Canada didn't mind being alone; it happened.

He was used to bring forgotten, ignored, and left out.

But it hurt, and hurt was something Canada had never found a way to patch up. It always dug at him –that empty, gnawing feeling- and it struck hardest during the nations' meetings.

"America," fumed Britain, "would you bloody sit down?"

"hahaha, no way dude!" replied the super power. "I've totally got a wicked cool plan! It's all –pew!pew!pew!-" America made a little shooting motion at the other nations, who glared. "kachow!blammo!kablooie!- and there's no boring crap! It can't lose!"

"America," Canada began quietly, "you should sit. It's polite…"

"Yo, Britain!" America shouted, oblivious to Canada entirely. "I'm starving, bra! Can we break for lunch?"

"You just cleaned out the kitchens, you idiot!" shouted the angry Englishman, slamming a hand on the table. "Now sit down and let's get started!"

Canada wilted and sat back in his chair before he reconsidered and left entirely. He wandered down the hall until he found himself out in the bright fall sunshine and surrounded by the hustle of a bustling German park.