Wednesday POV

It was a cold cloudy day, like usual. I didn't really anticipate getting up this morning, I never did. I walked to the table and saw Pubert and Pugsley, awaiting my arrival. I didn't talk to them, I didn't want to. I ate the slop that was breakfast and watched Pubert and Pugsley talk. Pubert is the youngest, only two and already as a mature as the average kindergartener. Pugsley is about 13 and a bit younger than I. I am 16 and the oldest Addams child, and the only girl. Today mother and father are sending me to this place called "High School". I get in our family car after my parents, and they give me a bag, with supplies. As soon as we get there, I walk out of the car and they drive away, much to my luck.I look at the place and I see disgusting creatures, they don't even count as people. To me, anyway. The minute I walk by they start to stare, I could hear them all murmuring about me. I ignore them and walk up to this "office" as my parents have told woman up here is a lot kinder than the rest and hands me my schedule."Have a nice day!" she tells me. How do I have a nice day? My parents left me here. To die! I walk down the hall and find my locker, locker #13 (my lucky number.) I work with the device for a while then I finally open it. I put my things inside and I grab the storage book. I then I try to walk to class, but these people keep talking about me again. Then a kind girl walks up to me "Hi! I'm Cinder! And what's your name?" she says politely.

"I'm Wednesday Addams"


Cinder POV

I smile at the new girl, she's very pretty and stylish. "Nice to meet you Wednesday! Can I walk you to class?" "Sure." she replies. I sneak a peek at her schedule, she has every class with me! I'm so excited! "So? What school did you used to go to?" I ask "I' ve never been to one before, I just sat around all day." "Oh, cool." We both approach the classroom quickly, and Wednesday takes a look around."Are they always so...Immature?" "Yes, they are. Sadly." We could see the other teens, throwing paper airplanes, listening to their crappy music on full blast, and talking loudly. We walk towards my seat and the formerly "forever empty" seat, that will now be Wednesday's. I could see Chrissa, the popular girl ringleader sitting there. "And so, like, Harry Styles is so sexxxxxxxxxxyyyyy!" she tells her snotty "friends"."Chrissa, please go sit somwhere else. That's Wednesday's seat now." I tell her politely. "Ah, Really?" "Yes, go. By the way Robert Plant has better hair." "So funeral girl sits here now?" I could see Wednesday roll her eyes "Yes I sit here you don't get your ass off my chair i'll get out my pet spider." "You really have a pet spider?" "Yes. Now get your snotty ass off my seat." Chrissa finally got off Wednesday's new seat. "Let's talk about sexy boy bands somewhere else." She snapped her fingers and the whole posse followed her.