I know this is shocking, going from once a week to two updates in two days, I'm kind of getting bored during summer break (yes! I'm out! HOORAY!)

This is only in Wednesday's POV


I could see my mother's car outside, she had her eyes on me. I waved goodbye to Cinder and got into the car, I saw that Pubert sitting next to me, he was chewing on something, I couldn't quite point it out. The drive home was silent, mother looked pretty angry at me, seeing that I was now being a Led Zeppelin fangirl, and that was not normal, especially for a Addams. We got to the house and walked inside, everyone noticed that I wasn't the totally dark and crazy Addams girl I was when I left, I guess nobody really cared because nobody said anything. I went to my room and looked at all the doll's heads on the floor, I needed to clean up. I picked up all the heads and put them in the closet, and looked at the dolls that still had heads, I felt like cutting some of their heads off. I went to the small guillotine I kept in my room and chopped off four heads, for no apparent reason, I guess I was pretty stressed out. I laid on my bed for a while, watching the movie in my head, remembering when the manager went to the police office, something I never mentioned before. I finally had the guts to walk around the house, mumbling curses to myself, I looked for the organ, only to find Fester playing it. I stood and let him finish, little did he know that I was in the room. "Uncle Fester!" I shouted "Wednesday? I didn't see you." He got up from his seat and I took his place, I started testing the keys, and I played a song, The Rain Song. He listened to me play, he didn't know this song, I only heard it the night before, but I knew how to play it anyway, somehow. After I finsihed he ran and grabbed my father. "Gomez! Listen to this!" I played the song again, mastering it even more, my father was filled with awe, shocked that I could play such a long song without stopping. "That was beautiful, Wednesday." He walked out of the room with Fester, he was a busy man. My work was done and I went to my room and chopped more doll heads, that was a pretty uneventful day, but my father was proud of me, I was proud of myself also.