"Aren't you zat vone nation?" Prussia demanded, "Ca… Ca…! Canada! Zat's who you are!" Waving a finger in the Canadian's face, Prussia plunked down on the branch beside him heavily.

"Yes…" said the nation, surprised, "I am… Matthew. Matthew Williams… and you?"

Prussia smirked, nodding, and saw the young man blush innocently.

"Gilbert," he said shortly, waiting for the nation to speak. He saw his seat partner's eyes light up; "Gilbert Beilschmidt?" he asked, surprising the silver-haired man.

"Ja, how did you know?"

"You're the Awesome Prussia!" Canada said excitedly, sitting up. "I remember hearing about you from France and Señor Spain! He sys you were very cool when you were younger! Until the" Canada stopped his excited rant, the stray curl bouncing, and lost his smile. "the… um…"

"Until ze vall fell; ja, I know," Prussia scowled, crossing his arms over his broad chest. In the nearest square, a church chimed 'two o'clock' and Prussia frowned thoughtfully, "Vhat are you doing here? Ze meetings last until sree at least!"

Canada's face fell further. "No one will miss me. They don't even see me… I'm invisible to them!" The blonde looked down at his knees and sighed, "So I'm all alone today…"

Prussia scoffed, "You? Alone? You're a nation! Your life is tied to billions of other people!"

"33.5 million, to be exact." Canada added shyly,

"Vhatever!" Prussia said sharply, "You've got everyone, and I've… I've got no vone." Sighing, he stood and stretched, "Sehen Sie, Mattie. I'm gonna split."

"Wait!" Canada said, getting up too. "Isn't it lonely?"

Prussia paused in mid-step and said nothing.

"Don't you miss being a nation? Being more than one person?"

"Stille!" Prussia shouted, shoving Canada to the ground in his anger. "Vhat do you know? You're just a lousy middle power! A nation! You don't understand!"

"And you do?" Canada whispered, "Nations can be lonely too…"

"Of course I don't!" Prussia insisted loudly, "I'm the Awesome Prussia… I don't- I don't get-" The word caught in his tight throat. "lonely…"

"Then why are you crying?" Canada asked quietly, still sitting on the ground. Prussia stopped entirely and touched his face. He growled when he felt tears and wiped at the endless trails. As he cried, Canada got to his feet and offered him his handkerchief.

"Zis is balls." Prussia muttered, "I-I got something in my eye."

"Well," Canada sighed, seeing that Prussia was too stubborn. "I guess I'll leave you alone then…." He took a calm, measured step away from the dissolved nation and Prussia caught his arm.

"Nein, mann, sit." Prussia ordered, his red eyes puffy. "I've got something to say!"

Canada swallowed at Prussia's intense stare and quickly did as told, fearing that he would turn violent. The silver-haired man sat with him, scowling, and his frown grew as they sat in silence. When Prussia finally spoke, he looked away and pulled one hand from his pocket to offer the Canadian the bag in it.

"Vould you like to share some strudel vith me?"


+ Ja (German) - Yes

+ Señor (Spanish) - Mr.

+ Sehen Sie, Mattie. (German) - See you, Mattie.

+ Stille! (German) – Silence!

+ Mann (German) - man