hour, until he ran out of breath. Then, when he got his breath back, he started screaming. The mother was useless.

Bette groaned, her tooth aching. She hated going to the dentist, but not because of fear. What irked her was the wait. The screaming. The irritable children and uncaring parents.

The receptionist was finnaly back at her post, mother and three year old into a back room.

"Miss Porter?"

Bette's head snapped up. "Yes?"

"You may go through, room five."

Without hesitation, Bette made her way to the half-closed door, head held high.

A blonde woman stepped out, almost crashing into Bette.

"Sorry," she said softly, smiling pleasantly.

Bette stared. She knew this woman. They kissed, a week ago at The Planet's Ladies Night.

"Hey," Bette smiled back, but the woman was already walking away.

Bette took a deep breath, shaking the woman from her thoughts. So what if they kissed? So what if Bette felt like a teenager in love when she saw the mystery woman? She didn't even know her name, why should it matter? Apparently it didn't matter to this mystery woman, whom she kissed for mere seconds…

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