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Chapter 3: A Truce

Ichigo stood in front of the closed door to the room his Hollow was currently in. Afraid? He can't be afraid! He's a Hollow...he doesn't feel! He thought to himself, scratching his head. Yet...he did seem on edge...argh! Just go in already! He opened the door to see his Hollow sitting on the futon, legs drawn up to his chest, arms draped over his knees and staring calmly out the window. Ichigo couldn't help but stare for a few seconds before clearing his throat. "Uhh, I-"

"Wha' ya wan' King?" The Hollow asked, not looking at him, instead looking at his hands.

"Look, can you not call me that? It's old and annoying." He scratched his head. He blinked and looked at his Hollow again. "Speaking of, I noticed that...well Zangetsu doesn't look that way anymore." The Hollow looked down at the old shihakusho and large, inverted Zangetsu against the wall.

"Yer Soul Reaper powers changed...but not my 'Ollow ones." He explained. "so I didn' change much. But ya..." He looked up and smirked lightly. "Ya didn, tha's fer sure. gone and went all mature. Not as arrogant." He cakcled as Ichigo seemed to blush slightly. "I may jus' take tha' back."

"Oi!" He laughed as his Hollow did. After a few moments, they stared at each other for a bit before the Hollow cleared his throat.

"Ogichi Shirosaki."


"Ya asked me ta come up with a name fer myself...tha's it."

"R-really?" Ichigo scratched his head.

"Wha's wrong with it? Peple would say I'm yer...'reflection', and yer name backwords is Ogihci...but tha's weird so I switched two letters."

Ogichi is weird too... Ichigo thought.

"And yer last name is I made mine Shirosaki." He finished explaining. Ichigo just sighed as the Hollow looked at him. "Wha'?"

" mind if I just call you Shiro?" He asked. The Hollow blinked his inverted eyes and smirked again.

"Why not...Ichigo." He said. Ichigo smirked back, but a million questions still flitted through his head.

What are we to do? Was the thought currently at the front of his mind.

It was dark all around him. Wha' is that fool doing? ! "Lemme out King! Ya gotta let me out!"

Again? What is this? The darkness cracked as he flared around, screaming as his throat became raw. throat?

"King! Please! Lemme out!" He screeched, his voice nearly breaking. There was a sudden rumble and it sounded as if something broke, echoing around him. No... "King!"

Opening his eyes, Ichigo was once again in his inner world. As usual, his Hollow was sitting there, looking at him. "Hry King."

"I told you to st-" He blinked and sighed. "Another dream?" He mumbled.

"Hardly. If ya still think this is a dream, yer rather naive no? Either tha' or just dense." Shiro huffed.

" isn't?"

"Nope. Man, fer yer good grades and shit, ya sure are thick headed." He chuckled, yet Ichigo noticed that it was softer, more good humored.

"Then why are you calm?"

"Ya mean, outta character?" Shiro sighed. "Ya catch on quick too sometimes...yer a contradiction." He flashed a brief, small smile and Ichigo looked away, feeling his face heat up a bit.

"I...I am not..."

"It's not a big deal." He shrugged. "Ya see...ya can't lie to the heart."


"It took me awhile ta realize that I...well ya know." He placed a pale hand over his chest and sighed. "That I may not be a Hollow...or at least yer typical one." Ichigo gave him a skeptical look and he rolled his golden eyes. "Ok fine. Proof then." He undid the top half of his kimono and showed Ichigo his chest. "See? No Hollow hole...meaning there's a heart under there..." Ichigo walked up and placed a hand on his chest, feeling the soft thud under the rather muscular chest. He felt it quicken and Shiro cleared his throat. "Uhh...wha' ya doin'?"

"Oh? Umm...I uhh..." Ichigo withdrew his hand and coughed. "Sorry."

"Nah, jus' wondering..." He sighed and redid his kimono. Felt nice...he added to himself. "It's...harder ta stay tha' way I used ta be 'ere..." He sighed. He blinked and looked at Ichigo." "Ya gotta get up soon Ichigo." He smirked. "I'll terroize ya in tha' morning..."

Ichigo blinked his eyes open to see golden ones staring back. "Mornin'."

"AHHHH!" Ichigo shoved Shiro off roughly, the Hollow cackling as he hit the floor. "What the fuck Shirosaki? !"

"Rise an' shine! We're gonna be late!" Shiro said, standing up and straightning the vest on his shirt. "Ugfh...these human clothes suck..." Ichigo stared and scratched his head.

"Why are you in our school uniform?"

"Hmm? Ah, well, tha' weirdo with the hat says that I should attend yer school, in case those new guys attack again. They could target humans, yer friends to be motre specific."

"And you won't?" Ichigo watched as Shiro flinched a bit and he bvlinked. "Uhh...sorry."

"Nah, it's fine. I know ya don' trust me, but..." He stood up and walked back over, holding out his hand. "Ya think ya could gimme a chance?" Ichigo stared at the outstretched hand and took it slowly, shaking it. He noticed that the albino's fingers were rather smooth, and his skin was a bit cooler than normal.

"Sure...but try not to cause trouble." Ichigo said and smirked. Shiro smiled and nodded.

"It's a deal, Ichigo."

Chapter 3 end

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