Konoha's Council

Tsunade sat at the end of a very long table with Konoha's Council. They were wearing their sucking-up faces that she recognized so well from when she was growing up. Being a Senju, the last Senju no less, meant that everybody either wanted to get into her pants or her pocketbook or both. It seemed that taking after her grandfather and great-uncle hadn't changed things, if anything it made the sucking up even worse.

She smiled and nodded as they went on about how great they were and how important their jobs were to the whole village. They went on and on about how powerful they were, reminding her on how the Council had gained power since the 3rd Shinobi War. Then one said something wrong.

"And now that Sarutobi is gone, we can finally get rid of the demon brat," he said. The Council froze, not quite sure of her reaction, but Tsunade was on her feet and at the other end of the table before anyone could blink, reminding them that she was still a ninja. It took nothing more than a flick of her finger to sever the man's head, sending it flying up in the air. She snatched it with one hand and started to slowly walk around the table like a cat stalking its prey.

"Thank you for being here, and I appreciate your assistance in these troubled times," she said in a sweet, calm voice. "And I encourage you, all of you, to come to me if you have problems with how things are run and I assure you no topic is taboo." She glanced around the table and let her voice sharpen. "Except if you consort with traitors or talk trash about the only reason I'm back in the village. And if you insist, I collect your fucking head." She held up the head for all to see, eliciting gasps of horror at the sight. "Just like this Fucker here." Her sweet, so sweet smile returned and she glanced about the council table. "Any questions?"

Author's Note:

A bit of a different idea, and again, not one long enough to be it's own story. I don't have any other ideas for this one, it's just something that happened when I opened a new document. I like it. It's not perfect, but it sticks it to the "Super-powerful-bad-guy-Naruto-Hater Council" thing that bugs me a lot. In cannon, there is a council of advisors that consists of three people: Danzo, and the two elders. In fanfics, people have created this all powerful evil council that just wouldn't work. So, this was my answer. And yes, I stole those lines from Kill Bill. It's not mine.