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Leaving the wizarding world behind had been hard. But when pure-blooded bigots, who somehow remained in power after he had defeated Voldemort, wanted to send him to Azkaban for murder...

Well the choice had been relatively easy.

Forging a new identity had been a bit harder, but magically changing his hair-color to brown, assuming a new name, and moving to America had helped, especially since no one thought to look in the Muggle world for him.

So he had easily become Robert Bruce Banner, just another physicist student. And he had gone even further and become a nuclear physicist. He even had a beautiful, normal, non-magical girlfriend in Betty Ross.

Then the accident happened.

Despite what he often told people, he knew exactly how he survived the exposure to Gamma radiation that turned him into the Hulk. His magical core, sensing the threat, had instinctively reacted to save him. Unfortunately, his core had been burned out in the process, rendering unable to perform anymore magic.

As for his alter ego, he still didn't know whether Hulk was a curse or a blessing. He certainly felt more like a curse at times, but without him...

Hulk had saved the world several times.

It wouldn't be so bad, if he wasn't a hunted man. It didn't do him any good to re-forge his identity again, since it wasn't Bruce or even Harry they were after anymore. And it wasn't as if the Hulk would be asked for his ID.

Maybe he should try contacting Hermione. Sure, it had been a few...okay a lot of years since he'd seen her, but she had always been more knowledgeable in magic than he was. And he certainly hadn't found a way to control the Hulk in the muggle world. Aim him, yes, control, not so much.

Besides, she'd probably know how Teddy was doing. His godson would be in his Hogwarts years by now.

First he had to get back to England. Maybe he could talk Fury into dropping him off there after he dealt with the Godseye Weapon, or at least somewhere in Europe.


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For those of you unfamiliar with the Comics, the Godseye Weapon is what the Hulk was sent to destroy in space before he was "Banished" from Earth to Sakaar, leading to the event's of Planet Hulk and World War Hulk (At least it is in the comic that came with my Planet Hulk DVD).

I had the idea of Harry being Dr. Banner for a while, but I couldn't come up with a good story for him, so I'm settling for this one-shot. The title comes from one of many listed aliases for the Hulk, I thought it was appropriate, though I'm not entirely sure how Hulk got it.