'We now return to tonight's feature film, Love in a Light-year!'

'- and it's always been you that I've loved, Michelle. When they took me on that ship, they addled my memory! I couldn't remember anything about my past life… but when I broke away from them; when I found my way back to our shuttle… Michelle, all I needed was to see your face to remember where I truly belonged.'

'It's too late, Jordan. I've had my heart broken by you too many times. I'm going with Lieutenant Stanford. He's always known how to treat me. We're going back to his home planet. I'm sorry.'

'Michelle – no! Let me explain. Please! I travelled this far to find you. I've searched all the corners of the galaxy just to see you again. Your eyes… all the billions of stars cannot be compared to how beautiful your eyes are. You are the love of my life. If you leave… I'll… I'll throw myself out of the shuttle! Without my helmet! I can't live without you!'

'Jordan – no!'

Kurt Hummel glared at the television screen, eating his popcorn with perhaps a little too much force.

'Hate. Her.' he shot around a mouthful of popcorn, reaching for the remote to switch the channel. Mercedes Jones laughed and slapped the remote out of his hands.

'Leave it,' she ordered, 'it's a good movie. You just hate her because she gets to kiss Blaine.'

'Well, the only person who should get to kiss Blaine Anderson is me.' Kurt declared, reaching for the remote again. When Mercedes shot him a glare, he dropped it and settled back against the pillows, crossing his arms over his chest.

'She can't even act,' he complained, 'look at her. She's only in movies because she's attractive.'

'Well, they've got pretty good chemistry, you've got to admit,' Mercedes shrugged, balling up yet another tissue and tossing it on the pile next to her. She'd been tearing up at certain parts of the movie and had almost gone through the whole box. Kurt on the other hand, who was normally a sucker for sad romance flicks, even ones as cheesy as the one on TV, had done nothing but make snarky remarks about the lead female actress on the screen. Her name was Samantha Yates, and was your typical hourglass figure, busty blonde. She wasn't very talented, but she was easy on the eyes and it was that fact that earned her a lot of roles in major Hollywood films. The lead male actor, however, was bursting at the seams with talent – not to mention he was what could only be described as Kurt's dream man.

The couple on screen had somehow reconciled in the past few minutes and were now sharing a lengthy, passionate on-screen kiss. The ending was cliché and a little too cheesy, but Kurt couldn't help but think of what it would be like to be in Samantha's shoes for just that one scene.

'That was really good,' Mercedes commented, blowing her nose into a tissue, 'sad, but good.'

'It was only good because of Blaine,' Kurt replied, a faraway look crossing his face. Mercedes chuckled at her friend's crush and flicked through the channels, not wanting to watch the credits of the film. It was a Friday night, and there was nothing interesting on, but Kurt squealed as she passed a news segment.

'Stop!' he practically shouted, 'it's Blaine!'

Mercedes rolled his eyes, 'Kurt, you do know he isn't gay.'

Kurt scoffed.

'He hasn't met me yet,' he retorted playfully, and winked at his friend before turning his attention back to the television.

'- Anderson, who is here preparing for his new film. Can you tell us what the film is about?'

Blaine Anderson grinned at the camera, and Kurt felt himself die a little more inside. Why couldn't Blaine be gay? And not famous? The sight of that dreamy, wide smile made his heart flutter.

'I'm really excited about this one,' Blaine started, and rocked on the balls of his feet, still smiling, 'it's really different from what I usually do. My character is gay and what happens is that he meets this other boy; but the boy is really, really sick and needs a transplant but because he's gay, the state won't allow him a transplant. So I try fight for his right to a new organ and in that time, they fall in love.'

The news reporter looked slightly impressed, but also apprehensive.

'And why Ohio of all places?' she asked skeptically, 'aren't you afraid of the negative response you might get from the people there?'

Again, the smile never slid from Blaine's face, 'I grew up in Westerville, so I thought it would be a good place to get back to my roots, see my family, you know? And also film here, because I know that homosexuality isn't exactly widely accepted here in Ohio. I'd like to change that.'

'And why's that?'

'Because,' Blaine looked directly into the camera with stunning hazel-honey eyes and Kurt felt a tug in his chest, 'although I myself am not gay, there are people that are. And I believe that just because you love someone of the same sex, doesn't mean you can be treated any less than people who are straight. It's important to me – I had gay friends in high school that were treated really badly and I just hope that my movie helps some people understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. That it's normal.'

The reported gave a nervous laugh and smiled widely at the camera, though it looked forced.

