It had taken him years to perfect. After time and time of getting his butt handed to him by Sasuke, Obito/Tobi, Itachi, Madara and the fifty something other "last Uchihas" that popped up out of the wood work. Honestly, he'd stopped even trying to remember their names. Finally, he had the technique that beat the Ultimate technique.

This was something like Sasuke's surrogate son, the third or fourth that had been born during Sasuke's time as Orochimaru's "apprentice." Like his father, his uncle, and ancestors, this had killed his best friend/sibling/cousin/parent/tomato-gardener/masseuse/pet-sitter and gained the Mary-Sue Steal-Again. That wasn't the real name, but Hokage Naruto Uzumaki didn't really care.

The battle started with fire. Uchihas almost always start with fire unless they just started tossing out the big red eyes. After seeing Naruto totally kick his ass with wind, which was theoretically weak to fire, he inevitably turned on the Sharingans full blast. Normally in battle, Naruto would just use his "Don't be douchebag" no jutsu, which quickly turned enemies into allies, but it never seemed to work against Uchiha. Worked great against pretty much everyone else, even Hyuuga, but never against an Uchiha.

But Naruto was ready.

He held out his fore and middle fingers, spaced them out and charged, screaming "Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk!" all the way. As expected, the Stooge-no-jutsu worked perfectly, forcing the boy to cover his pained eyeballs with his hands. Throwing a paper bag over the guy's head, Naruto then beat the most recent "last Uchiha" repeatedly until he stopped moving.

"See, I told you it would work!" Naruto said to his head of the Medical Corps, the Jonin Commander, and Anbu Captain. Sakura, Shikamaru and Neji just sighed and shook their heads.

"I believed in you," Hinata, his head of T&I said. She did not, however, say she believed in the technique.

"Thank you!" Naruto said before picking up the unconscious Uchiha. "Now let's see where this guy was born and why he showed up."

AN: Nutty, senseless, and silly. My uncle made me watch the Stooges over TG weekend. This was the result.