This is the fifth story in my series.

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"So how you holding up since I last talked to you?" Lizzy asks, hoping he's doing fine enough. It's been of couple days since they've last talked and she's beginning to worry about him even more than usual. Dean and Sam's past few weeks have been nonstop and grueling. Burning a man turned Rugaru alive and losing an old hunter friend in the process, almost getting fried by a shapeshifter that thought he was Count Dracula, then Dean getting struck by a severe case of ghost sickness that almost took him down for good... sounds fucking insane, but only her boys could find that as reality. And she doesn't even know what they've been up to for the past few days.

"Better now," Dean comments while driving, just happy to hear her voice. Jesus Christ, what an exhausting couple of weeks. "Halloween can suck my dick, though."

"Worst fucking holiday ever," Sam mumbles while writing in their Dad's journal in the Impala's passenger seat.

"What? I thought you'd love Halloween," Lizzy says with surprise. "Free candy, slutty costumes, people getting bombed; what's not to love?"

"Alright, then just this Halloween can suck my dick… two times," he explains without delving any further. He's too tired to get into the whole thing right at the moment, but he chooses not to hold back on sharing one part of his shitty holiday. She'd appreciate it too much and he's been dying to tell her. "At least I got to gank some zombies Resident Evil style. That was pretty fucking awesome."

"Shut up!" Lizzy excitedly shouts as Dean has to pull the phone away from his ear with her volume. She completely shares his love for the iconic movie monster and hearing this is mind blowing to her.

"You shut up," he laughs quietly in return, her enthusiasm and support already starting to wash away the horrid aftertaste of his recent days.

"That's insane!" she giddily yells. "Completely and totally insane! How the fuck did that happen?"

"Ah. Long story," he ends the conversation before it gets very far. It's just too damn much right now and Lizzy gets the message loud and clear. She doesn't delve into the how any more, but she still needs details.

"Oh man, are we talking Night of the Living Dead kinda zombies or 28 Days Later zombies?"

"Romero style all the way," he answers her.

"God damn it! So classic! Can't believe I missed that!" Lizzy comments with sadness over missing out. "I'm so jealous right now it's fucking killing me."

"Don't be," Dean replies in a tired tone. "That was by far the only highlight of my day, or days… maybe weeks." It really was the only bright spot, as the breaking of yet another seal really punctuated the shittiness of his past month.

"Aw, not as pumped as you should be about being the only person on Earth to ever slay the living dead there, Hot Shot… you must be spent," she says troubled. "You know, after muddling through the past few weeks, you should really take that well-deserved shore leave we were talking about the other day. You should try New England. I hear it's beautiful in the fall." She can only hope they have no new hunts lined up and he'll take the bait. He could use a break and she could definitely use some time with him.

"Actually, that's my plan," Dean tells her before glancing over at his brother in the passenger seat. "Sam thought it'd be a good idea and I couldn't agree more."

Sam just looks back with a slight, sheepish nod, knowing Dean really did need to chill out and relax for a few. His emotions had been on overdrive through the whole ghost sickness and recuperation time would be good for him since he hasn't taken a moment to rest since. Sam's more than happy to give his brother some time off and hopefully some time away from being stuck in the car together. Things haven't been good between them as of late, what with the whole psychic exorcism stuff and him hanging around Ruby again.

"So when do you two head out this way?" Lizzy wonders.

"I'm gonna make a pit stop at Bobby's first," Dean begins explaining. "I'll drop the rugrat off there before hitting the road. He and Bobby are gonna go do some research and be nerds together or something," Dean adds while spying the usual bitch face Sam makes while looking out the windshield.

"Research on what exactly?"

"Oh, you know, angels and why they're such dick-bags, stuff like that probably. Maybe try and figure out all the shit Castiel is clearly not telling us."

"Would be nice to know what the fuck is going on," Lizzy concurs. Castiel was very cryptic when explaining everything to them. And the whole idea that she herself clearly had a role in everything going on scared her shitless. She was used to Sam and Dean being intertwined with fucked up stuff constantly, but never her. "Have them keep me updated with what they find, since we both seem to be pretty hugely involved in… uh… heaven's bullshit, I guess you could say." Still felt awkward and highly surreal to say aloud.

