A/N: For the purposes of this fic, the Doctor, Rose, Martha, Donna and Jack are all travelling together. Which means that Doomsday didn't happen, the Doctor and Rose met Martha, who started travelling with them, then they got Jack back after defeating the Master together, then they met Donna and she began travelling with them too. Jackie Tyler is still living on the Powell Estate in this universe, but Mickey is still in Pete's World.


Friends, Flirtation and the Fantastic

"Rose Tyler, are you deducting again?" smirked the Doctor, leaning towards her, his hands in his pockets.

She flashed him a grin, front teeth biting her bottom lip slightly, then replied, "I think I am."

Jack silently stared at them both, his heart beating rapidly inside his chest in anticipation.

"You are so very, very good at it," the Time Lord added.

Rose arched an eyebrow and leant in closer. "Am I?"

The Doctor's eyes twinkled dangerously at her. "Oh yes," he assured her. One hand left his trouser pocket to reach behind her and twist a dial on the console. "In fact, I'd say you were the best deducing detective I've come across, excluding myself and Sherlock Holmes, of course."

"Naturally," giggled Rose. "Except Sherlock is just a fictional character."

The Time Lord gasped theatrically and poked her in her side. "How dare you say such things."

"But it's true," she persisted, grinning. She folded her arms, and Jack eyed the bit cleavage she'd thus put on display. From the way the Doctor's gaze slipped, he reckoned he was, too. "Sherlock Holmes is fictional. I, on the other hand, am very real."

"Yes," the Doctor murmured, extending his other arm forward to pull a lever on the console, effectively trapping Rose against it; though they still weren't touching.

Jack thought the air between his two friends was practically tingling with electric, sexual tension. He also thought he would seriously spontaneously combust if they'd just bloody well touch already.

"Yes, you are," the Time Lord continued, his voice sounding a little rough.

Rose placed her hands on the Doctor's shoulders. Jack's breath hitched hopefully.

And then she pushed the Doctor back, towards the console screen, peering at it with him thoughtfully. "So how do you think the Kreptonsi got there, then?" she asked, in a perfectly normal and un-aroused voice.

Jack was incensed.

"Will you two just bloody have sex and get it over with?" Jack exclaimed.

The Doctor and Rose turned around and blinked at him innocently. "Why on Earth would we do that?" the Time Lord asked him curiously.

"Jack, we're just friends," reasoned Rose, looking at him like he was insane.

Jack let out a little scream of frustration and left the room in a huff.

The Doctor and Rose glanced at each other and both snorted with repressed laughter.

"One of these days we're going to have to put him out of his misery, you know," the Doctor mused, leaning against the console.

Rose stepped up to him, looping her arms around his neck and smiling up at him enticingly. "More fun, though, don't you think? The risk of getting caught..." she whispered. Utterly unable to resist, the Doctor grinned back at her and leant forward, brushing his lips against hers.

Her hands wound into his hair and he surrendered control of the kiss to her, wrapping his arms tightly around her waist and holding her against him. They didn't pause for breath until the Doctor heard Donna whistling as she walked down the corridor; he and Rose abruptly sprang apart and smoothed themselves down, before adopting a completely nonchalant pose and engaging in a random topic of conversation, effortlessly avoiding suspicion.

"So, yeah, the Kreptonsi probably caught wind of the plan and set course for Xereo's nearest moon," explained the Doctor.

"Ah, I see," replied Rose.

Donna stepped into the room. "Do you two want a cuppa?"

"Ooh, yes please Donna, that'd be lovely," answered the Doctor, and Rose nodded in agreement.

Donna tilted her head, noticing his ruffled hair. "Cor, didn't think I'd ever see a day where you'd forget to style your hair, Doctor," she said.

Rose glanced up at it and laughed. "Yeah, Doctor. Forget to be vain today?" She raised an eyebrow and the Doctor frowned, glancing at the console screen, trying to ascertain the state of his hair in his reflection. "Don't worry," Rose added. "The just-got-out-of-bed look suits you." Donna snorted in amusement and went to make the tea.

The Doctor span back around and seized Rose around the waist, pushing her onto the jumpseat. "You messed my hair up," he accused.

"And you love it," she countered smugly.

He gave her a crooked smile. "Yeah, maybe." He leant in to resume their snogging, but Rose pushed him back and stood up. The Doctor pouted.

"Come on, let's go find Martha and Jack so we can all have tea with Donna." She grinned. "Like a proper group of travelling friends." She sighed happily. "It's like a second family."

He huffed but acquiesced. "Okay. But then we're taking those three somewhere with clubs and shops so that we can get ourselves lost and continue this, alright?" He gestured between them to indicate what, exactly, he meant for the two of them to continue.

"Sounds good," Rose replied, and they shared a smile.