Authoress drabble~!

Sorry, new fic. I needed this since my nuse (a wonderfully irate pale albino with gold eyes, i think ya know 'im.) refused to let me do any of my old stuff and has been berating me to do another non AU fic and an AU fic. Seriously, can I strap him to a bed?

Shiro: Fucking hell no!

Ichigo: Hmm...maybe.

Shiro: Kiiiiing~!

Ok~...shall we begin? XD


Fear. It's something I never believed I was capable of feeling. It's like...your worst dream or scenario shows up and stands before you, ready to cut you down. For me...I think it all started when he invaded King's soul. I was trapped, unable to move and forced to stare at his eyes and sword. He spoke of me being expendable, of wiping me from this existence.

It made me think. Was it possible? Could I die and it not affect King? Did I seriously fear this fact? Was I afraid of dying, whereas King was afraid of letting others die? Then came more, slightly disturbing questions that made my...I guess 'heart' choke up. Would he let me die if he didn't need me anymore? Would he care? Would I just become a part of him again, never having my own consious mind ever again? Would that count as 'death'? Does my existence quite literally lie on his shoulders? But these questions were nothing compared to the one that struck a new thread of fear into me...fear I now realize I was trapped with...

Just what, and who, am I really? The Soul Reapers and Vizards call me a Hollow, to King I'm just 'him' or 'he'. But do I have a name? Am I a Hollow? Or an Arrancar like what I've seen from King's eyes and memories? Or is there more to it then that? So many useless questions...or so I had believed before. But after that short battle and actually working with made me think and realize how little I, as an individual, know about myself. And all it took was one, simple, yet powerful emotion to start this whole fucking mess.


Prologue end

The entire fic is not from Shirosaki's POV, I just felt that the prologue should be to kind of give you an idea of his state of mind. This is not an AU (as I said Shiro won't let me right nows...) so I have some ideas. A new enemy once I think of what ta call them. Well...I promise ta have Chap 1 up ASAP ok? So...tell me what ya think~!