Brennan was sitting at her desk when the phone rang she listen to the call and left her office running into Booth.

"Hey Bones where are you going?"

"Daycare called, Christine has a low grade fever and is fussy." Booth turned and followed Brennan

"Do we have a case?"

"No, I was just coming to get the paperwork. Are you going home with Christine?"

"More than likely, but I'll have to see how she is when I get there." Brennan hurried to daycare and took her fussing daughter from the staff member who was trying to comfort her. Brennan kissed the baby's forehead and started swaying back and forth "I don't think Christine is sick, I think she's getting her first tooth. I noticed this morning her gums were a bit swollen, they've increased slightly and she's producing prodigious amounts of saliva."

Booth smiled at Brennan's explanation. "I don't know what's worse her teething or getting sick." Booth rubbed Christine's back.

"Teething. If she were sick we could do a little more to make her feel better, this we have to wait out."

"True. Do you want to go home with her?"

"Yes, but I really need to complete my reports for Cam before I go to the conference on Monday. I could do them at home, but it'd be easier to do them here."

"So what are you going to do?"

"Sit with Christine in my lap, I threw a tube of teething gel in my purse this morning and I also put a teething ring in the freezer of my mini fridge. I'll just do the reports and go home."

"All right call me if you need anything." Booth kissed Christine's forehead. "She feels warm, do you have a thermometer?"

"Yes I also brought medicine to bring her fever down if I need to."

"I'll be home as soon as I finish my paperwork and meet with Cullen and Sweets. I'll get Thai."

"Sounds good." the family headed to Brennan's office Booth held Christine while Brennan checked her temperature. "99.8" Christine turned her head and rested it on Booth's shoulder, he rubbed her back. "Aw baby girl mommy and I are going to try and make you feel better all right?" Brennan smiled as she read the directions on the tube of teething gel. "Do you want to hold Christine while I put this on her gums? She's not going to like it very much."

"Yeah."Booth went over to the couch and sat down, cuddling Christine in his lap. Brennan smiled at the baby and knelt down. "All right sweetheart, you aren't going to like this, but it will make you feel better for a while at least." When Booth sat down Christine was whimpering, but by the time Brennan was done she was having a full crying fit."Sorry sweetheart, I'm all done."

Angela knocked on Brennan's office door, "is she okay?"

"Yes, she's teething and doesn't like the teething gel."

"Aw Michael doesn't either, are you going to take her home?"

"Yes, as soon as I get my reports done for Cam since she can't stay at daycare with a fever."

"How are you going to hide her from Cam?"

"I'm not, I can't Christine is only moderately happy if Booth or I hold her. Besides I don't have a filing cabinet that big enough to lay her in."

"Ange, you hid Michael in a filing cabinet?"

"He's too big for it now… I just take my chances…"

Booth chuckled and exchanged Christine for the folder of paperwork Brennan was holding. "See you two at home. "

"See you at home." Brennan paced her office with a once again whimpering Christine in her arms for while. She was half way done with her first report when Cam walked in.

"Brennan is that Christine?"

Brennan smiled down at the baby in her lap gnawing on the piece of frozen plastic in her tiny hand. "Yes, she's teething and can't be in daycare with a low grade fever. I'm going to finish my reports and take her home. See you Tuesday."

"That's fine, she can stay just make sure she doesn't vomit on anything."

"I will. I guess now that you've let Christine stay you'll have to let Michael also."

Cam smiled, "I already do, I've known every time Angela has 'snuck' him in here."


"Yes." Brennan laughed a little. Cam smiled and walked away.

Three hours later Booth found Brennan rocking Christine in the nursery.

"Hey Bones how is she?"

"Hey Booth, Christine is doing okay, her fever hasn't gotten any higher. She's still not feeling well, her gums are really sore. For some reason as long as I keep moving she's content, but if I stop she starts to fuss. She likes the teething rings, and the gel seems to help for a little while. She had dinner a little while ago, she loved the semi frozen applesauce."

Booth smiled and walked to the rocker, "Let me take her while you change, then we can try putting her in the swing while we eat. I'll take over for the night."

"That's fine, but I think we'll need to split the night; we're gonna be up all night."

"All right." Booth took Christine and she snuggled into his shoulder "Hey baby girl, I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Why don't you try to go to sleep, it'll make you feel better.

"Booth she doesn't understand what you said."

"I know but I like talking to her anyway."

"I think it's cute when you do." Booth chuckled as Brennan left the nursery.