This picks up from the end of my Requiem tag 'All in the Same Day'…

Team, friendship, Tony and Gibbs father/son type of relationship.

Previously on this NCIS fanfic:

The Gibbs head slap stung, but as soon as the ringing in his ears subsided DiNozzo replied. "Love you too, boss."

Tony was adding the finishing touches to his report when Ziva and McGee returned to the bullpen less than thirty minutes later. He coyly glanced up at them as they each returned to their desks in silence.


"Not especially." Ziva sat down at her desk and pulled up her keyboard.

"Where's Gibbs?" McGee asked doing the same.

"He went that-a-way," Tony, his eyes remaining fixed to his computer screen, pointed up at MTAC. "Done!"

"Done?" McGee echoed looking at him in puzzlement.

"Done." Tony repeated as he pushed off from his desk, McGee watching his every move. Retrieving his report from the printer Tony placed it in a folder and then dropped it onto Gibbs' desk. "I can taste the freedom Probie!"

Abby entered the bullpen just in time to catch DiNozzo, arms spread wide, megawatt smile gracing his features.

"Everyone ready?"

"Hold on…" Ziva mirrored Tony's action of printing and placing her own report on Gibbs' desk. "Yes!"

"What's going on?" Tony dropped his arms and the smile.

"Don't panic Tony-"

"Not Panicking." He interrupted Abby and got a scowl for the effort. "What?"

"We're taking you out DiNozzo, remember? To celebrate our very own hero! It's all arranged so you can't say no. Well I guess you could say no, but it wouldn't matter because we'd make you come anyway. Not that we'd force you to do something you didn't want to do but its ok when it's for your own good."

"Finished?" Tony spoke when she paused for breath.

"I'm not sure." Abby replied tentatively, having lost track of her own argument.

Tony smiled shyly, feeling very touched by all the attention, then quickly returned to his desk to gather his things and shut off his computer. Ziva seconds behind him.

"Hurry up Probie!"

"What about Gibbs?" McGee said, finally printing his own report and adding it to the collection on the boss's desk.

"Bossman said he'd be right behind us, Ducky and Palmer will meet us down stairs." Abby added, bouncing with excitement.

"I'm ready!" McGee announced shrugging into his coat. "Let's go before-"

"Grab your gear!" Gibbs commanded as he jogged down the stairs. He pushed passed the stunned group assembled in the middle of the bullpen and took his side arm and the car keys from his desk draw. "Dead Petty Officer in Lake Barcroft."

"Gibbs you can't be serious." Ziva spoke to Gibbs' back as he marched towards the elevator without giving any of them a second glance.

Her mild protest lasted as long as Tony's weary sigh. Gibbs was already waiting for them in the elevator.

"McBigmouth, you had to say it didn't you?" Tony spoke quietly as he and Ziva slowly followed as ordered leaving McGee to follow.

"Technically I didn't finish-" McGee's excuse was cut off by Abby's expertly aimed hit to his stomach.