"Will do," Dean tells her, understanding how beyond frightened by everything she still was. Lizzy always did her best to be strong and act tough for his sake, but she was terrified deep down and he knew it. As much as she could read him like a book, he could quite easily do the same with her.

"So wait…" Lizzy changes the subject when something dawns on her. "I'm gonna have you all to myself for more than one day straight?"

"Yes ma'am," Dean answers happily. Lizzy can hear him grinning from the other end of the call.

"Oh my God," she smiles out with the very pleasant surprise.

"Yup," Dean smiles while his stomach jumps with excitement. "I'm coming all by my lonesome this time. Just you and me, baby." As much as he'd never admit it, Dean's very happy to get away from his brother for a little while. With all the secrets and the mistrust building between them and with having just watched Sam single-mindedly take down an ancient demon of epic proportions, he needs some time far away from him. Maybe Lizzy can help him sort through the whole fucked up thing, though he's never told her about what's going on with Sam. He's afraid to. It'll change how she looks at him, Dean knows that for sure, and he doesn't at all want that to happen, even with how angry he is at his brother. They all need her, especially Sam right now.

Sam just gives a small smile, doing his best to act normal and appear like everything is fine. It's the only move he has left on the board so he has to go with it. He's just desperate to get back what they used to have because whatever they have now is a disaster.

"Holy shit," Lizzy delights. "We've never had time to ourselves like this before! I'm not even sure I know what to do about this."

"Oh, I do," Dean says slyly. "I know exactly what to do." Sam scrunches his face as he knows what Dean is alluding to, earning an annoyed look in return.

"Mm, I'm sure you do, Hot Shot," Lizzy growls into the phone before shouting out, "Ah, this is so fucking awesome! I'm so excited!" They've never been alone like that, not once. Lizzy is more than ready for the chance to be an actual, real couple. The thought even sounds weird to her as it pops into her mind.

"I heard that," Sam mutters down to the journal in his lap after hearing Lizzy's enthusiastic reaction to his absence from across the car.

"What'd he say?" Lizzy asks, having heard Sam's voice but not what he said.

"He said he heard you being excited about me dumping his ass for a few days," Dean explains.

"Aww, no," Lizzy coos, worrying that she hurt Sam's feelings. "I made Sam sad! Can you give him the phone for a second?"

"Sure." Dean hands Sam the phone with an eye roll. Of course Lizzy would actually be worried that Sam would be offended by her comments. Sometimes she cares a little too much in Dean's opinion.

"Relax, alright? I was just kidding," Sam says when he holds the phone up to his ear, looking at the passing scenery.

"Suuuure you were," she says sarcastically. "You're actually really torn up about missing the chance to hang out with me. I know that you are, so don't deny it."

"Super depressed," Sam flatly responds, letting her know he's joking. "Look, I'll see you another time. It's totally fine."

"Seriously though, you know I love getting to see you," she reassures. "And I miss you, Sam-I-Am."

"Miss you too," he tells her honestly. She's the only one left who doesn't view him as a freak so it was always excellent to be around her. It made him still feel completely human. "But this time I think you two need some time to yourselves."

"Well, when you're right you're right. And I appreciate the gesture. Thank you." Lizzy loves that Sam is being so considerate.

"And in all honesty, I'm happy not to go this time. I get to avoid all the… ah… interesting noises I hear when trying to sleep each night at your apartment," Sam jokes before Dean lands a balled fist into his shoulder. "Ow!"

"You deserved it," Lizzy informs Sam, knowing Dean just slugged him one. "Sorry for all that by the way. We don't really get much time together, kinda have to take advantage when we can."

"Oh, I understand completely," Sam says. "For future reference though, never have kids. You'd scar them for life with your volume."

