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Fail Number One

Six years old… part of the wonderful age of innocence and purity. It was a good year for two particular children, no big problems and lots of fun. And for those same two children, it was a year of a big decision for the little boy…


"Ryuu-nii-san!" Megumi had not yet given up her voice, but she had never been a physical child, and catching up to Ryuu was hard for her. "Wait!"

The six-year old boy waited with false patience, practically shaking in excitement. Megumi's twin had finally fallen asleep, andRyuu had something to do with Megumi before he woke up.

They were only a few months apart, but Ryuu often felt years older, since he took care of them so often. The trio was rarely apart, and Ryuu had quickly become their leader.

Once Megumi reached him, Ryuu took her hand, dragging her to the picnic he'd set up. He grinned, patting the blanket eagerly and opening up the basket for the food.

With childish glee, Ryuu noticed Megumi's eyes light up at the meal. He squirmed slightly as Megumi ate her food quickly, keeping a close eye on the cake he'd gotten specially for her.

Megumi continued to eat, not noticing that Ryuu wasn't touching the food. She reached for thecake, frowning when she swallowed something hard inside the cake. Her throat hurt as it went down, and her stomach pain quickly came afterwards.

"Ryuu-nii…" Megumi whimpered, one hand touching her throat, the other on her stomach. "Hurts…"

Ryuu's eyes grew wide when he realized what had just happened. Quciklyk, he lifted Megumi up piggy-back style and ran back to the house, calling for his paretns. Both kids were crying as they tried to explain that Meguim was hurting, and Jun made it worse when he woke up and started crying with Megumi.

Finally, Ryuu's parents got the idea and they took Megumi to the parents, leaving Ryuu with a maid. While he was alone, he started pacing, worrying frantically.

A few hours later, Megumi's parents were left to wonder how their daughter had managed to swallow a fake pearl ring that none of them had ever seen before. Ryuu swore that he was never going to watch those cheesy romantic movies his mother liked with her again.


Ryuu frowned, now seventeen and looking at a fake pearl ring on Megumi's desk. She had started cleaning her room, so there were boxes and piles all over the place, and all kinds of things were popping up.

Ryuu sighed quietly, shaking his head. Unlike Megumi, he hadn't forgotten exactly how she had really gotten that ring.

He ran a hand through his hair, touching the ring before hiding it under some papers. That ring was nothing but a reminder of pure and utter humiliation as a child. While he had gotten over his crush on Megumi a long time ago, and they were nothing but "siblings" now, Ryuu knew that the ring was just the beginning in a series of failed confessions.

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