Bette waited in line, wishing it could go faster. All she wanted to do was run into the shop, buy milk, and run out. But as it seems, the whole world chose the same moment as her to shop at the same damn place!

Finally she made it to the front of the line. She paid for her milk and made her way outside as fast as she could.

Bette was planning dinner in her mind and she didn't even notice the blonde woman on her way to crashing into the brunette.

The blonde, however, did notice, and she stopped abruptly, catching herself just before she slammed into Bette. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" she apologized.

Bette recognized the voice, but before she could even reply, the woman was gone."Shit!" she swore loudly. Why did she keep bumping into this woman, quite literally? And why couldn't she get the blonde beauty out of her head? The question that haunted her most, was why could she only hold on to this woman for mere seconds?

A/N: I know its short, but that's the point, to show how this blondie keeps popping up for a few seconds, then disappears again. I know it says Tina is involved, but only I know exactly *how* [cue evil laugh]

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