"Look at Sammy getting all ballsy with his words!" Lizzy exclaims as she isn't used to Sam being so forward with her. "You see kiddo, when mommies and daddies love each other very much they want to express that love…"

"Shut up," Sam grins out, his first smile in a very long time. "Just remember what I'm telling you the next time I come out there, ok?"

"What's the matter? You don't like hearing me have some fun? Does it make you uncomfortable?" Lizzy patronizes, pushing him and knowing just how embarrassed she's making him feel. She thinks her lack of shame is coming in quite handy in the moment. "Mm. Oh, yeah. Sam…"

"What the hell are you doing?" Sam asks, suddenly serious as he hears Lizzy begin moaning over the phone.

"Oh, God. Yes. Uh, Sammy. Mm."

"Gross," Sam comments with pure disgust while practically throwing the phone back to Dean. Lizzy had just completely succeeded in making him more uncomfortable than he's ever been before. Dean laughs hardily with the way Sam reacts.

"What did you just do to him?" Dean asks once the phone is back to his ear, dying to know what she did to make Sam so weirded out.

"Nothing," she feigns innocence.

"Bullshit," Dean calls her bluff as he sees Sam shift uncomfortably in his seat.

"You'll just have to ask him later," Lizzy says with a giggle, knowing she'll miss one hell of a funny and awkward conversation between the two. "So when will I get to see you?"

"Well, we're gonna get to Bobby's tonight. Then I'll try and drive however far I can before crashing. I'll catch a few hours and hopefully I'll be there by tomorrow night."

"Sounds good, but please don't push it with the sleep deprivation, ok?" Lizzy warns. "You're no good to me wrapped around a telephone pole."

"Ok, I will, but you know what's good to me wrapped around my pole?" Dean smiles out, not being able to let the joke pass by. Sam grimaces again at the horrible line and Dean silently mouths 'bitch' to him.

"I have an idea," Lizzy smirks. "I have a few ideas, actually. Just get here so I can make them happen."

"You're fucking awesome," Dean tells her, loving how her mind is always in tune with his own. "See you soon?"

"Hell yeah I will," Lizzy exclaims. "I can't fucking wait to see you!"

"Me neither," Dean says with a smile and ends the call, tossing his phone onto the bench seat next to him. "Alright, what happened?"

"Nothing," Sam mutters while looking out the window, not wanting to say out loud what it was.

"C'mon dude, what'd she do?" Dean asks while looking over to his brother and seeing the awkward body language he is displaying. "Whatever it was you should calm down. She was just fucking with you."

"Exactly," Sam comments dryly.


"She was… making… noises," Sam stutters out, feeling highly embarrassed again.


"Um, yeah," he pauses, unsure of how to word his answer. "Happy ones."

"Oh, so sexy noises?" Dean raises his eyebrows with his question, grinning widely.


"Mm, my favorite," Dean smirks while thinking about the way she sounds when they are in the midst of doing what they do best. Sam shifts uncomfortably once again and Dean's eyes bug out of his skull with the realization of what Lizzy actually did to Sam. "Dude, did you just get wood off my girl?"

"What! No!" Sam denies, his face growing crimson with the question.

"Seriously!" Dean loudly questions with Sam's unintentional confirmation of his suspicions. "That's like your sister, man! Wow, you really, truly need to get laid. And soon."

"Shut up," Sam says while looking back out the window, wishing there was a hole for him to crawl into. And she wasn't his sister… not really.

"C'mon! You know you do!"

"Dean!" Sam warns.

"Hey, you have to admit that it's been a while. You need to get some," Dean tells him before muttering, "God knows I do."

"How long 'til Bobby's" Sam asks, ready to be out of the car already.

"Relax," Dean laughs as he reaches to turn up the Motorhead tape he had in. "Couple more hours before you get rid of me."

"Alright, get your shit," Dean says, roughly pushing his brother by the shoulder while he's asleep in the passenger seat. Sam passed out about an hour before and now that they were pulling into Bobby's he needed to wake up fast. Dean was itching to start his trip to Massachusetts and wanted Sam out as soon as possible.

