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Chapter 1

It had been a nice Saturday at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was summer and soon the holidays would begin, so there was nearly no homework to do. The pupils therefore had a lot of free time today. That's why Harry, Ron and Hermione sat in a secluded space near the lake to be able to avoid being heard. It had been only two weeks since their adventures at the Ministry and they were still quite shaken. Especially Harry who had lost Sirius. The wizard had been like a father to him. Now he was without real family (because no one in their right mind would call the Dursleys his family).

"Come on Harry" Ron broke the silence. " You can't stay so down. That's not like you. Look, how about playing a prank on Filch? He has really annoyed me the last few days."

"Don't wanna" Harry only muttered and pulled his knees to his chest.

"Harry we know how you feel. Sirius was our friend too. It is not good keeping your feelings in. You know you can always talk to us" Hermione tried to persuade him.

"Stop!" Harry became really angry. "You don't know anything. You still have your family. Don't tell me that you understand how I feel, because you can't. There's nothing left for me so stay away and leave me alone." Panting after this outburst he curled into himself tighter.

Ron and Hermione were stunned. Hermione had even tears in her eyes as she talked to him. "Harry. I'm sorry. Of course we can't understand. But we're your friends. Since his death you have isolated yourself and never spoken or looked at anyone. We only want to help you. You know we care for you."

"I know." The whisper was barely heard by the two. "I know that. And I know that Sirius would want me to go on, but I can't, I just can't." With that the black haired boy began to sob quietly. "Oh Harry." Hermione pulled the teen into her arms.

Suddenly they heard someone approach. "Professor Dumbledore." The three of them jumped to their feet. Harry discreetly rubbed his eyes. "We didn't expect someone to come here."

"Ah, that's understandable. This place is quite hidden. I remember that one time when I was wandering beside the lake I found it. Since then I sometimes come here to have a little peace." Dumbledore looked at them with twinkling eyes. The three teens were a little confused.

"But this time I'm here for a different reason.", Dumbledore carried on. "To tell the truth I don't know why I should be here."

This confused Harry, Ron and Hermione even more. How could Dumbledore not know why he went to this place? It was really strange.

Ron couldn't stop his curiosity. "Professor if you can't say why you should be here, why did you even come in the first place?"

"That Mr. Weasley is a very good question. The answer to that is this note." With that he showed them a little piece of paper with an elegant handwriting. It said:

"Dear Professor Albus Dunbledore. To my dismay I learned about the recent developments that happened in the ministry. The death of a certain person was really unexpected. I fear it will have a bad influence on the future. Destiny is threatened. But there is hope. If you go to the secret place at the lake on Saturday afternoon the answer will show itself to you. Good luck. Your secret friend"

"What does this mean? Who is this secret friend?" Hermione wondered. "And what does he mean by destiny being threatened?" Harry added.

"I have to admit that I really don't know. But I am here to find the answers to that." Dumbledore looked thoughtful at the note.

Hermione was still thinking. "What if this is a trap? Why this place and why this specific time? It's just too suspicious."

"Don't worry about that Miss Granger. The message was brought to me by Fawkes. We can at least be sure of the good intentions of this person. Someone else wouldn't have been able to bring him to deliver it."

Harry, Ron and Hermione agreed. They knew that Fawkes was a phoenix and therefore a very pure and loyal magical creature.

"And what do we do now?" Ron was slightly annoyed by those cryptic words. It would probably lead to something happening and he wouldn't be able to rest.

"Well I suppose we should wait. After all this note said to be here this afternoon." Harry replied sarcastically.

With this they settled on the ground preparing themselves to be there for quite a while. But they didn't have to wait long. Suddenly ripples went through the surface of the lake and fog appeared above it. It slowly crawled to the shore making it difficult to see. But then a shadow showed through the fog and it came closer and closer.

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