The Doctor would never tell her this, but he was glad that they often came to stay with Jackie for a handful of days at a time. It meant that he and Rose could spend their time doing, well, alright...admittedly domestic things - but those things were often quite fun, really, seeing as they were a novelty to them. Like washing up, for instance. They had their little routine – Jackie would cook, then Rose would clear up the plates and take them to the kitchen, then the Doctor would go: "Right, I'll go help her;" and then an unsuspecting Jackie would be left snoozing on the sofa in front of the telly waiting for Emmerdale to come on, and the Doctor and Rose would race to get the dishes washed, dried and put away so that they could spend ten minutes snogging against the kitchen counter.

All in all, the Doctor thought the domesticities worth it, when it meant he could kiss Rose without worrying about Martha, Donna or Jack walking in on them. The risk of Jackie seeing them was minimal, because after seven o'clock she was glued to her soaps, and wouldn't even notice if Elvis turned up and sat down next to her. The Doctor almost wanted to test that theory out, actually, and part of him briefly pondered going to pick up Elvis and bringing him here for that very purpose. But then Rose tugged him to her room by his tie and he forgot about Elvis, all thoughts refocusing to be centred around her.

Anyway, point was, when he and Rose were at Jackie's, it was essentially just the two of them, during the day at least, when Jackie was either shopping or working. Just like the old days, before Martha and Jack and Donna started travelling with them. Except not at all like the old days, because they were together now as opposed to just holding hands and, well, dreaming about being together.

And he secretly enjoyed the hiding under Rose's bed thing he had to do every morning, so that her mum didn't realise they were sleeping together. It was good practice for when they had to be deathly quiet whilst hiding from rampaging aliens.

Not that he was calling Rose's mother a rampaging alien.

Although, if the shoe fits –

Nah. He liked her really. A little bit. Maybe. She was usually quite nice to him these days, which was good.

However, one particular morning, he'd heard Jackie come into Rose's room and say - whilst he was hiding under the bed - "Rose, seeing as him and you act really close, I'm surprised he hasn't tried anything on with you. You know. Sexually."

He'd had to bite his hand to keep from laughing, especially when Rose responded in a high-pitched voice, "Mum!"

"What?" Jackie had said defensively. "I'm just saying, Rose. You dunno what his sort are like."

"Mum, I'm sure he's got purely honourable intentions surrounding me."

"Yeah, well, I'm warning you, young lady: if I hear he's so much as touched you a bit inappropriately, I'll make him wish he'd never been born."

And that was when his idea of telling Rose's mum they were a couple was blown out of the water, and why they were both now a bit paranoid about her finding out.

Still. The probably unnecessary risks they took (like the shagging in Jackie's flat thing) just made their relationship more exciting, so they weren't exactly going to stop.