AN: So, this story is based on a prompt from the mass effect kink meme regarding the Dr. Michel's crush on Garrus. To break down the prompt:

Shepard hired Dr. Michel instead of Chakwas. Michel is head over heels for a very unavailable Garrus. Shepard decides to put her down lightly on his behalf.

Full prompt at: http:/ /masseffectkink. livejournal. com/ 4309. html?thread =9371861# t9371861 (without the spaces)

This is a finished story, just posting it here as I revise chapters. There might be some timeline errors, but its just a bit of side humor so I hope you'll forgive!

Competitive Advantage

Chapter 1

Dr. Chloe Michel was still not entirely sure she'd made the right decision, joining the Normandy crew, but she was determined to make the best of it. It certainly was an amazing opportunity, assuming she wasn't killed, but then again, she supposed she was just as likely to be killed anywhere else at this point. But after everything was said and done, being able to say she had served alongside Commander Shepard... Now that was a story you got to tell your grandchildren about.

Chloe moved around her med bay, organizing and reorganizing until she was happy with the lay out. She had no idea why Dr. Chakwas hadn't been chosen for the position, but then again, it wasn't her place to ask. Oh how she used to envy Chakwas... For the past three years she'd tenderly dreamed about what it would have been like to serve on the Normandy SR-1 with the heroes of the Battle of the Citadel... Shepard, Williams, Moreau... and...

She felt her face flush as she sighed, cupping her cheeks in her hands. Garrus Vakarian. The name alone was enough to send shivers down her spine. Officer Garrus Vakarian. Her knight in shining armor.

She'd spent two and a half years searching the extranet for any sign of him, and finally managed to contact him a few months ago. He'd been on Palaven, but they hadn't had much time to catch up, and she had no idea if he was still there, or even if he was still alive. But she'd heard rumors over the past few months that he'd served on on the Normandy after Shepard's miraculous resurrection, and she had to admit that one of the main reasons why she'd let the Commander convince her to come aboard was to see if perhaps he was serving there again.

She sighed again, put down the medications she was holding, and looked at the datapads laid out on her desk. One of them was a list of all personnel aboard the Normandy, but she was too nervous to look. Oh, what she wouldn't give to turn one on and see his name listed there, with a picture of his handsome face and... She giggled girlishly. Her family definitely wouldn't take well to a relationship between her and a turian, but it didn't matter. Nothing mattered when you were in love... She could already picture it. Garrus, stepping through the med bay doors, his beautiful blue-gray eyes alight with passion as they landed on her. He'd stride forward, pulling her into his strong embrace. She'd run her fingers along his mandibles and...

"Seriously, Vakarian? That's bull and you know it." The voice, muffled by the glass between her and the mess hall, was met with a low chuckle, and Chloe's eyes shot up. Could it be?

In front of her was the very turian she'd just been day dreaming of.