"Hmm?" Sam mumbles while opening his eyes slowly and looking around. He recognizes Bobby's house approaching fast as they make their way up the bumpy dirt driveway. "We're here?"

"Yeah we are, Rip Van. Now get the fuck out." Dean comes to a full stop and looks over at Sam expectantly. They stare at each other for a beat before Dean raises his eyebrows, as if to ask what Sam was waiting for.

"See you in a few days, Sammy. I'll call you when I'm coming back. Say hi to Bobby for me," Sam mocks in a low tone, reminiscent of Dean's, as he's still shaking the sleep from his mind. "No problem, Dean," he returns to his own voice. "Have fun and rest up for once. It'll be good for you."

"Oh my God, dude. Shut up. I need to go," Dean tells him hurriedly and quite rudely. "The longer you sit here not getting out of my car, the longer it's gonna take me to get halfway across the damn country. Out!"

"You're grumpy when you haven't gotten your dick wet in a while, you know that?" Sam comments while reaching into the back seat for his duffel.

"Gee, you don't fucking say, Sam. Now get outta the car so I can go fix that," Dean quickly returns.

"Tell her I said hi?" Sam asks of his brother.


"Alright. Don't drive like a jackass," Sam says as he opens the car door and steps out. He pushes the door shut with its usual creaking sound and leans into the partially rolled down window. "I'll call if anything…."

Dean guns it mid Sam's sentence, flying down Bobby's driveway, a trail of kicked up dust in his wake.

"…comes up," Sam finishes to himself after stumbling back a few steps.

"Nearly took your head off," Bobby comments as he walks around the house, having seen the hasty way Dean drove off.

"No shit," Sam sighs, still reeling from the quick getaway that almost dragged him along.

"Woulda been nice if he stopped and said hi," Bobby remarks with Dean's lack of conversation with him.

"Yeah but you know Dean. When an opportunity to give it to Lizzy is on the line…"

"Best get outta the way," Bobby finishes with a small smile as he drops a hand on Sam shoulder. "How you doin', Sam?"

"Fine I guess," Sam returns while looking back down the now empty driveway. "Little worried about him, though."

"That why he's heading off to Lizzy's for a few?" Bobby asks while looking suspiciously at Sam.

"Yeah," Sam partially lies, knowing it's also because they both needed time away from each other. "He seemed like he needed it, especially after everything he just went through."

"I hear yeah. Never seen that boy so messed up in my life," Bobby says. Witnessing a constantly frightened Dean was not easy on either of them.

"Me neither, but it's more than just that," Sam begins. "Dean hasn't been himself. Not at all."

"The guy dug himself outta his own grave a little over a month ago. He was in hell. Hate to break it to ya', kid, but he's never gonna be totally the same Dean he used to be." This was true and it was something they all needed to come to terms with.

"I know that, Bobby. I do. And I'd never expect him to not be affected by all that," Sam says sadly. He knew Dean would be a changed person and he's come to accept it. "But I still think something's wrong, beyond just that. He's holding onto something and it's bad."

"Well, you need to be patient," Bobby explains, knowing that Sam is totally right. Dean is struggling silently every day and he can see it happening too. "He'll tell ya' things when he can. You know he can't hide anything from you forever. He needs you as much as you always need him and he'll come around. Maybe Lizzy can jump start that for ya'. If anyone'll get through to him…"

"It'll be her, I know," Sam finishes. "That's exactly why he's headed there alone right now."

"Gotta admit, that's a good plan, Sam," Bobby tells him. "You know, it's kinda nice havin' a chick around to deal with our massive piles of shit, isn't it?" Bobby smiles as he knows how true it is. Lizzy is understanding, caring, and absolute in her love for the three of them. The past half a year would have been impossible without her and currently she's the glue holding their little, highly dysfunctional family together.

"It definitely is," Sam responds. He's loved the fact that they finally have someone who's in touch with, and certainly not fearful of, emotions, whether it be her own or any of theirs. She handles them all with grace and strength when, if she was sane, she would be running full speed in the opposite direction. "About time something went right for us."

"You're tellin' me," Bobby laughs as they head into the house.