'What sweet words from Hollywood's favorite heartthrob. Thank you for your time, Blaine.'

'It was my pleasure,' Blaine winked at her, and the reporter, though a few years older than him, seemed to lose her train of thought momentarily.

'And to all you Hollywood hopefuls out there,' she grinned after a moment, 'remember that auditions to star opposite Blaine Anderson will be held next Saturday at –'

She turned to Blaine who again gave the camera a heartwarming smile, 'Dalton Academy – my old school. The Dean has very kindly agreed to hold the auditions in the choir room. They'll be held all day, starting at nine in the morning. And I'll be sitting in on them! I'll have a say who gets the lead role!'

'So if you're a teenage boy, aged sixteen to nineteen, who can act and preferably have some vocal experience, please come along and try out! You never know, it could be the best thing you could ever do!'

The segment ended and a silence fell over Mercedes' room. Kurt stared dumbly at the television screen.


Auditions to star in a film with Blaine Anderson.

As Blaine Anderson's gay love interest.

But he couldn't. There would be hundreds of more attractive, more talented boys at the auditions and he would have no chance whatsoever. So he pushed the thought from his mind with an aching heart and reached for the remote to switch the channel. His wrist was caught by Mercedes' hand, who was staring hard at him.

'You're going to those auditions, you know.' she told him, sounding stern, 'next weekend you and I are going to those auditions and you are going to get that part.'

'What? Oh, no, Mercedes,' Kurt laughed nervously, 'I couldn't. There's going to be so many other boys auditioning and –'

'And none of them will be half as good as you.' Mercedes snapped, 'Kurt, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You have to go.'

'I don't know, Mercedes,' Kurt frowned, 'I don't want to embarrass myself in front of Blaine.'

'You won't embarrass yourself.' Mercedes assured him, 'Kurt, you are the most fabulous, talented boy in all of Ohio.'

'I can guarantee there will be boys from other states coming as well.'

'And you'll be better than them! Kurt, come on. What would Rachel say?'

Just as Kurt opened his mouth to reply, his phone rang loudly. Rachel Berry's name was flashing on the screen – it was as though she had cameras watching them and knew exactly when to call.

He pressed accept and put the phone on speaker.

'You're going to that audition next week!' was all their friend shouted before the dial tone was heard. Kurt groaned loudly – he wanted to audition; of course he did. But there was absolutely no way he would get the role.

'Kurt, you have to go. Come on.' Mercedes pleaded, 'if anything, you get to meet Blaine in person. You'll get to meet Blaine. You can sing in front of him and if that doesn't blow him away, god knows what will. And if you get the role…'

'What if I get the role?' Kurt asked, folding his arms over his chest and feeling quite annoyed at Mercedes' persistence. She grinned at him.

'You're going to be playing his love interest. You're going to get to kiss Blaine.'

Kurt's expression fell blank. He didn't really consider that part.

'But… you know those kissing scenes,' Mercedes continued, 'they have to film those over and over and over to get them just right. But you're right, someone else will probably get the role and you'll get to watch them do it in a few months when the movie comes out…'

Kurt didn't really want to watch Blaine kiss another boy – not if he had the chance to do it first. He bit his lip and folded his arms across his chest, and Mercedes could practically see the gears in his head turning.

'And we don't even know what that entitles. I mean, it could be more than a kiss. You might have to make out with him… and from what I've heard, those scenes take hours to film.'

Kurt felt his heart thud uncomfortably in his chest and he was suddenly flooded with images of the possibilities. Even talking to Blaine would be amazing.

'But you probably don't want to do that. I mean, come on,' Mercedes scoffed, 'it's only Blaine Anderson. Let someone else have the role.'

There was a small silence and Mercedes knew that she had won. A second later, Kurt looked up at her, a determined expression on his face.

'No.' he told her flatly.

'No?' she repeated, faintly amused.

'No. I'm not letting anyone else have that role.' Kurt shook his head defiantly, 'I am quite possibly his biggest fan and no one is having that role but me.'

Mercedes grinned at him, 'that's the Kurt that I know and love! So you're going to audition?'

'Damn straight I'm going to audition!' Kurt replied, the tone of his voice rising with a combination of nerves, excitement and resoluteness, 'and I'm going to get the part and I'm going to kiss Blaine and it's going to be amazing.'

Mercedes reached over the forgotten popcorn bowls and discarded tissues and hugged him tightly.

'Of course you are,' she agreed fondly, 'and I can't wait to see you shine on the big screen.'

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